Office Sex

It’s 07:30. You’re at work early. Way too early. You didn’t intend to be, but you woke early and were bored. You sit at your desk, twiddling your thumbs. There isn’t much to do, at least not before 09:00. You may be at work, but you refuse to work till it’s actually time to. 

You’re shifting in your seat, your thighs pressed together. You take a deep breath and try to ignore the fact that you’re turned on. You look at the clock. It’s been only a minute since you last looked at it. It felt like aeons. What you need is a distraction. Perhaps you should read. 

It takes you ten minutes to admit to yourself that you’re only seeing the words but not understanding them. You’re too horny. You need to wank. You look at the clock. It’s 07:50.

There’s time, lots of it. 

You glance over at the other desk in your office. Nerh. D never comes to work before nine. You’ll be fine. You unzip your pants and slump in your chair. You’ve never wanked at work, which is a miracle. You’re turned on most of the day from sharing an office with D. 

She flirts with you, and you flirt back but that’s all it ever is. Friendly office banter. It doesn’t matter that the banter turns risqué sometimes. You’re attracted to her, but you’re not entirely certain she is to you. You don’t want to make being at work awkward, so you’ve never gone further. 

It’s maddening though, the way she giggles and calls you silly over some remark you made about an annoying client. The way she stands close to you when y’all are poring over files together. It drives you crazy, her floral scent with spicy undertones, and those pert skirts she likes to wear that show off all fifteen miles of her legs. You want to hike her skirt up and wrap those legs around you. 

You were going to watch porn as you touched yourself, but now you’re thinking of D. You put a hand up your shirt and play with your nipple. Your fingers are working a rhythm on your clit, and you close your eyes from the pleasure of it. 

In your mind, D is sitting astride you, her teeth biting into your neck and her breasts pressing into yours. Your fingers are trying to get rid of her shirt so you can touch her skin. The mental image turns you on even more and you’re close to coming. 

You’re so lost in your fantasy of you and D, that when her scent wafts into your nostrils, you think it’s just your overactive imagination. You don’t open your eyes. Instead, the corners of your lips lift in a small smile that turns into an O as the first wave of your orgasm washes over you. 

“Hey. Good morning. You’re early.” Her voice breaks into your haze of lust and you freeze, or at least you almost do. Your body is quivering from the pleasure shooting through it, pleasure made even better because you heard the voice of the object of your fantasies. You’re physically incapable of freezing at the moment. Your clit responds to her presence and further hardens. Moisture trickles into your panties. Your nipples are fighting to escape your bra. 

Oh shit, you say to yourself. You look at the clock. Why is D at work at 08:15? You want to scramble to rearrange yourself, but you figure that’s going to make this even worse. You glance at yourself. You’re half beneath the table. She can’t see your lower half, but it would be hard to explain your hand up your shirt. 

D is looking at you with a very amused expression. She doesn’t say anything. You actually wish she would, so this awkwardness would dissipate. She finishes setting her stuff down and walks to the door. You don’t expect what she does next. She turns the key in the lock as she says, “You should lock the door when you want to touch yourself at the office.” 

You groan inwardly. She’s not going to let you live this down. 

“Or when you want to have sex.” She finishes her statement. You’ve been avoiding her gaze, but you look at her when she says this. Her eyes grip yours and hold on to them. You can’t look away as she comes around your desk and pulls your chair out. 

“May I?”

You nod wordlessly, still not entirely certain that you aren’t trapped in some very vivid fantasy. She kneels in front of you, takes off your shoes, drags your pants and your underwear down your legs in one swift motion and buries her face between your thighs. 

Fuck. The expletive leaves your lips on a groan. She spreads your thighs as far as the chair would allow and licks your clit in a fluid motion that has you throwing your head back and squirming in the chair. 

You want to put your hands in her hair and fuck her face, but you also don’t want to rush this. You can’t help though, that her mouth is making your pussy flood and your clit pulsate. She senses your orgasm is on its way and lifts her head. You moan your protest and she giggles. 


