Sex tips for women who sleep with men…

I guess it is only fair after writing ‘Sex tips for men who sleep with women…’ that I follow it up with ‘Sex tips for women who sleep with men…’

In my previous post I said that the very way most of us have sex is more likely to result in pleasure for the male body rather than the female body. So, it stands to reason that if women want to have better sex then they need to take more control over the sex act(s). Ladies, I don’t know about you, but when I take control in bed I am always guaranteed a great time. After all, you know best what your body wants and needs. Right?

So here are my top tips for the ladies (as usual based on my personal preferences). Feel free to let me know what works for you:

1. Get to know your body intimately. Find out what turns you on. It’s okay to touch yourself. How else are you going to show him how to touch you?

2. Think about sex way before you know you are going to have sex. Thinking about good sex gets your mind ready. Your body will soon follow.

3. Let go of all hang ups. Be bold and tell your partner what you want him to do to you. He will appreciate the guidance.

4. Don’t forget the clitoris only exists to solely provide you with pleasure. Try and ensure your clitoris is stimulated during sex. That reminds me, has anyone figured out the clitoral alignment technique? I don’t think I have ever managed to suss that one out properly. It’s just ended up being me on top, which is cool too…

5. Don’t be scared to get down and dirty. I think good sex is always a bit nasty…

6. Never, ever, fake an orgasm. It is totally counter- productive. I think it is also detrimental to your fellow sisters. The man in question might over estimate his abilities to please the ladies and consequently never improve.

7. Do give honest feedback as you go along. ‘That feels good’, ‘Mmmm’. ‘Right there’…

8. Do not do anything you are not comfortable with.

9. Tell your partner what pleases you in bed.

10. Experiment within the boundaries of your comfort zone or maybe a tad out of your comfort zone. This really depends on how adventurous you are.

I could go on and on so I won’t. I am really interested to find out ‘What do you know now about sex that you wish you had known earlier’. ‘Bearing in mind that a lot of women have difficulty reaching orgasm, do you have a failsafe method that works?’ ‘What are your top tips for women who have sex with men?’

Nana Darkoa

5 comments On Sex tips for women who sleep with men…

  • Very instructive, as I have come to expect in the last couple of days. Where do we ask questions even if they are not directly related to a particular post?

  • ‘Nana Yaw, you can post your questions on any sexuality related subject right here. We shall do our best to respond to all special requests’

  • regarding the clitoral alignment technique (CAT) – the trick is to maintain pressure on the clitoris at all times. this is harder to do (as you pointed out) with the guy on top because he instinctively feels more used to an ‘in-out’ movement, rather than the ‘up-down’ movement required by the position. with the girl on top, it’s easier to control the movement and make sure that the clitoris is in contact with the base of the penis/pubic area. find a rhythm and stick with it.

    there are also great instructional videos/articles online. thank god for google!

  • Anon, thanks this is a great tip! I now think that I have been attempting to do the CAT without realising it…methinks you kinda do it instinctively when you are on top:) I shall be sure to check out some instructional videos though…

  • not sure if either of you have experimented with women but it would be interesting to see “sex tips for women who sleep with women” or chronicles (a la “share and share alike”) of such sex-capades.

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