My Thoughts on “The Perfect Picture”?

So many people have wanted to know my thoughts on the Ghanaian movie “The Perfect Picture”. 

I finally watched the movie last night in the company of my dear parents and will shortly share my thoughts with you all.

Are there any questions/issues you would like me to address in my post on “The Perfect Picture”?

Let me know…

8 comments On My Thoughts on “The Perfect Picture”?

  • Too many swear words?
    Fake-ish sex scene?

  • 1. Many have complained about “fake accents” in the movie.
    2. The sex scenes. Mild? Hot?

    Could you give your assessment?

  • I think they got it wrong right from the beginning. The names of the cast dont march the faces shown on the screen.

  • The fact that for once in a long LONG while the Ghanaian community has had to look at what can be very serious sexual issues for couples, married or not. So I guess I mean addressing taboos

  • From beginning to end i thought the whole movie was crap,and i couldn’t for the life of me figure out what issues/taboos shirley wanted to address in the movie. young couples with sexual problems? Fair enough. But how do people in that situation resolve it? The resolution offered in the movie was disgusting. They went for counseling and talked to some dude, but i didn’t see them try to implement what they talked about in counseling at home (or mebbe i missed it). THEN everything was resolved by way of a booty call website (because the way jackie appiah described it in the movie, the whole purpose of signing on was not even to ‘online date 0 it was to booty call) yeah perfect! Not to mention the whole getting your friend in bed with your husband or whatever. how realistic, hah! perhaps the onlr realistice arc in this whole thing is adjetey and naa ashorkor’s story. I was highly disappointed, especially after having LOVED life and living it, and hearing all the hype this movie generated. And who goes about waving guns in people’s faces as if it is everyday life? the dialogue was killing – do people still say “take a hike”?! perhaps i missed the whole point of the movie, but between the beginning of that movie, and the end, my mood changed from highly expectant to disgruntled and angry with myself for wasting the hours of my life that i spent on it. I still get worked up when i think of it. (ok my rant is over now).

  • ps – the acting was good, and so was the directon, that much is true. but crap storylines are no match for the acting and directing, no matter how stellar they are.

  • Although not as good as ‘Life and Living It’ imho, I really enjoyed this film. Although, as Darian said, some aspects were a tad unrealistic, I applaud the fact that serious sexual issues were still addressed. I will gladly support any African film that is not full of Locally Acquired Foreign Accents (LAFA) and an insistence on disastrous wardrobe fashion coordinations. Also I thought the music choice and cinematography was very well done.

  • @All – Its so useful to get all the comments. Thanks for being (as always)generous with your feedback. Full post coming up shortly

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