BBM hook ups with some ‘girl on girl’ action…

I know I said a while ago that I do not do hook ups, but hey, I reserve the right to do special favours for friends 🙂

A few days ago, one of my women friends outside Ghana contacted me via BBM:

TG: Nana, I need you to hook me up with a nice Ghana girl. I’m serious. Hook me up. I can’t do it here.

Nana : Hahahaha

I couldn’t help but laugh because when we last saw each other about a year ago, we started talking about ‘Adventures’, which lead to conversations about sexual practices, and she was one of those women who described herself as ‘strictly dickly’. What on earth had accounted for this change?

TG: I’m done with men. They are trifling!!!

Nana: Wow. Okay then 🙂

TG: Not butch, lipstick, ladylike… I think I’d be the dominating one

Nana: Hahaha. I’ll see what I can do…

I had to think for a while and scroll through my BBM contacts. No one came to mind immediately. I know a few women who have had sexual relations with both women and men, but there wasn’t anyone who immediately fit TG’s description.

“Aha. Someone comes to mind now.”

Nana: Do you have any girl on girl fantasies?

GG: Hmmm. To some degree but not often. Now that I am free and single again the thought has crossed my mind. Why?

Nana: Cos a friend of mine in x has asked me to introduce her to a fly girl in Ghana via BBM 🙂

GG: Is she cute? But thanks for putting me in the fly category x

Nana: She’s very cute!

GG: Okay. Intro

Nana: OK…I will pass your pin to her

GG: 🙂 Whole new world

So I did the BB hook up and a few hours later, TG and GG sent me their BBM convos, saying they are happy for me to share via Adventures…

Enjoy! And maybe there will be part 1 and part 2…


TG: Hey beautiful 🙂
GG: Hi you, how are you?
TG: I am okay. Chilling, have the day off work. What you up to?
GG: I’m cool just hanging out. Waiting to find out what I’m doing later
TG: I think I’ll party tonight too. In fact already on my first drink.
GG: Look at you
TG: Hennessy!!!

TT: LOL I am a soldier! What’s your drink of choice?
GG: I am a total lightweight
GG: Hmmm. Appleton rum. Or if I’m feeling sophisticated a chilled glass of champagne with a succulent strawberry
TG: That’s what’s up! Oh yeah, I can do champagne…
GG:  Who can’t 🙂
TG: My BFF hates champagne
GG: Really hmmm. So are you coming to Ghana or you just wanted to make a friend?
TG: Can I do both? 🙂
TG:  I kid…. Ghana I’d love to come. Have never been..

GG:  Lol. Snap for x
TG: I want to make a friend. Told Nana, Boys are giving me headache 🙂

GG: 🙂 your wish is granted. Snap there too
TG:  So I told her to introduce me to a beautiful lady I can flirt with…
TG: And voila!!
GG: Lol. Well I’m glad I was selected
GG: I’ve played with the idea of being intimate with a woman but haven’t gone there
GG: Yet
GG: So I have no picture
GG: Describe yourself to me
TG: Me neither
GG: What do you think a woman could for you that a man is not satisfying?
TG: And I know girl on girl action turns me on
GG: Hmmm. Just talking to u about the possibility is turning me on
TG: Hehehhe me too
TG: I’m not even comparing them
GG: Wise
TG: I think for me, I know how I like to be touched, kissed etc … And only a woman would ‘get it’
TG: Don’t know if that makes sense? Soft skin, sensual touch…etc etc
GG For me I’m still working it out and I think a woman would have the patience to explore with me
GG: Yeah I get it
GG: You have a sensuous mouth I think I would enjoy kissing you
TG See, that has turned me on!
TT: And this feels different from chatting to a man about sex
GG: It would be cool if you were here. It’s a hot lazy afternoon and we’d just talk and share thoughts, fantasies
TG: I know! I’d take you out for a nice meal.  Get you some champagne. Make you feel beautiful and sexy
GG: Mmhmmm
TG: I’m smiling
GG: I’m wet
GG: And
GG: Smiling
TG: Then we go to nice little hotel… Pin you against the wall with your back to me
TG: Kissing you gently on the neck
TG: My hands up your skirt…
GG: Sounds very good
TG: touching you gently
TG: … I need to stop! I’ve got company
GG: I’m breathing heavier already
GG: Ahhhh
TG: Hahahha and they are wondering why I’m smiling at my phone
TG: Hehehehe … Touch your clit
GG: You can’t do this to me
GG: I have company too;)
GG: But definitely later tonight I will
TG: Rub your clit with my fingers, softly, then faster, feeling you get wet



The End.


For now…


Unless I get part 2 or 3…


Your thoughts?

12 comments On BBM hook ups with some ‘girl on girl’ action…

  • This is really hot. Even as a man reading this i can imagine how these women were feeling.

  • Awesome! I wish I had friends that could hook me up with nice girls too.

  • wow. you’re so resourceful. and the convo would make a great intro to a book of short stories.

  • @Nana K – Hahaha. You could? Okay ooo…

    @eccentricyoruba – What can I say? Sometimes I’m a ‘good’ friend. Or a ‘bad’ friend…depending on how you want to look at it…

    @damidwif – Bless! Thank you…and yes it would wouldn’t it. Next year, I’m taking 3 months off to write…I’m still debating what I should write about. Maybe I should just do ‘Adventures: The Book’. What say you @Abena?

  • HOT!!!!!!! Definitely part two and possibly three…if you do get them. Girl on girl action is so hot!! Yeah and i hope the lesbian anthology you got was good.

  • wow wow wow!!!! what do you mean “the end”? Get those ladies bbm’ing pronto, you can’t leave a brother hanging like that, that’s just wrong man.

  • Eiiii!!! My poor virgin eyes!!!

    Meanwhile, I shall be waiting so the exciting comclusion!

  • Nana,
    See why I say u shd start a dating classifieds section?
    This has me smiling in traffic. And I’m sure the other drivers on the street are wondering what I’m grinning so much about.
    Love love it. Part 2 better come soon

  • Hi Nana te he heee

    I see you put it up! Oh lawd!

    Its TG here 🙂 … I’m glad you enjoyed the convo. When I was chatting to GG, it got me hot too… All wet and al.


  • It definitely brightened up my day only problem is i want TG to hurry up and come to Gh see how we are face to face…face to chest…face to belly button…face to…you get my drift 🙂

  • Wow. This is def a good way to use new technology 🙂 Commenting also on your comment: Glad to hear you will write, Nana. “Adventures: The Book” would be great, I’d also like to read a fiction novel about a woman like you traveling the world/returning to West Africa…Best of luck and hope to read it soon!

  • @Kajsa – Thanks hun…and I hear you on the book request 🙂 Yep, the first book will definitely be “Adventures: The Book” or a fictional novel about a woman who is uncannily like me…

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