I usually get to my office building at eight. Instead of going in, I spend an hour at the café downstairs, flirting with Kujo, my favourite barista and drinking as much coffee as possible. I don’t know why it is such insane fun to flirt with a gay man. Today, Kujo isn’t in and with no one to laugh at my silly jokes, I leave the café early.

The key isn’t at the front desk. I see V is already in. Strange. I check my phone as the elevator goes up. 08:14. V shouldn’t be in yet. I see her from the café whenever she comes in to work. She’s a solid 08:45 person. She thinks I come in at nine and technically, she’s not wrong. We don’t have any outstanding work so I wonder why she’s in so early. 

I like V. I like, like V. I want to bend her over her desk and eat her ass like there’s no tomorrow. She’s so cute, with her little mannerisms. If she’d let me, I’d eat her, fuck her, screw her, do everything physically possible between two female bodies. I may even invent new ones. She seems content to just flirt though. I leave it at that. I have to share an office with this person. Better not fuck it up. 

I open the door to the beautiful sight of V having an orgasm. I’m instantly turned on. I want to walk over to her desk and let her cum on my face. She doesn’t notice me, and I allow myself to watch for a second. I can’t see what she’s doing beneath the desk, and I’m curious. I’m very, very curious. I can’t help the mischief that tilts my lips upwards. 

“Hey. Good morning. You’re early.” I say and almost laugh at her reaction as she realises she’s no longer alone. She’s still cumming, even though at this moment, she’s trying not to. I want some of that. I want all of that. I want her juices on my face and on my hands and in my mouth. 

Her body is finally still. I want her to quiver again, this time because my mouth made her. My amusement masks my lust. I go to the door and lock it, telling her some nonsense about locking doors and offices. In reality, all I’m thinking about is the face she made when she came, how her lips formed a cute O that makes me want fuck her mouth with my fingers. 

I go around her desk and ask her consent. I’d die if she said no. I’d quit my job first, then I’d die. She nods, and I’m between her legs in an instant. 

I’ve imagined giving V head many times, and the reality is a thousand times better. She’s already wet, and I lick it all up. I want to make her cum, and I want to see her face when she does. Eating her up can wait for later. Besides, I want to take my time and do that. We don’t have time for that. I raise my head. She protests, and it makes me giggle. She’s so cute. I stand up and kick off my heels. 

“Get up on your desk, b.” She obeys and I kiss her. I don’t know what it is about V that fills me with so much lust, I can’t see straight. My hands are unfastening the buttons on her shirt. I want to touch her body, I want to feel her skin. 


You sit on the desk like you’re told, careful to move your computer out the way. D kisses you almost immediately. You lean into her embrace. She takes off your shirt and relieves you of your bra. Her face is in your neck, nuzzling, biting and licking. Your body is on fire. 

When she takes your nipple in her mouth, the moan that escapes you is unplanned. Your back arches without your consent, and you press her face to your chest. She bites your nipple and the pain that shoots through you is delicious. 

“I want to taste you everywhere.” She switches to your other nipple. You’ve just had an orgasm, but you’re in dire need of another. She kisses your neck again and whispers in your ear, “But we don’t have time. Instead, I’m going to fuck you with my fingers and you’re going to cum all over my hand, like a good little slut.” She nips your earlobe. 

“Would you like that?” Her voice is gentle. You nod. 

“Use your words, love, and look at me when you talk to me.”

You’ve never seen this dominant side of D. Perhaps it’s reserved only for when she has sex. You like it very much. 

“Yes.” Your eyes meet hers and the heat in hers nearly melts you into a puddle of need. Your core is throbbing. 

She’s still looking into your eyes when her finger enters you. You close your eyes from the pleasure of it. She pulls it out and when she enters you again, it’s with two fingers. Your breath catches. Her left hand goes around you, holding you in place, while her right hand hits you in all the places that need to be hit. 

