Aww…Is that your dick? It’s so cute!!

We decided that since neither of us had encountered every penis on the planet (and who would want to?) it might be a good idea to do susu with our experiences and put them in one pot for all to share. Dicks are a lot like men: There are short ones, long ones, big ones small ones, uncircumcised ones, half circumcised ones…dicks that inspire “ahh’s!!” and some that elicit an unimpressed “oh.”

You get the drift.

I’ll share my experience from the other side of the size coin: My encounter with a small dick. I guess I should be clear with what I consider “small”, and for that matter, so should every other woman. Anything under 8-9 inches long is “small” to me. 8-9 inches is average. 9-10 is extraordinary. To be fair, the average size penis (depending on the continent, I believe) is about 6 inches long, but since the majority of men I’ve slept with are ‘long and strong, swinging past your knees’, I personally consider 6 inches to be under the bar.

So you can imagine my surprise when I stood naked face to face with this mountain of a man (I love big men) who had the tiniest dick I’d ever seen. It was so little it looked like a vagina. After weeks of built up anticipation, I let out a deep sigh and prepared myself for sex. Not a wild, passionate encounter; just a quick “get on, get it, get out.” I looked into his eyes and realized be probably felt very badly about being so small, so I gave him a sympathy kiss and we got to work.

Ladies, he was magic in bed. He made love to me ever so delicately, caressing my nipples, kissing my belly button, touching me every where. Unlike a lot of my compadres, I don’t like to be gone down on in the first encounter. I think that’s something to be shared with someone I know really well and am close to, so that’s a pleasure I prefer to delay till later. Tiny I understood that, I think.

When I signaled I was ready for him to do his thing, I gasped in surprise.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

Ha! No, not on your best day.

I shook my head “no”.

To my surprise, he had grown a whole 6 inches! It was like a weird botanical plant. Just add water and watch it grow. With this new presentation, I was willing to be more participatory and it was really, really great sex. Really.

A few years later, I read somewhere that a woman’s vaginal core only senses pleasure in the first 3 inches. Anything after that is pain. I guess I had my conceptions on size all wrong!

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  • lol….. this one dier a no go fi commemt kraah…

  • I guess that’s why sometimes less is more and small beautiful.

  • I personally enjoy best when the dick is between 7″-9″. But I can deal with 5-6″ if the guy is making it up in other ways. Anything smaller than that and I will have to lie to you to keep your spirits up, which won’t be that hard to do cos it’ll mean I must really really like you A LOT to be sleeping with you with such a small dick in the first place. And I have lied to a few guys cos I really liked them and wanted them to feel sufficient. After all, dick size is something you can’t change, just like your height, skin color, etc. So why make the guy feel bad about it?
    But now if he is arrogant and thinks he’s God’s gift to women (even with that 3″ dick!!) then I’d surely let him know there are 9’s out there and they are without the attitude problem.


    P.S. I am really enjoying your blog, as if it isn’t evident already!
    Another blog topic could be about what to do when the guy just can’t get it up, or can’t stay hard long enough. Have you ever been in a situation like that? What would you do if it was a close friend? Would you remain in the relationship with this guy?

  • Hmmm I have experienced one of those amazing “small boys” before.

    It was so good. I began hunting Mr Man over a year after the said incidents. In my mind he was the best I had ever had and as time passed all i could remember was how good he was.

    Well I recently hooked up with him again only to realzie how small he was? He was so small (ok ok maybe a 5) and he could hardly stay hard the entire time (well thats another story) But wow was he still great. Why? Cos of the passion, the skill and my desire.

    It just goes to show that really, for a lot of women, its all in the head.

  • I have a little 5″ baby dick. The key to sex for me is being good at oral. I had to become a master at it. At 6’7″, women assume I am hung to my knees. Then they see my little penis (about 2″ when soft), one girl just laughed and said she needed a real man and not a little boy. We had both drank a lot and the next morning when I woke up she had put a diaper on me when I passed out. I asked her wtf was up with that and she said she figured I probably still wet the bed. Girls can be so mean.

    • That is so mean 🙁 I’m sorry you’ve had these kind of experiences. I think we (for we read society) really need to change how we think about sex. For me sex is everything – the affection, oral, starts way before we get into bed and lasts long after we are out of bed. The penetration is really the least important thing to me although when everything is going right that can be pretty amazing too 🙂 I’ll take someone who gives amazing oral over a big dick and no oral any day. Hugs

  • Wtf…. Only 5-6% of guys have 7-9’inch penis. It’s damn hard to enjoy sex for them cuz of length it’ll break up n wild sex.
    It’s hard for them to stay hard… Need blood flood in penis for strength. The position they enjoy is missionary. It’s straight don’t have Curvs so forgot about gspot orgasm.
    Guys with average 5-6′ are best at sex can enjoy every position they can long last as well high libido. Girl can take whole penis and balls in mouth for deep throat. Also it’s girth which matters for high sensation not length.
    Many normal females expect average size for healthy sex life.

  • Don: White Chocolate

    I’m a White guy with 7″. I do give great oral.

  • Most women who complain about the size of dick are those who have tasted different men, those who have been with only man do not know thee difference.

  • Don: White Chocolate

    Kwunume__not many women out there who have been with only one guy.

  • Don: White Chocolate

    Super–It is interesting to know only 5-6% of men have 7″ to 9″. Where did you obtain that info?

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    I would really be offended if a woman described my manhood as cute. It’s not a little poodle.

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