How to eat dick: The ‘open-to-trying’ guy

Ah. So here’s the guy you’ve got: he’s up for trying anything. Seems self explanatory right? I don’t think you understand. Your man will try anything! He is willing to explore with you. Congratulations! All those fantasies you have, you can act them out. Just remember that the operative word is ‘try’. If he doesn’t want to or like it, there is no need to push the issue. You’ll only drive him into mouth of someone else.

For this guy, allow your hands to roam all over his body prior to fellatio. If he has any areas that are sensitive, make sure you visit those too; the ‘V’ leading to his trousers (if he doesn’t have a visible one, you want to start from his crotch and fan outwards. Where the V ends under his belly button is the area you should concentrate on.) Don’t neglect the soft skin on his inner thighs.

You can pretty much try anything; cupping his balls while you tease him way before your mouth goes anywhere near his shaft and head, licking along the raphe – that seam of skin that runs on the underside of his penis and balls – and licking or suckling on his perineum – the skin between his dick and arsehole.

You can also try stroking the perineum or pushing into it with a thumb while you suck on his dick. This is the area under his male G-spot (the location of his prostate. More on this next week) so it should feel really good. Give it a few test tries before you get down to the act though, so that you know beforehand how much/little pressure he likes in this area or if he likes it at all. That way, you will not disrupt the flow of good feelings you’re both getting. If he likes it, try applying some pressure on this. Watch for the balls as usual. When they start to rise up, you may tap or push into this area to help his orgasm explode. Maybe try using some music to heek a steady rhythm.

You might also want to suckle on his balls, but be careful. They are not breasts and even those are sensitive. The thin layer of skin holding them means they can be fragile. Gentle suck first one, then if you can manage it, the other into your mouth. Swirl your saliva around it, rinse and repeat. Blow on it afterwards. Run your nails lightly (LIGHTLY) along his flanks, down his inner thighs, culminating around his shaft.

Don’t be afraid to hold on to his hips while you eat him. Such a show of strength can only be a turn on – showing him you want him and are not afraid to eat him up. Try lightly tapping his bottom as well. It might not do anything physically, but the sound of skin slapping skin…well, there’s a reason men do it to us and it’s not because it feels nice!

Enjoy your meal.



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  • hmm interesting. i’m going to try the thing with the skin between the dick and the asshole… among others. 🙂
    waiting anxiously for 2morrow’s post. my newest addiction.

  • Oh my, this is not for men haters like me oo. lol

  • Love the ending. I’m hungry already. Don’t think i’ll have many problems holding onto the hips with a show of strength. LOL.

  • When I was younger, I used to have an interest in women’s magazines. That’s how I wound up reading the sex tips for women that were often in the magazines. The experts used to tell of how the place that was most sensitive to pleasure on a man’s penis, was the triangle of skin where the sheath attaches to the head. THAT is what was therefore seen as the equivalent to a man’s ‘g-spot.’ At some later point in time I seemed to notice a change; the same magazines were now referring to some place between a man’s anus and his scrotum and saying that THIS was his most erogenous zone. I thought the ‘mix-up’ was an error at first, but up to this day the sexperts are still praising the perinium and saying nothing about the other place. Now, if you ask me, I think it’s quite shocking that a man is said to feel sexier when he is stimulated somewhere near the anus! I have never been a recipient of such, so i don’t know how it actually feels to have it rubbed by someone else! Like I said, maybe I am only imagining that there was a ‘change’ in what the magazines said. Perhaps I am mistaken, and the same perinium has always been known as a man’s pleasure zone. Perhaps it was just that one time that I read about the other spot, and for some reason nowadays they always leave it out. I think an experiment is due! That triangle of skin, to me seems like a great candidate for male ‘g-spot’. don’t take my word for it! Try it! …And tapping on the perinium sounds a bit freaky to me. I just hope that someone isn’t trying to turn us onto anal!

  • @Zeebu, I guess you are not a “open-to-trying” kind of guy. Besides you will never know what floats your boat until you try it. Yes, even anal.

  • Don: White Chocolate

    This is me. Never neglect the balls or ass.

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