Links to ‘Our sexual revolution is being blogged’ and ‘Kermit Grosnell versus Joshua Drah: abortion, stigma and conservatism’

I have been a bit prolific recently, but not so much on Adventures. I promise to rectify that. I have had a blog topic marinating in my head on the subject of erectile dysfunction (amongst many others), I just need some good head space to sit down and write.

Recently I had a piece published on the Open Democracy site on the subject ‘Kermit Gosnell versus Joshua Drah: abortion, stigma and conservatism‘. Those of you who are regulars on this subject probably know (or can guess my thoughts) on the subject of abortion. Malaka and I held a ‘blog off’ on the subject a few years ago. I am firmly in support of a woman’s right to choice, and I believe the option to terminate a pregnancy should be an integral part of access to comprehensive family planning which should absolutely include sex education and access to contraceptives. Did you all hear about Joshua Drah? The quack doctor who raped women and illegally performed terminations on women who went to see him at his clinic in Madina? Did you also know that Joshua Drah is still out on bail even though there is evidence that at least one woman (and probably many more) died at his hands? I’m grateful that Anas Aremeyaw Anas granted me an interview on this particular investigation he led. Also grateful to Dr Joshua of IPAS who granted me an interview, and the women who shared with me their personal experiences of undergoing terminations.

Today I had a piece published in ‘Voices of Africa’ entitled ‘Our sexual revolution is being blogged‘ where I talk about my own experiences of sex growing up, as well as the complete lack of sex education, and what Adventures means to me. I name check my BFFFL Malaka, brag a bit about ‘Adventures’ winning best overall blog and best activist blog at the Ghana Social Media Awards,  and the pride I feel about the fact that at least on this site we are having open, honest dialogue about sexuality.

Need I say go check both these articles out? I would also like to encourage you to comment on the respective sites where these articles where posted. I know you all feel most comfortable commenting on Adventures because we have a community here, you feel you know people, there is security in comfort blah blah blah but we’ve got to go out into the big bad world too 🙂 So yeah, leave a comment over at OD or VOA and I will respond.






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  • Eii Nana D, you’ll kill all of us o! Do you ever take a break? Hmmm, anyway, I’m off to read both articles, will comment there too!

  • oooo, Nana I loved both articles! I really think you (& maybe Malaka?) should publish that book on Adventures from the bedrooms of African women. However, you shouldn’t make it fictional but maybe share your views on issues related to sex (like you’ve done in these 2 articles) & probably interview some women about their experiences too & write it. Who knows, you could even research into African culture to find out how our views on sex have changed since that time (have read several articles & books suggesting that most of our ancestors were pretty open on sex until Christianity came in). What do you think? Oh PS: I tried to post on your article on how you learnt about sex but I don’t know if it went through couldn’t locate the send button for some reason! (i’m using internet explorer ten)

  • I left a comment but I am not sure what’s just happened to it! It just disappeared after I hit send.

  • yes a Woman has the right to her body, but a Baby equaly has the right to life. It becomes human at conception. If you dont a Baby then close your legs.

    • Why not start a bit earlier? Maybe it becomes human whilst it’s an ovary so every period is just killing a baby

    • Going by your comment, infertile couples who use IVF & drs who perform the procedure are murderers. Cos in ivf, several embryos are created but only a few are implanted & the rest of the embryos (or humans as you’d probably call them) are discarded. & by the way, up till 14 days after conception, fertilized eggs can still split up into twins, triplets etc. So if the fetus was ‘a human being’ at conception, how come it can split up?

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