Pleasure PhD_Overview

I want you…to dominate me. 

Take complete control over my body. My spirit. My soul even.

I want you…to dominate me. In sexual …sensual excitement. In pleasure.

I beg you, take over my being. 

Hold your thumb over my arms. 

Let my body stretch across your palm and my legs wrap around your pinky. 

And when it is time to submit. To me.  Let me…no bless yourself. 

With me. 

Bless yourself with the chance to see. 

What pleasure… true…holistic pleasure can be.

Allow me to worship your body. Your spirit being.

Allow me anoint your skin with the kisses from my lips. 

Let my eyes hold its gaze to count each strand on your scalp as my fingers hold themselves between your thighs for the same amount of time

Play a game with me. Tell me, will I count first or will you cum first?

Human G/god(dess). Allow me to venerate the deity that you are.

I long to feed your hunger for delicious pain. 

Allow me to hurt you in the most beautiful way

Permit me to discomfort you in pleasure so you drop tears in-between blessing my name

Permit me to keep your spirit safe so your body can melt in surrender. To my dominion.

What is yours is yours. When it’s yours, it’s yours. 

Be mine, in domination. In submission.

Own me, in domination. In submission.

Allow me be your humble, willing, hungry submissive

I come bearing gifts. Offerings even. To fulfill the glory of our pleasure. 

Nipple clamps. Gag balls. Anal plugs. Hot wax. Ice cubes. Tie me up. Two dildos maybe. One in addition to your hands. A threesome maybe…if only you are down.

 Do not let me predict where you plan to touch.  

Sink your teeth into my neck. Do not forget my ears. 

Tell me all the beastly things you intend to bless my body with. 

The small of my back is cupped enough to hold the grips of your hands. 

Play with my mind. 

Serenade my spirit. Burn some incense. No funky spirits here. 

Please be clear. Tell me how you want me to submit to you. 

Please be open. Yes, your legs too. 

Your mind and spirit first. 

I am a freak. In proper language, you can call me…adventurous (wink).

Explore body. Explore mind. Explore spirit. Explore pleasure. 

With me.

Explore care. Explore self. Explore different kinds of tea.

With me.

Explore what happens when two deities expand. 

Above, beneath, between and into each other. 

Independently expanding. Fusing. Separating. Together, within individuality. 

Explore pleasure without ownership.

 With me. 

Explore enjoyment in truth. Honestly. Safely. 

Without losing self to… or into each other. 

Explore choice. For each other. A choice to join. A choice to separate. 

A choice to balance self…with the world. Spirit. Life.

A choice to be


Together and apart.

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