‘The Perfect Night’ by Guest Contributor Grace

I had been toying with the idea of inviting Mudiwa on one of my many business trips but I was so scared. The fear emanated from a deep sense of knowing that I wanted him so badly but was not sure whether it would be a worthwhile risk or one of those “damn I wasted my time and it gets awkward” kind of moments. So one day as we were doing our usual back and forth chatting I asked him to come through so we could travel together – I did not expect a quick yes because I was half through my trip and its was quite some distance – but he said yes! Now I was REALLY freaked out but thrilled at the very many possibilities. I could not wait but must admit I was a bundle of butterflies in my tummy.


I got to my hotel, soon to be ours, checked in and waited for what seemed like ages. Mudiwa arrived shortly after dinner and he freshened up and had his dinner. Meanwhile I was lying on the bed and we did loads of catching up about how his trip had been. Seemed his trip had been adventurous and he did enjoy it, which I thought was good as adventure has a way of stimulating endorphins. Well with the catching up, eating and all preliminaries out of the way, it was time for us to lie down and begin what I would treasure as one of the best nights ever in my life. Mudiwa came to lie down beside me and he asked me to come lie in his arms. He knew I was sacred but he was just so good at calming me down. For about an hour, he did nothing but massage me, caress me and without a word he reassured me that he cared and would wait if he had to because he was in no rush at all to go anywhere, be it in my pants, to sleep or whatever my adrenalin filled body anticipated. Oh it felt soooooo damn good. It was like being high on a drug, which I had never encountered in my life. Mudiwa was not much of a talker, he just used his hands, feet and lips to caress my body into a zone I never knew existed before this night. Kind of reminded me of Mr. Bean and his talent of being able to get you in stiches without a word, this however was not funny, it was very, very arousing. I just couldn’t take it any longer, I wanted him and from that hardness that pushed into my bum, I knew it was game time. Oh what happened to the fear? What fear? I had been in in his arms facing away from him so I turned to look at him. His eyes lingered as he looked at me with eyes full of desire and yet you could see love, passion and patience in them. Awwwwwww that was such a turn on. He whispered’ “you are beautiful sweetheart”, he pulled me closer and kissed me slowly and ever so gently, I swear there were a million stars somewhere in that room or was it just the passion? I knew from that kiss, this night was going to be filled with something I would hold dear and treasure for a long while.


Mudiwa kissed me in a way I loved; he was gentle, slow and rhythmic – not too much tongue or saliva. Meanwhile his hands massaged my neck, my tummy, my back, face and he just worked me all over. I kissed him back with equal passion, zeal and was lost in this world where only we mattered and existed. It was a perfect world. A world where two people made love with so much passion, with hearts so filled with love and sexual organs throbbing with desire. It felt beautiful. He peeled off my clothes, one clothing item at a time and when I was all nude, he stood to his feet, his eyes still fixed on me, peeled off his own clothes, rolled on the condom and returned to me from my feet up to my face. You know the gait of a lion as it stealthily moves towards its prey, yes right there only this was not about lion and prey, it was about me and an amazing lover who was clearly desirous of delivering heaven to earth! I was weak with desire, as his penis lingered around my extremely wet vagina, I held his butt and lifted my waist to feel his hardness slide into me…oh my it felt divine. My body felt like it had some electrical current that had suddenly been introduced to it through many points. We grunted, gyrated, stopped, thrusted, caressed, kissed and eventually he let out a loud whisper of my name as my thighs felt my own wetness as I held him to climax…what a moment. We held each other as we sought to normalize our breath and find our way back to earth. My vagina still throbbed and I knew, this night was just beginning…we were just too good together; it felt so right, so good and goddamn pleasurable.



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