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Whoopi Goldberg refers to hers as a Punany, six-year old Kate calls hers tata, Annie cheekily calls hers her va jay jay, Steve calls mine a Punkie and Dufie calls hers a pussy.

I don’t have a name for mine. Why? because I tend to only refer to it in a sexual context. Either I am telling someone to do something to it or with it…and in that instance I call it whatever they call it.

As an 18 year old College student watching the Vagina monologues, I was moved to tears. The stories of the liberated women in the vagina monologues were confrontational, reflective, challenging and beautiful. The only relationship I had with my virginal ____ (insert whatever you want to call it J ) was a tolerating one. After all, periods were no fun and as a tom boy I hated the monthly reminder that I was a girl. All women have a relationship with their vagina, and good or bad this relationship influences their attitudes towards sex, their sexuality, their self-image and even their self-esteem.

With mine, the relationship has improved greatly but the dear thing still doesn’t have a name. . Vagina is too clinical and yet none of the other words fit. They are either too derogatory, remind me too much of porn movies or are just silly *Ahem Woman flower*. What do you call yours? And how do you relate to it? Are you friends? Enemies? or flat mates?

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  • Miss Kitty Kat,

    Thank you for this post. It is interesting to think about the different names people give their vaginas. My sister for e.g. calls hers “coochie bam bam”. I haven’t actually thought of what I call mine. If I need to make a reference during sex for e.g. I will be more explicit, I do not want you touching any random place so i will say something like “touch my clit”.

    In terms of how I relate to my vagina? This question reminds me of a comment i once heard, ” you take it everywhere with you, you do not leave it at home” so if i am taking it everywhere then it is my best friend:)

  • Hi Nana thanks for the comment!
    LOL as I see it more as “Can’t live with it, Can’t live without it” .

    I love “coochie Bam bam” its so fun hehehehe.

    As Ms Money Penny said.. the more you love your body (and its little bits) the more you are confident in bed.

  • Well, I call mine my velvet triangle… Or love chalice …. It is a bit silly though….lol

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