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Sitting across from him now in our conference room, I couldn’t believe that just a year ago this specimen only existed in my mind. This tall, hot glass of dark, frothy chocolate milk topped with sweet chocolate syrup had only been a faceless image to cum to every other day.

Now he was a reality. Tall. Dark. And thick in all the right places (YES… I said that. ALL THE RIGHT PLACES!). That of course, goes without saying that I had seen ALL of it. The whole length of him, and I loved every inch.

Now you may think I’ve tasted and swallowed and even been blessed to have it hitting all the right places and inner walls of me? No. Not just yet. All I did was walk in on him by accident on one of our company trips while he was changing for a swim. And oh did he love me watching!

You see he loved to tease with his mere proximity. And I loved the smoldering gaze which was enough to transform a small ember into a blazing fire beneath my skirt. He knew just what that did to me just as I knew what my hands merely brushing against his arm could do to his member.

It didn’t help matters much that we were colleagues professionally and saw each other most times during the week. Maybe that was the reason for which we had held back for so long, among others.

One other reason was his age. He was 5 years younger than I. And for a 32-year old high-level management woman like me, I wasn’t exactly expected to mingle with “kids” let alone fap to one.

But hey, I got needs as well and right before me was a slice of heaven whose very essence I couldn’t wait to have all over my tongue and lips… dripping.

But the anticipation was even more erotic than actually digging deep into each other. Licking and sucking all the right places, stroking to the point of release, or thrusting deep into the sweet waters of abandon. For now the anticipation was just fine.

The MD’s brusque question at him snapped me out of my naughty reverie and got me looking right into those chestnut-brown eyes. It was as though he had been reading my mind and it was evident from the almost-invisible smile tugging at the corner of those full, supple, African lips.

Lord help me stay sane and dry during this meeting, I prayed. Any more of these stares and I could explode right here!

Our management meeting ended less than half an hour later thankfully, and I made a beeline for the ladies room to clean up. How is it even possible to get this worked up from just a look?! Either he was born with this charm or he actually did have some special “juju” charm from his part-Nigerian roots laced in those eyes!

With those thoughts running through my mind, causing me to shake my head partly in disbelief and partly to clear my head, I slammed right into his chest outside the bathroom. His strong arms caught me before I could topple backwards and pulled me in further for a hug of sorts.

“Sorry madam…” he let out in a whisper against my ear. He was teasing again.

“Madam?” I whispered back and couldn’t help but giggle slightly at his silliness. I looked up and there it was; the look and smile which always turned me into a puddle.

I pushed away slowly at that moment and right on time too just as another colleague of ours walked by.

Nothing was said for what seemed like an eternity. We just stood and he just kept looking at me. I could feel his eyes tracing their way down the length of my face, then to my neck, and then further down to the slightly plunging neckline of my blouse.

At that point, he swallowed ever so slightly and brought his gaze back to my eyes. What I saw in them scared me and thrilled me at the same time. He wanted me there and then and it didn’t matter who saw us. Somehow I got the feeling he liked the idea of voyeurism and that image was more than my panties could take. I was wet all over again. I was weak all over. But I was not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

I drew closer and whispered, “…maybe you should attend to little Femi. Looks like your pants need some straightening, if you catch my drift”, and with that begun walking past him to my office with a smile of satisfaction at what I could do to him. He caught my arm right before I could leave, drew so close that I could feel his warm breath at the nape of my neck, and grunted out, “Be sure you don’t work too late today. And if you do, remember to lock the door”.

With that he walked away to the bathroom, leaving me breathless…

I walked on as steadily as I could to my office and allowed myself to breathe again once I was safe inside. What the hell just happened?? And what gave him the right to warn me about anything??

Am I allowed to work late today as I had already planned, without it seeming like I am waiting for whatever he meant by his words? That thought certainly wasn’t very welcoming because I hated to look desperate or easy. But on the other hand, I was too intrigued by his words to not indulge a “what if I don’t lock my door?” thought.

The meeting had taken up a significant chunk of my time already. There were deadlines I had to meet and I couldn’t afford to close early and rush off like a coward. He’s just bluffing, I thought.

I set to work and lost track of time until I realized the lights in the hallway had been dimmed; meaning everyone else had left.

Curiously, I got up to check if he had left as well without even saying goodbye as he usually did, and met his office door slightly ajar with the lights still on. He must have stepped out in a rush because there was no one there, not even the Marketing Lead with whom he shared the unit.

Not sure whether to feel disappointed or relieved, I turned to my office to call security to lock up his office. Getting closer, I realized something wasn’t quite right. I was sure I had left both side lamps on but now only one illuminated the office. I approached cautiously, pushing the door slowly inwards to survey the room. There was nothing amiss.

Still jittery, I stepped in fully, shut the door behind me, put on the second lamp and quickly reached for my cell phone to call Seidu the night guard.

*Click*. In the process of dialing the first digit, I heard my door being locked behind me, followed by his voice. “I told you to lock your door… I told you… ”…

(Watch out for Part two) 

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