Traditional African Seduction Tips

I am very interested to learn more about traditional methods of seduction. A friend from Benin shared with me some sex tips from her mother.

Mother: Put your husband’s head on your breast like this. Then rub his ears very gently like this. When he gets erect let him get on top. Wait until he is close to climax then you get on top. Afterwards there is nothing your husband won’t do for you.

According to my friend, periodically, her mum would try this method on her dad and for days afterwards daddy would follow mummy around the house, eager to do her bidding.

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  • HAHAHA te phrase “Put your husband’s head on your breast like this.” killed me….. But hmmmmmmmmmm!! everything after that… *brings out notebook to jot this down*

  • That is hilarious, but also vaguely nauseating just because did it not freak her out to know her mummy’s skills in bed was the reason daddy was so compliant! Lol!

    But pray tell, I need some traditional tips to play out on the traditional brothers…

  • I’m currently in Uganda and had a tip from a Ugandan Auntie. On her wedding day her Aunties were advising her about sex. They told her that you have to keep a clean ironed cloth for your husband’s penis. Before you have sex you should clean the penis thoroughly, after sex you should soak the cloth in cold water and use it to clean the penis. The cold water will make the penis ready to go again!

  • Power of a woman. Woman fire!!!!!!!! lol

    @ Nana, does the cold water work. Try it out and let me know how true it is. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasee!

  • Wow ladies – all very enlightening! I look forward to hearing what works! 🙂

    Holli in Ghana

  • Ah Edward paa, as for dis one, i don’t understand you koraa. Nana who does not have a penis should try the technique when u have one in ur pants? Ei, where will Nana find this willing penis? And why don’t u try it and let us know if it works?

  • Seriously ladies, The Benin mom’s tips really work. The power women have!
    Too bad some of them use that power only when the relationship is new.

    I’m not sure about the cold cloth. Just cleaning it off helps a little. (must be the direct fresh air)

  • @Maameous – Lol, you took the words out of my mind and did so brillantly!

    @ Edward – Hehhehehe, please do your personal research and get back to us, or you can let us know what works for you

    @She Says – I know, it killed me too. I was also thinking I can’t imagine having that conversation with my mother, although we have generally gotten better at talking about sex or rather we skirt around sex less gingerly now

    @Nsoromma – Pray also tell what your traditional skills are or when you discover the ones that work

    @Holli – Me too! Me too! What works for you in your experience?

    @Mike – True, I do think that both women and men tend to make more of an effort in bed when the relationship is new. Hmm, how to keep the fire burning? It’s been written about so much though, hasn’t it?

  • Nana, I think cooking a good meal (or a favorite meal) for your man has forever been touted as the most basic of traditional seduction methods…Its like Lesson 1 at Marriage Counselling 101: Food as an aphrodisiac! …lol…I exaggerate.. But it certainly works for a lot of guys!

  • @Anthony – The way to a man’s heart is through his…hmmm, nowadays a lot of us find cooking too much hard work.

    @All – Does anyone know any traditional African seduction tips aimed at women’s pleasure? All the ones I have come across seem to have men as the beneficiaries.

  • Talking dirty. It works on women. With some physical follow-thru. carressing etc.
    But that in itself is a fine art so guys, dont let words just fly outta your mouth.

  • @Mike – Thanks for the tip. I used to be too shy to talk during sex, let alone talk dirty but nowadays…

  • i have to try the cold water thing… really love that idea..coz i usually go 40mins to an hr for ma 1st round n usually take a long time to b up again for the second

  • Nana I come from a south African township. . There’s no talking or teaching a young woman how to satisfy her man in bed. Like how to move, which muscles to squeeze etc. I’ve heard that in North Africa such practices are openly spoken about. Can you give a sister tip o technique

  • most time when a woman get married she stops putting those sexy dress that attracted you to her. her dressing is one thing that can put of a man when it comes to sex.

  • in East Africa satisfying a woman is key in Uganda and Rwanda there is a practice called kachabali or kunyaza

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