The Sexuality Interview with Ms Choclit

I am hoping to do a series of these interviews with diverse African women. If you are interested in answering these questions (I might switch up the questions to keep the interviews interesting) please send me an email via adventuresfrom[at] . It will be great if you could give me a brief ‘sex’ bio so I can decide how best to structure the interview. Let me know your thoughts on the interview in the comments box.

NS: What does sexuality mean to you?

Ms. Choclit: Sexuality is the full expression of my vagina! My sexuality is all about pussy power.

NS: How would you define your sexual orientation?

Ms. Choclit: Oriented to have fun! Hehe. I would identify as bisexual.

NS: When did you first become aware of your sexuality?

Ms. Choclit: Hmm. As in my first sexual experience, yea? Well that would be around age 6 or 7. I let a boy about my age finger me in our bathroom. It was exciting and funny. My mom caught us though. Not fun. She put akakadruo in my vaginal area K

NS: What kind of challenges do you experience where your sexuality is concerned?

Ms. Choclit: Hmm. I would like to ask more of my partners about their sexual histories. It is something so critical and important, but hard to bring up. It seems like there is never a “right time” to ask. I guess there is this perception that it ruins the mood. Actually, I think I also have this perception that they will lie to me anyway. People never want to be seen as “promiscuous” –whatever that means.

NS: Tell us about your most memorable sexual experience?

Ms. Choclit: Oooh. I am a huge fan of cunnilingus. For my 19th birthday, my boyfriend at the time invited me up to his college. We pretty much spent the entire weekend in his room, where he gave me head 19 times! I was a bit sore afterwards, but it was sooo worth it.

NS: If you feel able to, tell us about your worst sexual experience?

Ms. Choclit: Ugh! My first time. I was never the type of girl that needed to wait till I was in a committed relationship to lose my virginity. I didn’t have a particular age that I wanted to be de-flowered. I always said I would do it when I was ready. In fact, I always imagined that the first time would be more about me just doing it and getting it over with. I knew it would be painful. I wasn’t expecting it to be good. It almost did not matter who the guy was lol. But in hindsight, I really wish I could have chosen a more sensitive partner. This guy was someone I had been talking to for some time and he was so eager to be the first to “tap that”. He was impatient with me though. It hurt like a fatherfucker, but he was just determined to get off. We almost didn’t go through with it.

We ended up fucking on a cold hard floor in his friend’s house. It was so uncomfortable.

NS: How many sexual partners have you had?

Ms. Choclit: 8

NS: Do you consistently practice ‘safer’ sex?

Ms. Choclit: Yes. I have had sex without a condom twice with a committed partner. And each time I was scared as hell and paranoid about it afterwards lol.

NS: Do you orgasm regularly?

Ms. Choclit: Not enough!

NS: What type of orgasms do you have? (Vaginal, clitoral, anal etc)

Ms. Choclit: Most of my orgasms have actually come from cunnilingus. I came close to a vaginal orgasm once! :p

NS: What’s your sexual fantasy?

Ms. Choclit: Female orgy! *pow chicka pow pow*

NS: What’s your sexual nightmare?

Ms. Choclit: Condom breaks!

NS: Do you feel free to express your sexuality?

Ms. Choclit: These days, yes. There is something about Ghana’s heat that makes me just wanna get naked and dirty. Hehe.

Also, most of my friends are pretty open about their sexuality and sexual experiences, so it helps. I can share particular experiences, desires or fantasies with them.

NS: If not, what would it take to experience sexual freedom?

Ms. Choclit: I would like to fuck more womyn. Wish I were bolder L. But I think that is something that will come with time, maturity and experience.

NS: Can you share your top sexual tip with us?

Ms. Choclit: Ask for what you want. You won’t be sorry for it.

Be yourself, but don’t be afraid to try new things.

Get tested!

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