Kiss Me, Love Me…

Last week my bestie (not #BFFFL) and I bought these rings on Long Street in Cape Town. She picked her ring initially and showed it to me. My instinctive response was to say, ‘Oh no that is so emotionally needy‘, but really what does my choice say about me?

One of the weird things about the shops on Long Street was that they had bars in front of their doors so the shop owners/sales assistants would need to buzz you in. At least this shop we went to made their entrance a little cute.



2 comments On Kiss Me, Love Me…

  • “be mine” ?? no way. To me love/relationships isn’t about ownership. “don’t break my heart” that is super needy. Maybe they should make, “I’m healing my heart now” ring. “Real love” “Kiss me”—->>> all cute.

  • @Your Name – You’re so right. Love/relationships shouldn’t be about ownership but for a lot of people it is, isn’t it?

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