By Billy Hani

Fingering is often viewed as ‘less than’ in terms of penetrative sex. Due to heterosexual norms, ‘penetrative sex’ is only seen to be valid when it involves a penis. Otherwise, it is simply considered as ‘women masturbating’ or a part of foreplay ‘before the main thing – aka a penis.’

Queer women are often insulted for engaging in and enjoying fingering, as one of the ways that they have sex. In Kenya, statements such as ‘sasa msichana mrembo kama wewe unakubali kufanywa na vidole’ (loosely translates to: why does a pretty girl like you allow yourself to be ‘just’ fingered)’. Often times, the insult/question/insinuation comes with an unsolicited offer of dick as a way of ‘curing’ lesbianism, or offering ‘more pleasure’ by assuming fingering does not give as much pleasure as penile sex. (But the orgasm gap between queer woman and heterosexual women shows otherwise).

For a lot of lesbians and other queer folk, fingering is an earth-shattering, leg-shaking and mind-blowing way to have sex. So, this one is for the girlies and the enbies, how do you like it? How many do you like?

SHEETWISE 1 (a); (b)

SHEETWISE 2 (a); (b); ( c ); (d)


© BillyHanni

Ooops! I am just realizing that I forgot to shoot for Sheetwise 4, Sticky 5 and Fisting. Apologies for that oversight on my end.

Go Ye and enjoy some Finger Fuck’n!!

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