Diary of a Sex Worker Chapter 2 – Enjoying Mr. X

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After three months of working as a sex worker, I have met different types of men — and women. Some just needed a quick fuck – wham, bang, goodbye. Others like to take their time — a conversation, sex, and an overnight stay. Others gave and wanted romance — flowers, a candlelight dinner, and some sweet-talking, followed by slow and sensual lovemaking. Then some wanted the companionship of a beautiful woman giving her whole attention to them for a night, and then rocking their world with great sex afterwards. Whatever kind of client I had, sex was always involved, and I made sure that the sex was unforgettable.

As a sex worker who considers my clients as temporary partners (temps), I only accept clients that I am physically attracted to. And I have one hard rule — if you don’t give me a good time too, there won’t be any repeats. It is clearly stated in the agreements I have my clients sign when I accept their requests for the first time. So when I walked into my office one Friday morning to hear my assistant Mimi turning down the request from a former client for the hundredth time, I rolled my eyes and took my seat. Perhaps I will tell you about that client another day. I was brimming with anticipation with an already-throbbing pussy, thinking about my temp for the day. For anonymity purposes, we’ll call him Mr. X, and he’s one of my favourite temps ever.

Mr. X is a divorcé with a high-profile job in a very popular company in the country. He is a very respectable man in his late forties with distinguished-looking features and well-known for his philanthropic activities and contributions to his church as a deacon. He also has an amazing big cock and knows how to fuck like a porn star. He is one of my regulars, and he books me for three days every month — the last weekend, starting from Friday to Sunday. The first time he booked three days I thought he wanted companionship for some of the days, but what he had in mind was way better. Sex with him is so good that for three days, I am left in a perpetual state of arousal and intense want. 

Our fun began in his office on day one, where he spread my legs on his desk and ate me out until I came like a geyser into his mouth. Then, he keenly watched as I sucked on the little toy he gave me when we first met, until it was wet and then fucked myself with it until I came for the second time. Afterwards, I got dressed and left, sated and high on pleasure. What made his office session so much more arousing was that we didn’t fully undress. He remained fully dressed in his respectable expensive suit, while I only took off the long, flowing skirt I usually wore to give him access to my wet honeypot.

On the second day, my instructions were simple. I had to fuck myself with a seven-inch dildo (another one of his gifts) every three hours for two minutes and send him a photo of my drenched pussy with the dildo in it. I was not allowed to cum.

By the time we’d meet for the climax of our time together on the third day, I’d be so horny and wet from anticipation and sexual frustration for not being able to cum the previous day that I’d be desperate for his cock in me. He would be equally desperate to fuck me, and the first round of sex whenever we met in the apartment I take high-profile temps to was hard, fast, and dirty, with no finesse whatsoever. 

Thinking about Mr. X and the things he does to my body always makes me horny as hell, and I’ll be soaking wet and throbbing for a fuck by the time I finish recounting my last experience with him.

So, back to the day in question. After my assistant finished with the call, she knocked and entered my office, her face set in a grimace. “That guy really wants another session with you. He doesn’t take a hint, or the answer, for that matter.”

I chuckle. “I’m sorry you have to handle the stressful part of the job while I have all the pleasure.”

She laughed. “We all have our strengths, don’t we?” Then she gives me a knowing smirk. “I know you’re already wet for your 4 pm appointment.”

I moaned. “Girl, you have no idea. That man is so good in bed. And he’s hella creative.”

“It’s interesting how he looks like someone who would insist on missionary only,” she muses. 

I laughed and assured her, “That is what makes it so much more delicious.”

“Well, let me get back to work screening new requests while you fantasise about Mr. X until it’s time to meet with him,” she replied in amusement before turning to leave.

“Don’t think I won’t!” I called after her, relaxing in my seat and closing my eyes to do just that.

4 pm didn’t come as fast as I wanted it to, but it was finally almost there, and the anticipation was killing me. I went to the bathroom to check myself. Long flowing skirt, check. No panties, double check. Subtle makeup with red lipstick, check. Perfume, check. 

There was a knock, and my assistant’s voice came through the door. “Asabea, your Uber is here.”

Smiling at my reflection one last time, I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards a mind-blowing orgasm.

As I walked into Mr. X’s office building, smiling at a couple of familiar faces, I wondered what they would say if they knew that I was naked and wet under the respectable clothes I was wearing, and what they would do if they knew what I came there to do every month. As far as they knew, I was there to follow up on a product supply proposal that Mr. X was still considering. 

The irony was funny, and I found myself chuckling as I walked into the elevator. 

