Asantewaa’s Liberation (Chapter 6)

The party is still in full swing when I return to the living room, but the private party Jake and I will be having promises to be more fun. I giggle to myself at the naughty thought and walk over to Serwaa. She stops the discussion she was having with some of her coworkers to pull me into the kitchen. Checking to make sure nobody is around, she shuts the door and gives me a frantic look. “Asantewaa, seriously? Jake? Of all the men we invited?”

Not certain which part was troubling her, I ask, “What exactly is the problem with him? Is he a murderer? A thief? An–”

She cut me off with a snort. “You know that’s not what I mean. He’s a player, Asantewaa. He hasn’t had a serious girlfriend in five years–maybe more, but he always has women around. It’s surprising he even came alone today. He has three women he rotates.”

“Is he dating any of them?”

“No, they are just friends with benefits.”

“Good. Then it’s my luck he came alone today. I can’t say we’re friends–yet, but I intend to benefit from him tonight.” Serwaa barks out a laugh before she remembers her agenda–warning me against their player friend. “Asantewaa–”

“Serwaa, I know what I’m doing,” I interrupt before she can launch into a lecture. “I know you’re worried, but you don’t need to be. He is exactly what I’m looking for; pleasure with no strings attached.”

She frowned. “But I want you to find a good man who can show you that love can be sweet too. And pleasurable.”

I sighed. “I know enough now to understand that what I had in my marriage shouldn’t be the norm. I know that you and Nii found the good kind of marriage, and I understand why you want me to experience it too, and maybe one day I will, but I’m not ready. I’m not in that mental space where I can trust a man with my heart and life yet.” I pause as I remember what happened a few minutes ago. “Serwaa, I’m not ready for anything serious that involves serious emotions. I mean, I froze for a moment today when I felt Jake’s erection.” Serwaa’s eyes widen with worry. “Oh, Asantewaa! Wh–”

Grabbing her hands before she slips into worry mama mode, I assure her, “I’m fine. I got over it, and he was so nice about it too. Can you believe that he thought it was something he had done and stopped immediately?”

“As he should.”

I smiled wryly. “Well, Kofi Brempong would never stop once he started, so even that was a new experience for me, and it feels good to know I could trust him with that, you know? It makes me more confident to explore my sexuality with him because he showed me even before I realised that I needed the assurance that he will stop if I’m uncomfortable.”

“Aww baby girl,” she pulls me into a short hug before pulling back to regard me. “So you’re sure you’re okay?”

I flash a grin. “I’m more than okay. I had my first orgasm with another person.” She squeals and grabs my arms, intrigued despite her misgivings about my chosen partner. “Oh my goodness, tell me more!” Laughing, I tell her. “It was amazing! I didn’t realise I could come like that while I was still dressed. So yeah, it was great! And it’s going to get even better before the day is over. I came over to say goodbye.”

“Oh, you’re leaving now?”

“Yes. If I stay I would just be thinking about sex, so I better get that out of the way.” Laughing, she squeezes me into another hug. “I love this Asantewaa so much. Okay, let me not keep you any longer. Don’t forget protection!” I giggled. “Of course not! I’ve got all the ones you gave me.”

“It’s not enough to have them, make sure you use them!” She countered in a loud whisper as we returned to the living room. Seeing him again gives me another jolt. He is so handsome, and the way he is staring at me brings a flush to my face. We say our final goodbyes hastily and head out with my arm tucked firmly in his. 

The ride to my apartment is short and companionable with a dash of naughty. Jake was so charming that I felt at ease, telling me funny stories about his family and his last trip home to South Africa. Whenever we stopped at a red light, he would slip his hand on my thigh and caress me gently. The first time, he sent me an inquiring glance when he put his hand on my thigh. Understanding, I gave him a nod to show that I was fine with it. By the time we pulled up at my apartment, his hand had climbed all the way up to my inner thigh, caressing his large hand in a sensual, circular motion. Although he kept his fingers just shy of touching my mound over my jumpsuit, it felt like a tease, and I was wet again. I let us into the building with his arms around my waist, caressing almost casually.

I didn’t feel any nerves until I let him into my apartment and he was looking around in appreciation. “You have a really nice place. And the view is awesome.”

“Thank you,” I replied, thrown by the casual compliment. I was suddenly unsure of what to do next. Do we get right on it or maybe have a drink first?

Before I can work myself up into a nervous frenzy, he pulls me into his arms in a warm hug. It’s not sexual, but the closeness both arouses me and puts me at ease. “Relax, baby. We’re going to take it slow,” he whispers against my ear, relaxing me further and sending tingles down my spine.

