The African Man: Hang like a Horse?

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So, I was hanging out at Aylos Bay, Akosombo, Ghana yesterday and saw this “art” outside the men’s room…I did hunt around in vain for one for the women but to no avail…

Isn’t the depiction of the African man “hang like a horse” a myth with almost, if not explicit, racist connotations?

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  • I believe most generalizations have some truth to them. Racist connotations? I don’t see it that way.

  • I think it only has racist connotations when black men are reduced to only having bid penises. They can then be presented as exoticised hyper-sexual beings. This I have a problem with. As for it being a myth, until we carry out a comprehensive scientific survey, I’ll continue to believe it lol!

  • I’m glad you brought that up. For one thing thats a serious myth, and black men need to find something else to brag about, and it does border on racism. Just as there are black men with big penises and others with infinitesimally small ones, there are also men of other races with the same. Until black men find something else to brag about, the rest of the world is going to view them only as horses with big dicks.

  • Shels, I didn’t know black men brag about their big penises.

  • I’ve always been slightly annoyed by the whole black man = large penis generalisation, especially when I know it to be false. But as I’ve gotten older the annoyance has kinna boiled over into outright rage. I also view it as racist. Why is it black people are exoticised (unless you’re female in which case you have the option to be a Mammy as well)? And what is worse we embrace and perpetuate these views. The ‘black man hung like a horse’ seems to make so many men feel secure as if that is the only thing a black man should be proud of, or is it instead that once they realise this goal (purely genetic and therefore not a product of their own hard work) they feel their work in life is done? KMT. Before I get a barrage of hate, I KNOW not all black men are like this but I think many are.

  • @Mike – Yes I agree one can say that generalisations tend to have an element of truth. However I do believe that these generalisations tend to be caricaturised beyond recognition.

    @Sankofa – Lol at you continuing to believe the big penis myth until proven otherwise. Why don’t you conduct your own “unscientific” study and let us know…you can even make it scientific 🙂

    @Shels, Hmmm….definitely with you on the myth

    @Kinkidi – Hopefully Shels will get back to you

    @Nsoromma – Yep, I think the most difficult part of limiting stereotypes is when people embrace and internalise it. That makes me incandescent with rage too

  • It’s absolutely not true that all black men are hung like a horse.

    I followed that myth when i couldnt find condoms that fit. i bought some condoms that apparently were large enough to fit a horse but it ripped to shreds in 3 seconds.

    some of us are hung like elephants… and we’re not so proud of it

    /joke end

  • @Faf – Ha ha ha…that’s a good one which i didn’t see coming (no pun intended or upon second thoughts…)

  • i luv dis , das rili an african man, das SEXY

  • I used to believe that rumor. However, one african guy had the smallest penis I’d ever seen. I’m talking kid size although he knew how to use it. Plus his eating skills were impeccable! Despite a small size he made me cum at the push of a button. My only gripe is I didn’t keep him around. Silly of me…

  • I once came across this cartoon of a missionary in Masai country in Kenya, looking at a naked masai tending his cattle and masturbating. He calls out, “Son, if you teach me how to grow a todger like that I’ll teach you all about the Lord.”
    The mean looking massive plungers used in porn usually are pumped up with penis pumps that inflate them with more blood than normal. There are some nasty big guys though, but they can be found among all races. How to use it is what matters. But, again this is one of them social myths that have caused several men to fall to the tricks of scammers promising big dicks from several concoctions. In secondary school a lot of guys took to chewing the roots of the flamboyant tree in hope of developing kaboom cocks. Nothing happened. Guys, forget about size. Learn to use what you have. And girls, stop making comments on the small ones. be minded only on whether the owner can use it. Only one way to find out.

  • The rumour of African men having huge penises has been around forever. I’m assuming there’s some truth in it, but what’s more true is that Africans are hypersexualised. Promiscuity and AIDS are rife in the continent, and it might be because Africans are over-sexed. Unfortunately, it’s just another trainwreck behaviour out of a continent that remains desperately poor and corrupt from top to bottom. If African men could keep their dicks in their pants, there wouldn’t be so much suffering.

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