Transformational Adventures: Sex. Power. Magic

Cover art by MxBadger

Power is Energy. Energy is constant Motion. Motion is Vibration.Vibration is Evolution. Evolution is Transformation. 

Sexual and sensual exchange is a vital and dynamic aspect of human interplay, a vibration in constant motion between us all. The heat of chemistry, the jolt of electricity, the conscious and subconscious transmission of physical and non-physical messages, the unpredictability of energetic reactions, the scintillation of anticipation, the intensity of contact…this year’s Adventures Live is jumping down the rabbit hole of the magic of it all. 

Our conversation vibrates at the intersection of the Mystic, Sex & Sexuality and Power–as a conduit to Transformation. What Powers us? What gives the flower its blush? What gives the melody its curve? What gives the beat its Pulse? What are the ways in which we experience and express this power as individuals–and encourage others to stand in theirs? How do we vibrate above the never-ending attempts to distort or destroy this power? 

Exploring these questions is, in itself, a communal embracing of our power to evolve, an energetic exchange through which we transform ourselves and our communities. As we go down this rabbit hole, be warned, time is dimensionless, and conventional constructs melt into fluid.

Welcome to the Transformation Cosmos…

Adventures Live! 2021

Bodies as Power 

Every living body is a collection of vibrating atoms. 

A beating heart… 

Blood rushing through veins and arteries…

Billions of sensory and electrical messages shooting through the highway of our spinal cord at the speed of light…

What is the stuff Attraction is made of? Rabbits and unicorns, a sage once said. What happens when vibrational entities meet in the garden of pleasure?  

What powers the chemistry of eye-contact, or the quickening of a pulse after an accidental brush of arms, or a moistening pussy? 

What charges the excitement of a first kiss with a new lover or the exchange of energies when holding hands? What is the right equation of frequency by time, by energy, by pure magic to achieve the right level of intimacy to co-create a beautiful sexual experience? 

How do we embrace and elevate sensual pleasure in our bodies? What levels of self-awareness, self-acceptance and most importantly self-love powers us for highly rewarding sexual and sensual experiences? 

How do we measure the right dose of intentionality needed for magic connections to be made? 

Emotion as Power

Layers of energy coalesce into the liberating power of love: the formless but undeniable force of emotions, the vertigo of vulnerability, the constant vibration of signals exchanged between lovers… true love lights a warmth within us, a joy that allows us to be more attuned to the needs, pleasures and joys of others. Love has the uncanny capability to transform us in ways we would never think possible. It can turn hard rock to glittery dust, or form quicksand into diamonds.

Yet it’s not as easy as it sounds. The opposite of love, Paulo Freire said, is fear–and fear to love is the fear of being free. ‘Love softens you, fear hardens you. Love opens the universe, fear isolates you in yourself.’ To experience the power of love requires us to relinquish a different type of power, to surrender to tenderness in a world where hardness is glorified, to make ourselves vulnerable. Love is an act of courage. 

How do we catch feelings in ways that are mutually empowering and freeing? How do emotions power a sexual or sensual experience?  How are emotional sensual experiences a spiritual conduit to transformation?

Sensual Pleasure & Spirituality as Power

“Sexuality is one of the ways we become enlightened actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.” 

                      ~ Alice Walker

A sensual or sexual experience can be a powerful conduit to having a transcendent experience. With every encounter, spiritual energy is both absorbed and generated. How do we stay present for the experience, understanding the intention in each movement, being mindful of the deeper energies that flow through every sensation? What lessons in mindfulness can we practice? How can we nourish and harness the spirit that stirs within these powerful exchanges of energy?

In this vortex, we connect the carnal to the cosmic, and explore what it means to have a heightened spiritual sense-experience. We will dive into experiencing an orgasmic way of life–whether in the enjoyment of another body or bodies united with one’s own for the intent of shared pleasure, or simply savoring the soft flesh of fresh fruit, marvelling at a sunset or the nighttime sky, revelling in the cadence of laughter, the pleasure of sweet-smelling fabric. We celebrate these not only as sensory but also spiritual experiences, and reflect on different schools of thought surrounding the divinity of pleasure.

How do we heighten our sense-experience and make it an emPowering experience? How do we experience sex as not only physical but spiritual beings?

EmPowerment vs Abuse  – When the Pendulum Swings 

An authentic sexual experience can humble us by stripping away our pretenses and ego. EmPowerment is what comes after such a transformative experience,  allowing for the release of  shame, and a greater sense of purpose –  a transcendence to a new worldview. 

But like a pendulum, power can swing high one way and swing high the other way. Think of endemic rape culture. Think of violent homophobia that uses spiritual language and prejudice to demonise the LGBTQI+ community. 

We will reflect on human sexual interplay and the many power dynamics that are involved – Gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, religion, etc. We will examine the shift of power from empowerment to abuse. 

We are particularly influenced by those who introduce us to sex — ideally in a responsible way, but sometimes too by those who seek to exploit our sexuality for their own, selfish desires – abuse their power. This is a long way from the mutual eroticism and sexual exchange that occurs within a stable and loving bond. How do we release and heal from the bad energy of such sexual partnerships?

Our erotic adventure begins. Pack light, it’s going to be a wild ride!

*** The cover art for Adventure Live! 2021 is designed by MxBadger.

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