He kisses my ear lightly, planting feathery kisses across my face to my lips. Then, with his gaze on mine, he slowly lowers his lips to mine. The kiss starts soft and gentle, then deepens. The arousal begins like a slow burn, increasing as his hands caress my back and slide down my waist, moving further down to caress my ass. When he breaks the kiss so we can come up for air,  I blink at him in mild confusion, drunk with sweet pleasure. His right hand comes up to caress my face gently. “I want you so much,” he whispers. “You are so beautiful, so effortlessly sensual, and I want nothing more than to worship every inch of your body and give you so much pleasure that it keeps you happy and brings a smile to your face whenever you remember.”

I swallow as his words arouse me even further, wetting my panties. I am still a little nervous at someone else seeing me naked, but he is so nice and makes me feel so good that the arousal overrides the nerves. “What are you waiting for then?” I whisper back in what I hope is a sexy challenge. One corner of his lips twitch, and the hand that never left my ass pushes me forward against his arousal. “Feel that, Asantewaa? This is what you’re doing to me, and since it’s our first time together I want to take things a little slowly. Not too slowly,” he amends with a laugh when he sees the expression on my face. “You remember the rules, right? Tell me immediately if you don’t like something, and we’ll stop.” 

“Yes,” I reply with a grateful nod, feeling the rest of the nerves disappear. I wonder if he is always so careful or if it is just because he knows about my experience and wants to make me comfortable. Either way, I appreciate it because it made me feel safe, and feeling safe helped to clear my inhibitions. He pulls me into another kiss, this one starting straight with his tongue sliding into my mouth to dance with mine. My surprise is lost in a moan in his mouth when he hoists me up into his arms, making me wrap my legs around him instinctively. “Where’s your bedroom?” he asks after breaking off the kiss. “Mmmm?” I murmur back in a daze. Letting out a quick laugh, he plants a quick kiss on my lips. “You’re so adorable. Your bedroom, baby. Point me in the right direction.”

“Oh. Down there on the left,” I point, and he walks in that direction with me in his arms. Jake pushes my bedroom open and finds the light switch, bathing the room in bright white light. I feel some of the nerves return. He must have noticed, because after he drops me gently on the edge of the bed, he cocks his head and asks, “Would you like to turn on the bedside lamp instead?” I nod in relief, rising to turn it on myself while he turned off the main light switch. 

The room is bathed in a warm glow instead of punishing bright light, making the atmosphere more sensual and dispelling the rising nerves. I stare in anticipation as he stalks to my side with hungry eyes. “You’re wearing too many clothes for what I have in mind.”  

“So are you,” I counter. 

He smiles, looking at me with a challenge in his eyes. “You’re right. What are you going to do about that?” Moving my hands to his shirt, I run my hands over his chest, feeling the muscles and the hardness, before I start to unbutton his shirt. He reaches for my clothes after I peel his off, and we undress each other until we’re both naked except for my panties and his boxers.

He kisses me again, hot and deep and carnal, roaming his hands all over me as I did the same to him. After a while of kissing and heavy petting, Jake manoeuvres me onto my back on the bed and has me moaning in pleasure as he licks and suckles my nipples; one hand fondling one breast while his mouth works on the other with practised skill. After a while the hand that is on my right breast slips down and his fingers slip into my panties, rubbing and circling my clit. I moan in pleasure, liking his touch, especially when he presses a little more, flicking with one finger while another slides gently into my sopping-wet vagina. He fingers me for a few seconds while watching my face intently. “You’re so wet, baby. So pretty and wet for me.” My answer comes in more moans when he adds another finger. There is something erotic about him fingering me while I still have my panties on which excites me more. 

“Have you ever had a lover worship you with their lips and tongue?” He asks me, and when my eyes widen he returns his attention to my breasts, kneading them gently before taking one nipple in his mouth. After worshipping both nipples with his lips, he slides down, littering my body with kisses. 

I would have come off the bed when he licked my clit if he hadn’t held me in position. He pauses to look up at me. 

“Do you want me to stop?”  

What? “No!” I answer quickly. 

“Then stay still.” 

