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Sally’s relationship with her husband deteriorated by the day. The spark was gone. At thirty-three years, she is still desirable. She is average in height, her breasts are still firm even after giving birth to two kids. She still notice the lusty glances thrown at her by men wherever she went. She is a perfect package.

Sally works as a manager in an insurance firm. Her husband, Frank, is a successful business man- successful to the letter. He is almost Fifty. Sally never lacks anything, almost anything rather. Its been a real long time since she has had anything close to an orgasm. Frank is always away on business trips and Sally is always left at the mercy of her dildo which usually leaves her craving for a real hard cock. It always feels like a thirsty man drinking salt water. Her sex drive is overboard. Frank is always too tired for any form of foreplay the few times they fuck.  ”I’ll have to do something about this” she always thinks to herself.

Sally is always worried. She’s been a perfect model wife to Frank but the intimacy is long gone from their lives. Sex with Frank has become routine. She misses those times they would talk to each other about how they would ravage each other’s body. The kissing and every other thing that has to do with foreplay has gone with the wind and in its place is a boring unemotional routine of penetration. She longs so much for her pussy to be sucked good but Frank would never hear any of that. ”It makes me feel dirty” is all she gets from him anytime she musters enough courage to ask. She doesn’t want to come across as sex crazed so she had to let sleeping dogs lie, to her own dissatisfaction.
Her heart cries to be kissed, she longs so much to be slowly smooched, finger- fucked and tongue- Licked. The penetration would just be an icing on the cake.

Frank on the other hand, never saw anything wrong with their sex life. He always ejaculates every time he penetrates her and that for him, is all any reasonable man would ask for.

Little did he know that wealth alone doesn’t keep a relationship going, intimacy does too.

Sally’s solution came two weeks later. She had gone to the supermarket in town to make some purchases. It had been a pretty usual day at the office and by the look of things, nothing unusual looked set to happen until she met Daniel. Dan for short. She was done with her usual supplies of the monthly grocery when Dan offered to help her carry her stuff to her car. Something Frank never does- he would usually wait back in the car while she makes the trip from the supermarket to the car, no matter how long it took.

It was more or less love at first sight. He was dressed in a black jean trousers and checkered body-fitting long sleeves shirt. Sally had turned down her offer out of reason, hoping he’d insist and when he did, she muttered a word of thanks to her luck. His boldness intrigued her. She could see the outline of his masculinity through his shirt. Her blood was fired up when he came close to her as she held the trunk of the car open for him. In that instant, she knew she wanted to be fucked real hard by Dan. It was just a matter of time.

”what are you doing the rest of the day” She’d asked him.

”em….nothing of so much importance’, he replied, looking straight into her eyes. ”Do you want to take me out or…?”

”God!” She managed to whisper under her breath as she laughed it off. His boldness was turning her on. She was already beginning to feel a tingle in her lower body. She hasn’t felt this aroused in as long as she could remember. It took all the will in her not to grab Dan and rip him out of his clothes immediately. They exchanged phone numbers and she promised to give him a call.

Soon, their relationship progressed, it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ she’ll be fucked by him and just the thought of his Dick inside her made her nipples turgid.

Dan had no problem talking about anything and she loved that too. She loved that she could rant about her bad day or about the new hair extensions she bought and he would patiently listen to her endless gist. They told themselves about each other, Dan was in his third year in the university, he could sing, play piano and rhythm guitar. He would sing her love songs while she blushed at the other end of the phone. Love is blind they say, but so too is lust.

”when was the last time you had sex” Dan asked,

Their conversations had gradually being leaning towards sex recently. She told to him that it was less than a week ago. Something about Dan made her willingly bare her soul to him. It was then she realized all she had been missing in her effort to ignore her sexual needs and play the perfect couple.

”Did you cum the last time you did?” Dan asked again, jarring her to reality.

He was already sporting an erection on the other end of the line. What he kept thinking was how Sally’s husband could make sure he cums every time without giving a fuck if she did or not. He knew he had to be there for her. He had to make her feel alive. He wasn’t scared of fucking an older woman. It wasn’t the rightness or wrongness of the act or any act that mattered to him, it was about what makes him feel good.

”maybe I’m just attracted to the not-so-good things that makes me feel so good” he thought and smiled to himself when they got done talking. They had scheduled a date, and he was not going to miss it for anything in the world.

They had dinner at a very nice restaurant. It was the best date Sally had ever had, as long as she could remember. Dan was dressed in a cream colored shirt, grey trousers and dark brown shoes. He smelled of a musky masculinity and Sally couldn’t help taking deep breaths each time his aroma drifted to her. She wore a black gown. Not a tight one. The gown hugged her breasts but was a little wider around her ass. It reached just above her knees. They’d talked about everything – their dreams, hopes, aspirations and their fantasies. They kept thinking about each other.

”She’s so easy to talk to” he thought.

