My First Time: by Jessica Ibhulu

Ok d first girl i ever did was my ex boyfriends cousin….. She used to come to his house a lot to keep me company wenever I was at his place….. So there was dis period he installed a Jacuzzi, So after d guyz who brought it left, d both of us started strugglin for who’ll use it first, this girl is hot, very slim, tiny waist, big boobs n hips that r just right, I wasn’t really into her, matter of fact I wasn’t even into girls….. So in the end we ended up in d jacuzzi together. somhow we started talkin bout sex, then she asked if I’d ever been with a girl b4  and I’m like eeeewww havent tot of it so she goes like its no biggie, everyone has tried it sometime some continue and some stop and she’d like to show me some ways a girl can touch a gurl that a guy cant…..all this time we were talkin i started gettin turned on cause she kept rubbin on me with her feet, so we step out, dry up and go to ma bf’s room…..bent to apply some cream to my feet she came up from behind me and grabbed me i was so shocked i just stood there, Next thng shez leaning close to me…. Feelin ma boobs Then she turns me around, kisses me, I swear that’s wat got me….she pushed me on the bed and I’m layin on ma back and she starts by kissin my feet Then slowly licked me all d way up When she got to my thighs it was like she was breathing on em n kissing at d same time Then she started sucking my clit Like really suckin it hard then slow then fast Then she slid a finger in, I swear I thot I was gonna run mad Then she slid another finger in Suckin n fingerin at d same time The she turned me over, and she pushed my butt up n put her head under n continued suckin my clit When I was gonna cum she stopped, den I started beggin Dis time wen she started she did it so good I exploded in her face, Then she licked me clean n I was horny again…..Newaiz it was my turn so I started by kissin her Then I started suckin her boobs, fondlin dem at d same time, that was a huge turn on 4 her as she started screamin fuck me baby, I’m ur bitch So I spread her legs wider n buried my head in her pussy n started lickin her clit, gosh It was hot n d way I was suckin her she just kept shudderin n screamin fuck me baby So I put 2 fingers in at once n started fingerin her Suckin at d same time of course, I didn’t even knw wen she came d first time, I was jus drinkin up her cum her juice tasted good, at dat point I jus wanted her to keep cumin cos I wanted to kip tasting her juice newaiz I turned her over n started suckin her pussy from d back Using 3 fingers to massage her pussy, Her clit was so swollen This time around she started screamin she was comin, n wen she did, we jus lay there lookin into each others eyes smiling.

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