Updates and some recent ‘Adventures’ publicity…

The lovely Fiona Leonard published an interview with me here today!

Oh and I got some lovely PR in Arise magazine thanks to the talented Nana Kofi Acquah

And I have sooooo many things I want to blog on but haven’t had the time…I’ll give you a teaser…the relationship with the new boyfriend ended but it was sooo good while it lasted!

I promise to blog soon!

P.S: I need all the women who have been promising to send me a guest contribution to do so. I have a guest contribution from Corey that I am refusing to post until I have had some more voices by women reflected on Adventures

10 comments On Updates and some recent ‘Adventures’ publicity…

  • I saw you in Arise magazine! Congrats!

  • C’mon, ended? already? the leopard couldn’t change her spots? just as long as you keep on blogging…

  • No, speaking out of total ignorance, throwing out a hypothetical…

    Just a regime change that may not have worn as well as one might have hoped…

  • Nana please makes the time and blog-oh! The voyeuristic side of me wants a peek – even if virtual – into what happened. I also like the positive reflection despite the end of the relationship. It’s only in my more recent past that I have learnt to let go, look back, be happy for what was and even happier still that I could clear my mind to look forward to what is still yet to come. I was too busy struggling (internally that is) with the letting go part. 😀 Nice publicity with the articles!

  • @eccentricyoruba – Yay that you saw the magazine. I have only seen the online version so far but fingers crossed I’ll get my hands on a copy soon.

    @Miss A – Lol! I understand the voyeur in you so I will indulge. Plus I think its only fair that if I excitedly blogged about the relationship then I should blog about where we are now 🙂

  • I love this blog!! When I found It I made it a point of duty to read every blog ever posted and didn’t regret doing that!keep up the good work cos you are helping african women put a voice to their thoughts….

  • @larae-Comments like yours keep me blogging. Thank you so much for the feedback which gave me a nice warm feeling inside 🙂

  • Twas my pleasure. If I’d known that I could make it to the Huffington Post writing about sex I’d have done it long ago!

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