Diary of a Sex Worker: Chapter 3 II

Part 2

I glanced at Evans, whose pants had tented even more. He took the hint and led the way to the bedroom. I kept my hands on Doris as we climbed up, enjoying her labored breathing. 

Their bedroom was beautiful and tastefully decorated, but I was too horny to care about anything except the queen-sized bed dominating the room.

I led Doris to the bed and kissed her again, leaning over her but letting her maintain her sitting position. Then I took off her robe and handed it to Evans, who went to sit on their bedroom settee to watch me fuck Doris. 

I turned to Doris and took her lips again. My hands found her naked breasts, fondling them while tweaking the nipples. She moaned into my mouth, kissing me back passionately. I reached down, rubbing her pussy through her panties. She pushed herself forward to give me better access, letting her head fall back in pleasure.

I moved down, opened her legs wider, and sucked her through the slip of black lace she was wearing. 

She moaned loudly when my lips touched her through the barrier, eyes fluttering in pleasure. I slowly pulled down her panties and admired her wet petals, not touching her yet. When I felt her hands slipping into my hair to push my face into her wetness, I grabbed her hands and pinned them on either side of her. She whined in frustration, making me chuckle.

“No touching, baby. And no rushing me.”

She bit her lip in that sexy way I was becoming used to and gazed at me through lidded eyes filled with desire that begged me to touch her. 

I leaned forward again and rubbed my nose on her pussy. I loved the smell of pussy so much, and her scent was intoxicating to me. Her legs were quivering in anticipation as I blew on her and then lightly touched my tongue from her glistening petals to her clit. Not enough to give her the kind of sensation she was looking for, but the right amount to build on the anticipation and cause more wetness to gush from her core. 

When I took my hands off and moved back, she let out a frustrated whimper.

I chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry, baby. I’m just taking off my dress. Touch yourself for me. Imagine my hands on you. Where do you want me to touch? How do you want me to do it? Do you want me to be gentle? Or fuck you hard?”

Spurned on by my dirty talk, I watched as Doris touched herself. She fondled her breasts, then still watching me, slid two fingers into her mouth to suck, then brought the fingers to her nipples, flicking them, before sneaking one hand down to rub herself. There was no hesitation as her fingers pleasured herself in quick movements, moaning in pleasure.

I smirked, delighted with her. This was no shy woman.

I shed my clothes quickly and approached the moaning woman on the bed, giving my wet pussy a few strokes to take some of the edge off. Then I moved over her, enjoying the hungry way she was staring at my body before taking her lips in a wet kiss that promised great sex. She kissed me back hungrily with the same intensity she had before, warring with my tongue. 

Her hands moved over my body, fondling my ass and squeezing firmly as we sucked each other’s faces.

I broke the kiss and moved down, taking her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it and sneaked my hand in between us to rub her wet slit. She moaned and lifted her hips to urge me on. 

When I felt fingers rubbing my folds and seeking entry without prompting from me, I knew for a fact that our “demure” Doris had been with a woman before. 

I moaned around the nipple in my mouth because damn, she knew what she was doing. She knew the right pressure to apply and just how to angle her fingers to increase my pleasure.

I moved my attention to her other nipple and slipped two fingers into her, fucking her in tandem with the sucking I was doing to her hardened nubs. I alternated between rubbing her labia and clit and fingering her, then added another finger. She was gyrating her hips to my ministrations while still fucking me with her fingers. Damn, I was so turned on. This was one hot woman. 

Our moans filled the room as I rubbed her clit with my thumb, my fingers still moving inside her while I tongued her nipple and sucked. 

“More, please. I want more,” she panted.

So I gave her more, fucking her harder with my fingers.

Just as I was about to pull away, she let out a strangled moan, quivering in an orgasm that I hadn’t seen coming. The fingers that had been working me over went still, and she gazed at me with hooded eyes. 

“Sit on my face. I want to taste you.”

I flashed her a grin and withdrew my fingers, positioning on the bed to climb over her. I held her still with my hands on the sides of her face before kissing her again. Kissing her was becoming addictive. The way she worked her tongue in my mouth was something short of sorcery. This was a woman who knew her stuff in bed. She was too horny to notice, but I had caught her husband’s shocked face a couple of times.

