Exercise: I’m Loving It

And exercise seems to be loving me back!

Women across the continent are getting more involved in fitness routines than ever before. Many cultures in Africa put a premium on women with fuller figures, sometimes going as far as to force feed young girls to the point of vomiting, or isolating brides to be in “fattening huts/houses”. Many believe these practices to be primitive, and I haven’t polled any men in modern African men in order to judge what their preferences are for this century…not that I particularly care. As Nana once said to me many years ago, a woman must be in control of the pursuit of her own pleasure. I believe this encompasses body image as well.

Like many women, I have ‘struggled’ with my weight. I have gone from an American size 8 to a 12, eventually ballooning up to an 16/18 and then back down to a 12 and am currently holding steady at a tight size 16 (which if I am honest, is an 18). I have now decided that I would be comfortable at a 10, and despite midnight binges on Cadbury’s Fruit n’ Nut, am taking strides during my daylight hours to reach that goal. I’ve begun walking and weight lifting and so far have lost 9 lbs!

And while this has been good for my waist line, it has equally been phenomenal for what’s underneath my waist. My libido has soared at least 115%. Ever since I’ve started working out, it’s like I can’t get enough sex. The roles in the bedroom have been reversed as well. Whereas before I suffered through the dreaded ‘poke’ in my back, I am the one poking my husband. (I don’t have a penis, so my fist serves as a substitute.) It’s been a boon for my husband and I all around. I get trimmer thighs and he gets more time between them. I am happy to report that I am no longer “too fat to fuck, or even give one.”

So ladies, has this been your experience, or am I an anomaly? Do you feel raunchier when you’ve been working out, or is your sex drive about the same regardless? Since men tend to have/make more time to work out than women, I wonder if this is the reason they are always raring to go? Hmmmm….

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  • Hahahaha. Love it! I find that I get hornier when I work out – and I work out 3/4 times a week so imagine how frustrating that is for someone who is in a sexual drought. Sigh. On another note, I’m flattered that things I say sometimes resonate with you…even to the point of you remembering and quoting them. Thank you BFFFL 🙂

  • Oh me, when I say I tross you, I mean it! Your words are very impacting. And you’re welcome BFFFL!

    Okay folks, move along! There’s nothing to see here. Just two friends showing love to each other.

  • As a guy who exercises a fair amount – about five or six days a week – I find that exercise takes the edge off… doesn’t neuter me, but keeps it all in control. But the feeling of being fit is just sexy all the time.

  • To be honest I don’t work out enough. But if I did a bit more, I know I’d feel raunchier. I would lose the excess weight and would feel much more confident in bed. At the moment I’m more of a ‘lights-off-please’ kinda woman, which is a shame because my husband loves me just as I am, excess weight and all. I do think a guy who works out quite a lot is a turn on though.

  • @all – The benefits are clear all the way around. To the elliptical machine my friends!

  • I LOVE working out – at my craziest, i was in the gym 5 or 6 days a week. Although it did increase my libido and flexibility (thanks to yoga and pilates), i found out i was too tired to f*ck (To borrow and amend Abena’s phrase). My bf at that time made a note about it to me and at the time i disagreed. In retrospect, he was absolutely right…after work + gym, all i wanted to do was eat and sleep.

    Anyway – moral of the story, don’t over do it ladies and gents – we still need to be able to enjoy the fruits our labour!

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