Femme Is Not Synonymous With Woman: A portrait of a femme nonbinary Kenyan

Photo by Billy Hani

Femme Is Not Synonymous With WomanPortrait by Billy Hani


“I am a femme non-binary activist living in Kenya.

Being femme for me is powerful. It gives me a space to be flexible and to express myself as I am.

In our society, being femme is associated with patriarchal oppression and for people who are male, it’s seen as taboo to be femme or feminine.

Expressing my gender as femme makes me happy and I feel superb in my element.

I believe that we don’t have to limit ourselves because of what people will say about our gender expression.

How I show up in my femme self and being myself has impacted on other queer people to embrace themselves and show up fully as they are.”

Our bodies. Our lives. Our rights.

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