I abandoned my newfound form of pleasure and moved over her, positioning myself with my dripping pussy over her face while bracing myself on the headboard.

Again there was no hesitation as her tongue found my folds and she began to eat me out with abandon. Her tongue probed my folds and fucked me in long delicious strokes. I ground my heat into her face as I gyrated my hips lewdly, and her stifled moans mixed with mine as she licked and sucked hungrily, so eager to please. I closed my eyes and let the sensation wash over me, bringing one hand up to fondle my breasts to add to the wet mouth taking me into another dimension. 

When I finally came, it was loud, intense and long. Fuck, I had missed the pleasure of being with a woman.

I moved over to lay by her and catch my breath. When I felt pressure on me, I opened my eyes to see Doris sliding over me.

“You’re so hot,” she told me, her eyes roaming my body.

I smiled. “So are you. And damn, baby, you’ve got quite a mouth on you. You just sent me to another realm.”

She laughed. “So did you. I want more.”

My chuckle was swallowed by her kiss, letting me taste myself as her tongue explored my mouth. 

When we broke it off, I smiled at her. “There’s no rush. We have all night, and there’s so much more I want to do to you.”

She bit her lip. “Fuck, yes.”

When her stomach suddenly growled, I chuckled. “You haven’t eaten, have you?”

She groaned in embarrassment. “I was too anxious and horny to eat.”

I got off the bed and urged her up. “Come on, let’s go and feed you first. Then we can come back and continue.”

I leaned forward to whisper, “Maybe after I’m finished with you, Evans can push you against the wall and fuck you from behind. To punish you for being such a slut for pussy.”

Her glazed eyes and horny whimper told me what I wanted to know. It had been a test to gauge if her current sexual abandon was because I was a girl, but clearly, she wanted her husband’s dick too. So maybe she was bisexual or some other orientation that did like men too. But her enthusiasm for eating pussy and passion for me generally betrayed that this was not a straight woman.

The miscommunication between this couple was funny. He thought she would feel disrespected by his lewd desires. Meanwhile, Baby Girl craved the “disrespect.” How they had completely misread each other was beyond me.

Evans brought us robes to put on and kissed his wife. “That was so hot, Babe. You were so beautiful.”

I pulled on the robe and smiled as she kissed him too, giving him a taste of me with it.

“Did you enjoy yourself too?” Doris asked Evans.

He glanced down and gave a rueful smile. He was wearing just shorts now.

“I have never been this turned on. I came so hard.” We couldn’t help but laugh over that.

Evans then led the way downstairs to feed Doris. She would need the energy for the rest of the night.


Remembering Evans telling me that they hadn’t had sex anywhere else but in their bedroom, I decided to switch things up after our break. 

I didn’t say anything, just opened my robe and started to touch myself, using images of what we had done and what I still wanted to do to make myself wet. I didn’t even need those images because I was still horny, and looking at Doris and knowing what was under that loosely-tied robe was enough fodder to increase my desire.

When she saw what I was doing, she bit her lip and came over, abandoning her husband on the other couch. 

Again, her kiss was wet and scorching as soon as she planted her lips on mine. There was no gentle beginning. It was hot and sexual. 

When we broke it off, she stared at me with a hunger that went straight to my pussy, making me wetter. I was so ready for more.

“Are you ready for more?” I asked her needlessly. 

Her response was to take my nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue expertly around the dark areola while squeezing my breasts. 

I gave myself over to the pleasure, fingers moving in my snatch as she licked and sucked like she was still hungry and only my breasts could satisfy her.

I saw Evans in my peripheral pushing down his shorts again and stroking himself as he watched us. More liquid gushed out of me at the rush of being watched in sexual pleasure.

I was in a dilemma about what to do with Doris next. It had been too long since I had the toe-curling pleasure of rubbing my pussy and clit against another, and I was also eager to bend her over and fuck her hard with the new strap-on I had brought just for her. 

When I made up my mind, I gently pulled her away from my nipple. 

“I’m going to fuck you with my pussy,  Baby. But first, I want to taste you.”

