Enter A Virtual World of Sexual Utopia

Dear Adventurers,


We’re delighted you came.

As part of our journey into the exploration of what a sexual utopia means for each of us, we invited artists from all over the Continent to exhibit their interpretations of pleasure, paradise, beauty and expansive expressions of all of the above in our virtual gallery. We’ve partnered again with Venu3D, who did an incredible job with our virtual festival in 2021 when COVID and Ghana’s political climate prevented us from meeting in person.

This year, our Adventurous community is convening in Nairobi but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Grab your bestie or your boo (or both) and hand out in this sensory otherworld of our imagination. We hope that you will use this space to spark conversations of your own and reflect on what a Sexual Utopia in the here, now or beyond looks like to you.

“Sexual Utopia: Here, Now & Beyond” Artist, Aya

Admission is totally free, always. Here’s how you get in:

Mac Users: Download the Venu3D app here.
Windows Users: Download the Venu3D app here.

(*Note: You will need fast Internet to have the best experience.)

Special thanks to our exhibitors who made this world possible!
Billy Billima
Eev the Artist
Nzinga Bandida
Andy Mkosi
The entire tech support team at Venu3D

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