What ‘impact’ if any has this website had on your sexual life

Abena and I are answering some questions about this blog for an interview and I would like to share some of the questions with you in the hope that you will be willing to provide some answers. In the past I have had people email me to say how grateful they are for the website, it enables them to hold difficult discussions with their husbands, partners, etc…so it is in that vein that I’m posing the questions below:


  1. Do you think that websites like yours puts sexuality in the spotlight? Does this make it easier for African women to address or embrace their sexuality more
  2. Do you think that addressing sexuality frankly on your site empowers women? Any testimonies or examples?


We’ll be grateful to hear your thoughts…


11 comments On What ‘impact’ if any has this website had on your sexual life

  • Not much, but I’ve met, mostly virtually, lots of interesting folks…

  • @Kofi – Ermmm, you do realise you’re not our target audience don’t you 🙂 Heheheh…just teasing, its still helpful to have your comment

  • Errmm, why not? Why aren’t I part of your target audience? Reading about women’s sexuality may help me enhance the sexual experience of my partner… Okay, okay, okay, I know I’m taking up valuable space. 😛

  • How has reading this blog had an impact on my sex life. Well, each time my partner says she can’t do this or that, I say I read it on Adventures, and then she goes, okay….

    [Just kidding, wish life was that simple]

  • yes to 1 and 2….im barely one eyed writing so this for now…it does usually make me helluva horny after reading too…trying to get back on d celibacy tracks…great blog Nana

  • @Kofi A – 🙂 You are one of my fav commenters…you challenge my thinking

    @Anney – Hahahaah. Thank you. Out of curiosity, why are you trying to get back on the celibacy track?

  • and, ND, this is a top-flight Ghana site, congratulations, Nana and Abena….

  • @Kofi A – Thank you. We want to be more of a ‘top-flight’ African site though…but yes, the Ghanaian voices dominate. I guess because Abena and I are both Ghanaians. My African women sisters from countries outside of Ghana, I really need your contributions

  • So I’m a Ghana chauvinist… sue me! 🙂

  • Nana i put d ‘horny’ to good use and reignited the flame with my old shag buddy.the sex was good but not as great as when i first ‘contracted’ him..lol..so now im definitely gettin on the celibacy wagon…’virtual orgasms ain’t everythin’ ..says d gal gettin some..

  • I am newcomer to your site from balmy Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and i have to tell you that I love it. Yes to question one, yes to question two and I think you do more than just “talk about sexuality”. You talk about life. I find your blog therapeutic, frankly, and wish I had half your courage to blog about this aspect of life myself. Honesty and candor are always, always refreshing to my soul. Keep writing, sister.

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