“Good news today?” one of the men on Mr. X’s floor asked as he joined me in the elevator, pressing the button for the eighth floor.

I smiled at him. “Hopefully.”

He kept up with small talk as we rode up, distracting me from the intense want I was feeling. When we got the doors opened to the eighth floor, we exited and went our separate ways. 

“All the best with Mr. X,” he called after me. “Hopefully, he approves your contract today.”

“Thank you, I’m looking forward to it,” I responded, turning to Mr. X’s office. Most of the other offices are made of clear glass panels and doors, but as a top manager, he has a secluded office at the end of the floor sectioned with plasterboards. There’s an outer waiting area where his PA’s desk is, and then his soundproof inner office.

His PA smiled when I arrived. “Hello, Ms. Asabea. Welcome.”

“Hello, and thank you, Mark,” I replied. 

“You can go right in. He’s expecting you.”

With another word of thanks, I knocked twice on Mr. X’s door and entered.

He was sitting behind his large desk, which had already been cleared in anticipation of my arrival. He looked formidable and distinguished in his expensive suit, and the smile on his face made me just a little more wet. 

I sashayed over, as much as I could in my rather unsexy outfit, and propped a hip on his desk. “Hello, Mr. X.”

“Good afternoon, Beauty. How have you been?”

“I’ve been great, and you?”

He shrugged. “Can’t complain, but so much better now that you’re here. You’re my stress relief.”

I smiled provocatively. “And that is always my pleasure.”

“And mine, Beauty,” he concurred in that deep, low tone that promised a good time. His eyes raked me. “You look beautiful, as always. And I have a vivid memory of what you look like under those clothes. I am quite eager to reacquaint myself with every part of you.” 

He was still using that tone, and I shivered in anticipation. “I have been looking forward to it too, Mr. X,” I assured him.

“Come here,” he commanded, moving his seat slightly back to give me space to sit on his desk directly in front of him. This close, I could smell his cologne or whatever perfume he was using, and it added another dimension of sexiness to him.

“You smell good,” he complimented me, making me chuckle. “I was just thinking the same thing about you.”

He smiled again. “Show me how wet you are for me.”

Gladly, I spread my legs and pulled up the skirt to reveal my very wet pussy. I watched as he stared hungrily at me, and waited until his gaze returned to me. With my eyes on him, I brushed two fingers over my wetness and brought them to my lips. “Can you see how wet I am for you? I would have soaked my panties if I had worn any. You make me throb with anticipation even before I arrive, Mr. X.. I’m so wet for your mouth and your big, hard dick. I can’t wait to have it stretching me out with pleasure again.”

His eyes flared, and he adjusted his hardened dick. “Stop trying to tempt me to bend you over the desk and fuck you, Beauty. Today is for you. Now, finger yourself properly. I know you want to.”

Did I ever! Not waiting to be told twice, I inserted two fingers into my wetness, moaning in sexual relief as I fingered myself. 

He shook his head. “Just one finger, Beauty. Don’t be greedy.” 

Even though the order was meant to torture me, I felt more of my arousal gushing out. “Yes, Sir,” I moaned, using just one finger. He watched me as I pleasured myself, shaking his head again when I rubbed my clit with another finger. “Don’t be naughty, Beauty. Leave your clit alone,” he admonished, and I realised that he wanted to kill me with frustration and make me desperate for his mouth on my aching pussy.

He watched me for a few seconds, pupils dilated, and I sighed in relief when he finally motioned and told me to stop, knowing what was coming. I didn’t have to wait long. He pulled my legs forward, spread them a little more, and lowered his head to my wet heat, diving in immediately with the eagerness of a man who was eating something he particularly enjoyed. I moaned loudly, my breath coming out in short gasps as he licked my vulva like a starving man, alternating between using his tongue to fuck my lips, licking my whole pussy, and sucking my clit. As always, when Mr. X ate me out, it didn’t take long for me to come hard into his mouth, legs trembling as I held his head to keep his mouth on me, grinding my squelching pussy into his face. There was such a heady feeling in fucking the face of such a powerful man; using him like that made me feel powerful, and he knew it.

When he resurfaced from my temporarily satisfied honeypot, he smirked at me, wiping at his face with some of the tissues on his desk. “You must have really needed that. It didn’t take long to get you over the edge.”

“That’s because you’re that good, Mr. X.” 

My eyes flicked to his crotch, where his dick was straining against his slacks. I knew it was not the usual plan, but I was hungry for his dick now, so I tried to cajole him into giving it to me. “That looks painful, Mr. X. Maybe we should let it out to come and play.”

