On Sugar Daddies, Beauty and Growing Older

One of my friends totally cracked me up a few minutes ago. We have a pre-birthday dinner date arranged (I’ll be turning 33 in a few days time) and I texted him to re-schedule because another friend has decided to treat me to an overnight stay in a resort outside Accra. So of course he jumps to assumptions and sends me this text back:

“Hmmm. Weekend in x sounds like a Sugar Daddy to me…”

My response:

“Hahahaha. It’s not a Sugar Daddy kraa. I don’t have one o…”

His response:

“ Every beautiful young lady deserves at least one Sugar Daddy to run circles around. Soon it will no longer be an option, so enjoy before you are forced to, just like I had to make the transition from Toy Boy to Sugar Daddy”

I burst out in peals of laughter when I read this message and send him a slightly cheeky one back saying, “I almost wish you weren’t out of my Sugar Daddy options”…

BUT I think my friend whom I shall nickname ‘Sugar Daddy’ has a couple of interesting points. The deeper meaning I decode from his text includes:

  • Enjoy your youth and beauty – its ephemeral
  • You should have someone who jumps to your attention just because…what my sister calls a ‘Jump’. For those who are wondering, a ‘Jump’ is the kind of guy who when you say ‘Jump’, will only ask ‘How High?’ In an aside – it is easy for people to mock men who are ‘Jumps’ but in my ‘dotage’ I have come to appreciate ‘Jumps’. ‘Jumps’ are generally kind considerate people who love you or have a deep abiding fondness for you, and will go out of their way to prioritise your happiness. If I do ‘settle’ (a word I hate) with anyone, a ‘Jump’ will be a definite possibility.
  • The ‘harsh’ reality of growing older – people will no longer consider you as attractive as they once thought…your options get limited. You might have to do the thing you dread the most and ‘settle’.

BUT you know what I just thought:

F*ck em! I’m gonna be the hottest 33 year old, 43 year old and 53 year old around. I will still be pulling men and women of my choice in my dotage.

Your thoughts? Does every beautiful young lady need a Sugar Daddy?

4 comments On On Sugar Daddies, Beauty and Growing Older

  • You’re too old for a sugar daddy relationship. Sugar-daddyism is built around a simple equation: f(x)=(money, sex, low commitment). And also your intense penetrating intelligence combined with your penchant for independence makes you an unattractive sugar baby, although you could be a second “wife”, aka kept woman. 🙂

  • Oh but I can do the money, sex and low commitment 🙂 Eish, I like the sound of “intense penetrating intelligence”…thank you, thank you. Second wife or kept woman? Nah, that won’t suit me 🙂

  • nope i think ur tooooo old to be a sugar daughter…. men would rather go for 23-26 yr old students for that…. fortunately for me im within the age bracket unfortunately for me im outa the student leauge and working…. sugar daddies need u at their beck and call….

  • @Jessica – Lol! In truth I would rather be a Sugar Mummy…or maybe not 🙂

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