Self Care Sunday, the Naba Way

I was at a drive-in movie screening for an erotic drama film that had just come out. This was the first time I watched unsimulated sex in a movie, in public. I made sure to go solo. I was curious about who else would be there and was in the mood to make new friends.

I settled down somewhere with a great view, with my 2 bottles of wine (Chilean pinot noir), strawberries, a joint and a way larger blanket than I needed. Seriously, it looked like I was waiting for a party of 10.

Just as the screen starts to darken, signalling 60 seconds to start time, a couple behind me starts to bicker.

“You forgot to pack a blanket?!”

“Don’t blame me, you wanted to fuck before we left and I got distracted.”

“You wanted to fuck too!”

“SSSHH!” That’s me.

“Shut up and join me,” I pointed to the extra space on my blanket. It works, they shut up and sit down right on cue.

The movie starts with a woman laying across a man’s stomach, sucking his dick while he fingers her. This is all happening slowly and deliberately, they are barely moving, but we see everything they’re feeling on their faces.

The scene goes on this way for a while, with the music building up to create an intense, sexually charged atmosphere. I can’t help but reach under my tiny sundress and lightly stroke my clit over my silk panties. Glad I wore silk, it feels so goooood.

By the time our on-screen stars climax and the scene changes, I am almost starting to give in to my own waves of pleasure. I slowly refocus my attention back to the movie, giving my pussy a break. As I refill my cup, I notice that the 2 dudes next to me seem to be “refocusing” themselves as well.

We smile at each other knowingly and introduce ourselves. Instinctively, I move closer to them so we’re all sitting side by side. No movie spoilers, but there was plenty of sex in there to keep my new friends and I occupied.

It started with light touching. It was a warm night, so everyone was almost naked to some degree. Ramon sat in the middle and got the best of both worlds with Dario and I fondling him from both sides. He was equally generous, fingering my pussy while massaging Dario’s dick.

We took breaks in-between to follow the plot, smoke my joint, drink our drinks and shift positions. It was absolutely exhilarating to have them suck on each of my nipples at the same time, and have 2 fingers each inside my pussy, groping in different directions, sending spasms through me.

Halfway through the movie, attendants went around distributing free condoms and lube to everyone. Trust me, we weren’t the only ones getting frisky up in there. Extra blankets were handed out too, for those that needed cover to do their business. That wasn’t us though.

We watched the last quarter of the movie, lying on our sides with Ramon’s dick buried in my pussy and Dario’s dick buried in his ass. At first we moved together like a slow motion train, keeping our breaths steady, noises to a minimum, focused on feeling and watching. Feeling and watching.

A trans couple climaxed next to us, breaking our bubble and increasing our need for each other. I had one dick inside me driven by the power of two dicks. I felt extremely aroused. I felt alive. The open sky made me feel free. It was pure bliss.

I started to feel an orgasm coming. I could tell Ramon and Dario were getting there too, they were grunting harder and breathing faster. I had just read that day that slowing down your breathing when you feel an orgasm coming makes it last longer.

No time like the present to practice.

As the boys’ movements got faster and louder, I slowed down and relaxed my muscles and it began, like a small wave building up and up and up. I remember Ramon slamming into me and Dario slamming into him immediately after. I remember feeling my pussy clench around Ramon’s dick as he came. I remember starting to buckle and then tremble as I went all the way over the edge.

When we were all done, we separated, tossed the condoms aside and splayed out on the now scrunched up and soaked blanket. The guys dressed up and went…somewhere. I lay back and just looked at the stars. Smiling.


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