I Fucked A Girl And I Loved It

I kissed a girl, and I liked it. 
Her lips were soft against mine, her tongue; probing, exploring, and licking away my defenses.
Shy at first, then getting deeper, hotter, and wetter.
I had thought of what it would feel like,
dreamt of sucking her tongue and making her moan.
But it was better, oh so much pleasure. 
I was breathless, winded, and mindless.
Damn, I was born to kiss a girl.

I touched a girl, and I liked it.
Her skin felt soft and smooth to my touch,
mirroring the sensations she was making me feel.
Filling my palms with her breasts and flicking my fingers against the pebbled nipples.
Her moans aroused me further, and I gasped when I felt her fingers probe my entrance. 
She knew where and how to touch, and more liquid seeped from my core.
She fucked me with her fingers, making sure my clit also got their moment. 
The sensations were wild, and my moans were so fucking loud.
Damn, I was born to be touched by a girl.

I licked a girl, and I loved it.
The glistening folds, the hard nub that called to me, inviting my tongue to flick and lick.
She tasted of desire, sweetness and pure, vaginal heaven.
Her moans egged me on, her hand on my head holding me in place and grinding her wet heat against my face. 
I loved being at her mercy, eating and slurping away like it was my last meal.
I enjoyed eating her out so much that I had no doubt that… 
Fuck, I was born to eat a girl.

I tribbed a girl and fuuuck, did I love it! 
I’d never felt anything so pure, so erotic or so pleasurable.
The touch of her wet pussy sliding against mine, and her clit rubbing my nub was a heavenly discovery.
My eyes rolled back in my head in pleasure and my legs were trembling in lust.
I felt myself getting wetter, and mumbling delirious words with no discernible meaning.
When the orgasm came, it was intense and long, and my angels sang in praises to my talented fucker.
Damn, fuck, there is not a single remaining doubt.
I was definitely born to trib a girl.

I fucked a girl and hell yeah, I loved it.
She kissed me senseless, 
touched me boldly, and licked me until I was fuckin breathless.
Then she tribbed me to the point of sexual madness,
where I could think only of her and the sensations she made me and my pussy feel.
Nothing remained in my mind but her, and pleasure.
Nothing else could compare or ever measure.
As I lay there boneless, sated and wasted, 
I stared at her naked body and felt a new stirring in my just satisfied pussy.
Oh yeah, I am queer as fuck,
and I was born to fuck a girl.

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