He raised his brows, hand inching towards his hardness. He rubbed a hand over his erection.  “Should we?”

I licked my lips, hoping he would unzip his pants. “Please, Mr. X. I want to suck you so badly. I want you to use my throat for your pleasure.”

His pupils dilated more at my suggestion, and to my relief, he unzipped his pants and released his hard thick rod that was dripping precum.

I licked my lips hungrily, sliding off the table to take him in my hand but he shook his head.

“You only get to watch. Take out the toy and suck it, then slide it into your pussy. Imagine it is my dick fucking you.”

I pouted, even though his command released more wetness from my core. I wanted the real thing which was right in front of me, not a toy. But when he raised his eyebrows at my noncompliance, I took out the toy from my bag and with my eyes on him, sucked it before sliding back onto the desk. I slowly inserted the toy into my sloppy wet folds, moaning loudly at the sensation, eyes fluttering shut for a moment. When I opened them again, Mr. X was stroking his dick as he watched me, fisting his hands up and down his still-growing shaft. His breath was uneven, and the intense lust on his face compelled me to fuck myself harder, moving the toy back and forth as I moaned in pleasure. I still wanted his dick instead, wanted him to shove his thick rod into me from behind and fuck me like the starving man he was, so I begged indirectly as I fucked myself with the dildo, tempting him with dirty words. 

“Oh yes, fuck me hard, Mr. X. Use my pussy for your pleasure. Please, Mr. X., I’m so wet for you. I’m such a slut for your thick dick. Oh, yes, Mr. X. Please, fuck me harder. Make me your slut. Bend me over the desk and use my pussy hard.”

I knew it would work, and smirked when he growled and hurriedly put on a condom, took out the wet toy from my pussy before bending me roughly against the other side of the desk. I moaned loudly when he entered me in one swift thrust. It hurt so good.

“Is –” thrust “this–”  thrust “what you wanted?” he demanded as he fucked me so hard that the desk shook. 

“Ummm-” I was in fucking heaven, and my mind was too filled with his dick and how good it was making me feel, to be able to think coherently. I was whimpering and moaning and making noises that would have embarrassed me if I wasn’t completely shameless when it came to sex and pleasure.

He was also moaning, and I could tell that he would peak soon. After fucking me for a while, he reached in front to play with my clit as he continued to thrust into me. With his fingers playing with my clit as he thrust, it didn’t take long for me to come for the second time that evening, going temporarily blind with pleasure at the intensity of my orgasm. After a couple more thrusts, I felt him also coming with a loud groan. 

He went into his office bathroom to get rid of the condom and then brought a towel to clean me up. We straightened our clothes and relaxed for a while, drank some wine and chatted about general things for about twenty minutes. His assistant was long gone, and we were the only ones still on the floor. Everyone had gone home for the weekend. Mr. X had gone out to check.

Today had been different from our other encounters. Not that I was complaining – definitely not – but looking at the self-satisfied look on his face, I raised my brows. “You already planned to fuck me today, didn’t you?”

He smirked. “Yes, but I enjoyed the sound of you begging for my dick.”

I chuckled, “It was worth it.”

“I had to have you now because I have to attend an emergency work trip out of state. I won’t return until after a week, and I didn’t want to wait that long.”


I was disappointed because I had been looking forward to the next couple of days with him. As I said, he was one of my favourite temps.

“I hope you wouldn’t mind rescheduling the rest of our days until after I return,” he requested.

Already tingling with anticipation, I nodded. “Of course, we can do that. I will look forward to it.”

He gave me one of his sexy smiles. “Perfect. Now, take off the skirt and come over here. I have another two hours before I have to be at the airport. Any ideas on how I could pass the time?”

I ditched the skirt quickly, draping it over one of his visitor’s chairs. His words were making me wet again, and I was not tired after the earth-shattering orgasms I had just enjoyed. I was ready for more.

I took off my top as well, and walked to Mr. X naked, fondling my breasts and nipples as I sashayed over to him. 

“I have a few ideas,” I finally replied, straddling him before taking his lips in a deep kiss of dancing tongues. 

“Tell me,” he demanded roughly after I broke the kiss, his large hands moving up to fondle my heavy boobs, fingers tweaking my hardened nipples. 

“You’ve started well,” I answered breathlessly, moaning as he lowered his head to suckle my nipples.

I loved my job so much. I had a few days off to rest and relax after that encounter. Then it was back to the grind – or pleasure, in this case. 

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