He could see the outline of her tits and it looked amazing. He couldn’t help looking forward to the night ahead of them. Money was not an issue. Daniel made a little money from attending shows and Sally was more than
capable of taking care of the bills, and she did.

They arrived at Sally’s house in her car.
Her kids were staying the weekend with her Aunt and Frank was away on another business trip, one of so many. Since Dan still lived with his elder brother, he had to lie that he was attending an all night show. The ride was as exciting as their relationship. Sally had to alternate between rubbing the large bulge in his trousers and driving. They just couldn’t wait to tear each other apart.


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  • Wow!!!!! This story feels so real. I had a friend complain of the very same things. Wonder how many other women are stuck playing ‘the model wife’

    Please tell me this story has a second part!
    Don’t stop writing Spiritual, please!

  • I also can’t wait. lol

  • there is a question I will like the ladies in the house to answer, will like a poor man who fucks you any time you e
    desire sex or a very rich man, who do not have time for fuck but provide you with all the good things of life that money can buy? please be honest in your answer.

  • @Kwunume. I think you’re making the same mistakes Frank made, which is what a lot of wealthy African men do. Relationships aren’t about Sex and Money alone. In fact, like the writer rightly put it; ‘Wealth alone doesn’t keep a relationship going, intimacy does to.

    I think African men forget that its the little things that makes the difference. Because at the end of the day, they make the big things stand out or sink in.

    Where are the ladies at?

    Wow! This story feels so real.

    Please Nana, can you help me give this ‘Spiritual’ a kiss? Lol

  • Adanne the man is busy making money for both of them, so has no time for intimacy which. would rather have as you can’t eat your cake and still have it. you cannot satisfy both needs one must give way, that is if want the kind of money he provides .

  • Kwunume, you make it sound like intimacy is An optional variable in marriage. You mean Sally has to choose between his husband’s wealth and intimacy? Remember she works in an insurance company. I dare say whatever intimacy he isn’t giving his wife is being showered on another woman outside their home.

    Why is the woman always the one to be responsible for her man’s irresponsibility? Its totally unfair.
    Why does there have to be a choosing in the first place?

  • Adanne, what do women really want? when a man is always with his woman they say he is a woman’s wrapper and that he is not always at home does not mean he is given his love to another woman, even thou man is promiscuous in nature, you may not believe this. do you believe in love without money?

  • ‘they say he is woman wrapper’. A man who is reasonable would never care what anyone says about how he loves his woman right.

    You are contradicting yourself Kwunume.

    “that he is not always at
    home does not mean he is given his love to
    another woman, even thou man is promiscuous
    in nature, you may not believe this.”

    Isn’t this a perfect example of the patriarchy that has ridden our society for so long?

    Honestly, at the core of every human (man or woman) is this need for intimacy, no matter how rich or poor you are. I’m not saying women are saints but our patriarchal society makes it impossible for men to explore emotions other than anger and lust for sex.

    Sex can be annoyingly boring over time but emotions? They are priceless.
    Read the story again and you’d realize Sally would move the world for Dan! Lol!

    I just hope the story isn’t finished already.

  • yes sex can be boring at times but sex is what Sally has in mind {Sally had to alternate between rubbing the large burgle in his trousers and driving}

  • Kwunume, a married woman doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to cheat on her husband. I can’t say same for men.

    Read the story again and you’ll see how it all started. The young boy was every little thing the husband wasn’t. The supermarket encounter, the honest conversations. Those are the real things.

    This story feels so real because I had a friend complain about her husband. They were so wild with each other at first and suddenly the man got ‘born again’. Talking about their fantasies became a ‘sin’. It adversely affected their sex life! Tell me why this woman won’t fall for the next ‘Dan’ that comes her way?

    There is the unspoken culture of silence in our society that makes it okay for women to suffer and probably die in silence.

    I hope this story doesn’t end here. You people should stop this torture biko!

  • you may be right that ladies do not just decide to cheat on their husband, but one thing they should know is that marriage is like a parcel when you open it, you take what ever is inside. and being a legal practitioner I believe that marriage is a contract and if it is not favorable you simply work out. some ladies give excuse that the children will not make them just work out and most times such ladies end up leaving the marriage in a casket . Sally can decide to work out, it is her choice.

  • Well I believe you actually meant to say ‘walk out’

    It is very easier said than done.
    I live in a society that is rooted in religion and patriarchy stems from religion.
    The issue of divorce is still seen as taboo here.
    they’d rather you protect the marriage even if costs your life than seek divorce.
    The stigma and the shaming that comes with it is something most people cannot handle.

    This same culture of silence makes the women that has similar experiences as this story read our conversations and pass because they probably don’t feel safe talking about their issues.

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  • cool story. kept me in suspense thanking my luck that I found this blog 🙂

  • Oh Poor Frank…tsk tsk..You just gave it all away….
    honestly …. smh

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