I positioned her to lie on the sofa and knelt in front of her, and she widened her legs without me asking, eager to experience the magic that was my mouth.

I took my time, nibbling and kissing her slit without giving her too much of my tongue. I chuckled into her slick heat when she pushed my head down and ground herself on my mouth like she did earlier.

This time, I allowed it, and taking the hint, I ate her with relish, licking and sucking her labia, and then her clit. She was moaning and writhing, almost aggressively fucking my face. 

“Fuck yeah, damn, it feels so good,” she moaned, lost in pleasure. I was certain that she had forgotten all about her husband again. He was stroking himself as he watched us. 

I flicked my wet tongue rapidly on her clit. She let out a whimper which turned into broken gasps when I spread my tongue around her vulva, licking and sucking. 

I was enjoying eating her out, but I forced myself to stop because I didn’t want her to come just yet. I had other plans for her. She was shaved like I was, which will make what I wanted to do work much better.

Getting off my knees, I gave her a taste of her wetness and pulled off the robe hanging loosely on her. Then I kissed her again because I couldn’t help it. 

I broke off the kiss and scissored our legs together, rubbing myself against her slowly. The strangled sound she made at the first touch was music to my ears. Holding her legs in position, I rubbed back and forth and felt more liquid pool between us.

“You’re so wet,” I groaned, enjoying the intense sensation. 

Her answer was another strangled moan as she moved with me to rub our genitals together. 

Fuck, there was no feeling like this. I was in sexual bliss, and so was Doris if the loud noises she was making were any indication. 

I shifted to a better position and then proceeded to fuck my pussy harder against hers, grounding are sexes together in a quick and hard rhythm. 

At that point, Doris sounded delirious and lost to pleasure as she met my movements. 

“Right there, right there! Fuck me. Fuck! That feels so good.”

Her mouth was open in pleasure, and the loud strangled sounds she was making were going straight to my clit. The pleasure I felt was so much that I thought I would burst with it.

I felt the pressure building inside as we ground our wet heat against each other. I heard Doris scream and jerk against me continuously in an intense orgasm, but I was too lost in my own blinding peak of sexual heaven.

“Fuck. Fuck. That was too good,” Doris breathed after calming down.

I chuckled weakly, made boneless by my orgasm. “You could say that.”

She raised her head to look at her husband, who was cleaning up evidence of his cum. “Babe, could you get us some wine, please?”

“Sure, love,” he answered and left after pulling up his shorts again and taking his small towel with him.

“My husband booked you all night, right?” Doris asked after he left.

I looked at her and smirked. “Correct. Do you have anything else in mind?”

“Yes, but you’ve worn me out. I need a shower and a nap first.”

I chuckled. “We could shower together and then have that nap. When we wake up, you and the new strap-on I got you are going to get closely acquainted.”

She let out a groan. “Fuck, stop putting dirty images into my head. I’m exhausted.”

I chuckled, and since he wasn’t around, I couldn’t help asking. 

“So…why did your husband think you were demure and inexperienced?”

She groaned and covered her eyes. “I thought he wanted a conservative woman and I really wanted to marry that man. I had been crushing for years before he even noticed me.”

I huffed. “He thought you were shy. You should have seen the shock on his face when we started fucking.”

She made a sound between a groan and a laugh. “You have no idea how hungry I’ve been for some good sex. At least now he will know I’m up for it.”

I shook my head. The two of them were ridiculous. They had created a problem when there was no problem because they would not communicate. Well, my gain.

“Beauty?” Doris prodded to get my attention. 


“I know that wasn’t the original agreement, but would you mind if Evans joined us after the nap? We will top up, of course.”

I considered the offer.

“You could both fuck me in turns. You with your strap-on and him with his dick. I want him to join for my additional pleasure. And I think his poor dick would enjoy some action.”

I felt a tingling at watching her being fucked while awaiting my turn. “Sold!”

She grinned and bit her lip, turning as Evans rejoined us with big glasses of wine.

“Babe, we have an idea,” she told him when he handed over the glasses.

Watching them as she told him what she wanted, I was eager for the rest of the night. 

And as always, I couldn’t quite believe that I was getting paid to have so much pleasure.

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