To Vibrate or not to Vibrate: The merits of Mechanical versus Manual Stimulation

Shane asked on a post some weeks ago if I could write a post on the merits of Mechanical versus Manual Stimulation so here goes…

For me pleasurable sex is all about my clit. Seriously, you cannot go wrong by paying a little (or a lot of) attention to my clitoris; however you can definitely go wrong when you head straight for the clit as part of foreplay (which really for me is main play. The reason is I prefer for my clit to be touched when I am wet is… a dry pussy/clit and manual stimulation does not go well at all! I really like it when (after I have been sufficiently aroused) my clit is rubbed to the point of orgasm and in this type of scenario I prefer my lover to use his fingers. Somehow, it is more intimate.

However, bringing some mechanical stimulation (a vibrator…sorry Pen Powder) into the bed definitely adds a little extra va va voom. For one, it guarantees an orgasm when you are having sex in a position where your clit is not easily stimulated. I am thinking here of the proverbial doggy style. So your lover is f***king you from behind and when you are ready to come you just hold the ears of the Rabbit against your clit. Trust me this is a great result for both of you. He gets to feel you orgasm whilst he is still inside you (all the tremors, shaking, etc) and you have a great orgasm.

Before I acquired my first vibrator I would touch myself with just my finger when masturbating but after I discovered Mr V (which is what I call my vibrator), nine times out of ten I just use Mr V. What I have realised is that Mr V guarantees an orgasm but sometimes it is just too quick, whereas if you are using your finger somehow the process is longer and so the pleasure also lasts longer.

On the other hand there are times when Mr V is just not available and so I re-discover the joys of manual stimulation…trips abroad and being horny in the workplace are just two of the scenarios that come to mind. I have never been able to travel with my vibrator, I just have a fear that a customs officer will manually search my luggage and say “Now what do we have here?”

What are your thoughts on manual versus mechanical stimulation?

Nana Darkoa

7 comments On To Vibrate or not to Vibrate: The merits of Mechanical versus Manual Stimulation

  • At work? lol Where do you go to relieve yourself?

    I don’t know too much about the mechanical, so I’ll just have to keep quiet in that area.

  • Uhm, I shall have to reserve my comment. I know that is exactly what you do not want, but let others speak!

  • Manual has just never ever worked for me. I don’t think I like myself enough. Consequently, I just acquired my first Rabbit but I haven’t used it yet. I got it from this great store that also gives you a free gift. It’s a tiny bullet vibrator (you may want to look into that for travel and work purposes. Very discrete) that does wonders esp if you are a clit person. There are just too many perks that I won’t even describe here, including controlling time to climax. It’s called the “screaming o” and let’s just say it had me screaming o 🙂

    Also, thanks for the rabbit-in-doggy-style tip. Any other vibe tips? I’m new at this…

  • @lovelylind – surely I am not the only one who occasionally gets horny in the workplace 🙂

    @PenPowder – there doesn’t seem to be that many comments forthcoming on this blog so you may just go ahead and comment 🙂

    @anon – Wow!I shall definitely be looking out for the screaming o. Seriously, that’s one heck of a recommendation! More vibe tips to follow in future…so what do you mean by “you don’t like yourself enough”?

    Nana Darkoa

  • @Nana: i think masturbating involves some amount of one’s “liking” oneself, being comfortable enough with your body to turn yourself on? I’m not sure really but I know that I’m not 100% comfortable with my body and I always felt weird the few times I tried to masturbate. Until I found the screaming o of course 😉

  • @Anon – thanks for the response. I appreciate you sharing. I had never thought of masturbation from that angle – that you need to like yourself enough to self-pleasure. Maybe it can work in the opposite fashion too, that you will grow to like yourself more when you realise how much pleasure you can give yourself


  • i like to sit on the sea-saw and enjoy the swing!

    trust me, the ‘vibration’ is sweet!!!

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