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We walk into “The Love Shack” and we’re welcomed by a be-tattoed “biker looking” woman who wants to know if there is anything in particular we’re looking for. I am with my co-contributor on this blog (we have also decided to do a double post on our sex toy shopping experience). I am not looking for anything in particular, I just want to see what else there is in the sex toy world. I ask if she stocks the Screaming O which a reader of this blog recommends; she’s out of stock but shows me the leaflet. I realise that the Screaming O is actually the name of a range of sex toys. According to our sales assistant/manager/owner she and her hubby love the Screaming O. Drat; I wish it was in stock.

We’re the only women in the shop. Abena points out to me a huge black man who heads straight for the Gay Porn section. Hmmm, one really should not stereotype. A skinny white man is also in the film section. There is nothing in the vibrator section which grabs my interest. At this point in time I am thinking “Do you really need more than one vibrator”. Ohmigod! I see the hugest longest vibrator ever; it must be like 20 inches, what does one do with a thing that huge. I also see a purple double vibrator, I don’t think that’s the technical name but the vibrator is designed to go into two people together. Oh yes, and I spot the pleasure beads that Chrysalis commented about…

We want to go to the film section now but somehow I feel uncomfortable with huge black guy and skinny white man being there…we linger a bit longer in the vibrator section but it doesn’t look like the men will be leaving anytime soon so we just walk over. None of the films look appealing at all! One film cover is of a woman with a penis in every possible crevice and cum all over her face. Eugh!

I decide I do not like the environment and so we leave. I want an environment that’s more friendly to women. The typical Ann Summers shop is much nicer, I had also heard some time ago about Sh, a sex shop in London which is for women only. From what I had heard, men can only visit the shop if they are accompanied by a woman. There is a solution though and a day later we trek to the home of a Pure Romance saleswoman. In anticipation of our visit she has arranged on her living table an assortment of vibrators, massage oils, edible creams and books. Ah, this is more like it, definitely a friendlier environment. I have issues with some of the stuff she tries to sell me, such as the lubricant that keeps on re-moisturising so you never get dry. Apparently it’s very popular with women. I’m sorry; if I am dry then you need to work harder!

Now I know I said what’s the point of having two vibrators but I end up buying a vibrator. Now this vibrator is really unique. There is a protrusion at one end which is supposed to stimulate your G spot and a concave dip on the opposite side which is for clitoral stimulation. Even better, the range is being discontinued so the vibrator is a bargain at $10 a pop. I buy two.

Nana Darkoa

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  • You forgot to mention that tattoo chick and her man broke her screaming O on the first night, and she was very comfortable with the use of the word “balls”. Ha!

  • Sounds like you ladies had quite a trip. I’m the screaming o recommender and I don’t think I specified that I tried the vibrating bullet. It’s teeny and discreet which is an advantage for work and the like. Downside: it doesn’t last very long (the website says 40mins) and I haven’t yet tried to change the batteries (tiny watch batteries). I don’t know if I’ll bother…moved on to bigger things ;-D

  • Okay I’ve been inspired to join the toy revolution (and let the digits rest). I just purchased a vibrator called the ‘butterfly kiss’ online and it should be delivered in about 8 days. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on the ‘outcome’ 🙂 It was on sale at in case anyone else is interested. Question for all the vibrator pros: do I need lube or will natural lubrication suffice? Also how loud are these vibrators (I would assume there’s a fair amount of whirring from the vibrations)?

  • @Abena – You know you are so much better at recall than I am :)How the hell does one break a Screaming O but of course we do not know which type it was.

    @Anon 1 – See, we took your recommendation seriously…I shall definitely keep searching for the Screaming O range. A 40 minute life span? Glad you have moved on…

    @Anon 2 – Yay!!!!In response to your question it depends how aroused you are…I think the butterly is a clitoral vibrator in which case my recommendation is to hold the Butterfly’s wings against your clit. In terms of the loudness of the vibrator, just turn up your radio…Can’t wait for your feedback!

    Nana Darkoa

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