I’m Grace Jones, Bitch!

Grace Jones


Playlist: I Get Lifted- Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa

“It’s witching time!”

Open your doors and windows

Let the air flow freely through the entirety of your sacred space

Light a candle and place it on your kitchen window

As a signal to your ascended masters that it’s time to send your guides through

Light some incense sticks, one for every room

Using the fire from the candle in your kitchen

Make a broth


500 grams of cow heart

One large piece of ginger, minced

One large garlic bulb

One bunch of fresh kale


Thyme, basil.. 

Let your gut lead you here

Slow cook this motherfucker

Four hours minimum

The angel number four is a sign that your guardian angels are ready to hold you up

And give you strength

Actually, I’ll just give you the short version:

Cow heart



Mnazi x jaba juice x red wine

A smirnoff surprise

The new moon

Soak up the breeze

Smoke up some trees

The moon

The stars

The dark sky

Pitch black silence

The power of three

An un-holy trinity


All fucks left behind

Frogs, crabs


Playlist: A Comma- Serpentwithfeet

Life is one beautiful tragedy

A total mind fuck

They tried to stamp out my voice

They didn’t know better either

Their ignorance is my skeleton to exorcise

For everyone with scars from home

That cut so deep

But the person holding the knife

Is the first person you ever loved


Don’t they love you too?

For everyone who is confused by the hurt

And the rage

And the feelings of betrayal

Mixed with love

And an aching need to be loved

These fucking scars from home

We can be strong tomorrow

Today, here and now

Let’s share in a collective despondency

A moment to soothe our heavy hearts together

To acknowledge the war zones we grew up in

To acknowledge how fucked up it is that

The wounds that are hardest to heal

Are not because of our doing

That part of this mind fuck that is life


Scars from home?

That shit is fucked up.


Playlist: You Can Put It In A Zag- Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa

Took the skeletons out

Polished them

Shone a light on them

Those nasty kitchen fluorescent lights

And took a long hard look

And you know what?

Those skeletons?

Only scary in the dark

In the light?

I see the patriarchy in my mom

Shaking in its boots every time i do something ‘ungovernable’

I see how my sperm donor is trapped inside ‘society’ 

And how, above all else

He wants ‘society’s approval’

And you know what?

They can put it in a zag

I’mma put it in a blunt


Playlist: Thinking Bout You- Frank Ocean

Dope, but predictable

I’m always thinkin bout forever

Forever just wasn’t it with you

Too much normal

Too much predictability

Good, but not good enough

Good, but not best life

Not sweet life

Thinkin bout you…

This song makes me think about

Reclaiming my power

Reclaiming beauty

Reclaiming space to make new memories

When a song is so good

No ex will ruin it for you

I remember powering through all those feelings

Feelings like your heart is in physical pain

Like someone needs to put you on a drip

Or do CPR or something

Because your heart feels like it could die of pain at any moment

Thinkin bout you…

This song is so beautiful

It made me want to fight to get it back

Fight for it to be my song again

Not the song that takes me somewhere sad and ugly

Eventually, I broke through

My heart doesn’t crumple in the worst pain ever anymore when I hear this song

My heart swells in anticipation

And my mind captures the present moment 

And saves that as a new memory

And my soul sits back to wallow in this new perfect moment

I deserve beauty

I deserve new memories

#mood4eva: I’M GRACE JONES, BITCH!

Playlist: A Woman Is A God- Tommy Genesis

Allow me to re-introduce myself-

I am Naba the Fucking Goddess


One of the chosen few

With the capacity to look out for the rest of humanity

(me, forever bae <3, alicia keys)




Frequent bursts of hyper-sexuality

Expressed through sex and art

Future lesbian

Almost cured of men




Anti-everything that is imposed on us

We don’t all function the same

Count me out of the mass-production fuckery

Here to burn down the entire establishment

Anarchy, now

I’m fucking celestial!

When you see the moon, the stars, the sky and the ocean…

and you pause in awe?

See me and pause in awe


I am god

I believe in me

What else?

I’m Grace Jones bitch!



I take up space

Guided by the beat of my own drum

Sounds about

“I am Naba the Great,

Borne from the ashes of legends,

I am the manifestation of the revolution

Respect me,

Or fear me”

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