Stay still? How can I stay still? But I want him to continue so badly that I agree to the terms. “Fine, continue,” I whimper, eager to feel the sensation again. Jake gives me a quick wicked grin before he returns to destroying me with his tongue and fingers. He licks, sucks, and fingers me all at the same time, circling his tongue around my clit and then sucking, while moving his fingers inside me. I am so overwhelmed with pleasure that I cannot help writhing on the bed, and thankfully he doesn’t pause or complain, even when I hold his head in place at a point. I feel so worshipped and powerful, and the pleasure is more than I had ever imagined it could be. It’s too much for me to be able to hold on, and before long I am flying in pleasure as I come into his mouth, moaning loudly.

He moves up as I breathe heavily, still dazed from the intense orgasm I just had. “That was–” I pause to catch my breath, trying to find the words to describe the feeling I am still reeling from. “That was so amazing. I never thought– damn! The girls were right about being eaten out.” He laughs as he settles on the bed, his face almost touching mine. “Were they?” 

I nod with a satisfied grin. “I saw a debate on Twitter. I thought they were exaggerating.”

“I’m glad I proved them right.”

Staring at him, I can’t believe how handsome he is, and the fact that I have this gorgeous man to myself all night is a heady feeling. 

“We could stop here, you know. We don’t have to go all the way.” I frown at his offer, reaching down to grip his hard dick inside his boxers. His eyes glaze over as I stroke my hand gently up and down as I had read online. He had made me feel so good, and I want to return the favour. Besides, I want to touch him, and I want to feel him inside me, stretching me out. Thinking about that fills my panties with fresh liquid. “Are you sure? You seem to have a hard problem here.”

He snorted. “What can I say? Being a gentleman is hard. What you’re doing is nice–really nice, but you’d best stop if you will take me up on my offer. I could go take care of myself in the bathroom.”

“Is that what you want?”

He snorts again. “What I really want is to bend you over and fuck you from behind, but that–”

“Sounds great,” I interrupt, feeling more wetness seeping from my core. Seeing that I mean it, he chuckles. “Maybe some other time. I don’t mean the fucking part, just the bending over. For this first time, I think we should do it this way.” He demonstrates by nudging me onto my back and rising above me. I meet his lips, moaning into his mouth when his fingers find my folds again, flicking and fingering until I give him a breathless “I’m ready.”

He rolls away briefly to shed his boxers and suit up with one of the condoms he had placed on the nightstand when he undressed. When he returns to his previous position, he plants a kiss on my lips.  “Let me know if it becomes too much, okay? Or if it hurts.”

After I assure him, I feel his tip at my entrance, parting my wet folds gently to gain admittance. He is so thick and hot and hard, and I’m so wet and horny that I don’t feel any pain as he gently pushes himself into me. We both moaned when he breached me, and for the first time I had another man other than my late husband inside me, and everything was so different. Different and better.

Jake keeps his gaze on mine the whole time, watching for any sign of discomfort. His expression showed such strained control that I knew he was trying to be gentle this first time for my sake. When he bottoms out, I feel so full but the sensation is not uncomfortable. “You good?” he asks hoarsely. I find my lips quivering. “Great. You can move.” And he does. I am lost in time and pleasure as he thrusts in and out of me, slowly at first so that I could get used to him, before moving in a faster rhythm that rocks my world. I become a whimpering moaning mess as I lose myself in pleasure, and I lose track of time as he keeps at it, alternating between just thrusting into me in a missionary position and straddling me in another position that causes his dick to rub against my clit while he thrusts. He pauses and switches positions each time I’m almost at the peak until I start begging him to allow me to come. When he finally has mercy and allows me to come, I scream out his name, feeling my eyes rolling back into my head while I go limp in satiated exhaustion. He thrusts a few more times before releasing his pleasure into the condom with a loud groan.

I lie there, still limp and trying to catch my breath while he gets rid of the condom and returns to bed. “You’re so beautiful,” he tells me, caressing my face gently. “You were magnificent.” I find the energy to smile, understanding why he is such a successful playboy. Not only is he charming and gorgeous, but he is also sweet, and an amazing lover. “I should be the one praising you, Jake. You just rocked my world.”

The grin that spreads on his face is charming and proud. “All part of the pleasing service, Asantewaa. Are you sure you’re okay?”

I prop up on the bed to stare into his eyes. “I’m perfect. In fact, I’m hoping you would like to stay the night.”

He smirks. “Want to go on more adventures?”

“Are you offering?”

“Any time you want an adventure, I’ll be your partner,” he tells me, pulling me against him.

I smile at that, grateful I found someone who is the opposite of what I had experienced and exactly what I need and deserve. For now, I am sated and still reeling from my last orgasm, but I have a feeling there would be more adventures in my bedroom with Jake, and I look forward to every single one of them.  

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