Love Like This… (Forever Bae, Again)

I love you in a way that teaches me new things about love every time we commune together.

The universe is our pharmacist,

serving us doses of each other,

just when we need it.

Isn’t it so beautiful how wordlessly this happens?

With you,

I truly sit at the top of the mountain, like the monks.

The most beautiful place,

where everything that needs to be said has been said –

‘enlightenment’ they call it.

(Side note to say, ain’t no way those monk fuckers are enlightened. Bet you they’re a bunch of deadbeat dads shirking responsibility in the name of “god is my calling.” Can you hear my eyes rolling? Miss me with that BS)


Thank you for how you love me

So intuitively.

You’re so kind and gentle,

Your presence is so healing,

I miss you all the time.

I fight for you,

and I fight with you

Always –

in thought, in spirit, 

in my witch sprees.

You are so strong.

Do you know this?

& not long-suffering strong.

Strong like –

You fight hard to live

And not just be alive

But be alive on your own terms.

You are so brave!

Do you feel it?

Brave is my religion, so on this one

Game recognize game

You are SO BRAVE.

In so many ways-

In ALL the ways,

I am in awe of your existence.

I can see through the pile of demons

& trauma & chaos 

& fears & stresses

I can see through all of that

and i see the glow of your entire being

(…as divine as the moon & the stars, 

you know how it goes).

So pile it on. Tell me all of it. You are not alone. I’ve got you. Tell me everything. Tell me again. Tell me the new shit that comes up. Tell me about the dreams. Tell me about the angry, the lonely, the betrayed. 

I will remind you,


That your glow glows despite it all.

It glows brighter the deeper you go.

And it’s us!

So you can say everything,

And you can say nothing.

And I will hear you,

And I will understand you.

And we’ll sit at the mountain top together,

until the universe says it’s time to go.

I love you so much my heart grew bigger.

It’s not a choice to love you.

It was meant to be;

Written in the stars.

I’m a star too –

because I could write endlessly about our love.

All hail you badass witch.



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