You bite back your moan. She kisses it into her mouth. Her fingers are fucking you at a steady rhythm, lifting you closer and closer to the peak you’re trying to reach. You try to be quiet, but it’s almost impossible. D is fucking you into next week. 

“Touch yourself.” Her command causes you to open your eyes. “Put your fingers in your mouth to get them nice and wet, and rub your clit.”

You can’t do anything else but obey. When you start to touch yourself, she fucks you faster. Your fingers falter on your clit. 

“Don’t stop touching yourself. You can’t stop till I ask you to.”

Your back arches deeper and your toes curl. You can’t help the moan that escapes your lips. You throw your head back as your body absorbs all the exquisite sensations. You’re so close. 

“Cum for me, baby.” Her voice sends you over the edge. Your body shakes as the pleasure goes through you. 


V’s orgasm is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. First, she closes her eyes. Then she throws her head back, her back arches and her body begins to shake like a tambourine in a Pentecost church. I watch all the expressions her face makes as her pussy walls squeeze my fingers over and over. She’s no longer touching herself. I didn’t ask her to stop, but I’m not mad. 

My fingers reluctantly leave her vagina and I can’t help it. I need a taste again. I lift them to my mouth and suck them clean of her juices. She’s splayed out on the desk, her chest heaving from her just-had orgasm. She jerks when my finger passes over her sensitive clit. I giggle. The movement is sexy, I want her to do it again. I flick her clit again and she spasms. 

When she recovers, she sits up to find me sitting in her chair. She’s gloriously naked, and I’m fully clothed. The fact seems to annoy her, because she frowns and points at my shirt. She wants to say something but she gives up. Instead she climbs down from the table and asks me with her eyes if she can. 

I want to scream fuck yes, d’you know how long I have wanted you to fuck me?! but I nod instead. She starts to take my clothes off and pauses. I don’t know what she’s thinking and I’m curious. She still seems shy, even though I’ve just seen her have two orgasms and given her one of said orgasms. I don’t want to say something that would spook her. 

She asks me to stand up and I do. I’m taller than V, and she has to stand on her toes to kiss me. I find this simultaneously cute and hot. 

Her hands make short work of my shirt and bra. She makes no attempt to get rid of my skirt though.

When her fingers find my nipple, they momentarily pause. She wasn’t expecting the metal. I feel her smile against my lips. 

She turns us around and sits in her chair. She pats her lap twice and I get the idea. I start to take off my skirt but V shakes her head. 

“Nuh uh. Skirt stays on.” She gives me a totally lascivious look that makes me wetter than I already am. I don’t ask her why. I pull my skirt up and sit astride her. My nipple is in her mouth almost instantly. It’s my turn to bite back moans. Her hands are squeezing my butt through my skirt, and I can’t help the way my hips are grinding into hers.

She seems to enjoy the fact that I have nipple piercings, her tongue continually flicking at them. Her tongue is softer than in my fantasies; soft and warm and gentle. 

She lifts me up slightly and when I come down, her fingers impale me. Fuck yes. Ooh fuck, yes. I start to move before she does, riding her hand hard. I can tell she likes this and I bend my head to kiss her. This changes the angle of her fingers in me and my body starts to spasm. 

I’ve been turned on since I walked in and saw her mouth form that cute O. I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum, but I didn’t expect to cum almost at once. V does something with her fingers inside me that has me screaming. Well, what would’ve been screaming if she hadn’t brought her lips to mine before she did it. After all, we’re at work. Can’t be too noisy. 

“Fuck, I’m coming.” V stills my movement with her left hand and fucks me thoroughly with her right. Jesus. It doesn’t help matters that she bites my nipples in the middle of my orgasm. I’m done for. 

When her fingers slide wetly out of me, she puts them in her mouth. She makes an appreciative noise and I can swear I preen. I fall forward unto her, and we sit there hugging each other.

“What d’you say we take this party to my desk during lunch break?”

V squeezes my butt and nuzzles into my neck. 

“Only if I get to bend you over it and eat you from behind.”

Well damn. 

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