A reply to, ‘What I want you to do to me’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

Wolverine sent me her response to my post of yesterday, ‘What I want you to do to me’, and I thought, what a great idea. How about we make this a bit of a thing. Think about what you want your partner/lover to do to you, write it down and send to Adventures. What say you all? Are you in? Love, Nana Darkoa

The colour of your skin varies ,
Its the soft caramel of your face, neck, breasts, thighs,  buttocks,  legs and tummy ,
I run my palms all over it ,
Smooth and rich.
The dark chocolate nipples ,
Currently have my focus.
I rub them with my thumb,
Tease them with the tip of my tongue
And they harden up like twin mountain peaks.
I hear you gasp and I go lower.
Past  your sunken belly button,
Lower again,
I linger across the zebra welts along your hips and thighs,
I feel you quiver.
Lower I go,
Right to where you want me ,
Past the tiny bristles of ebony pubic hair
I arrive at your centre……
I ask you now,

What do you want me to do to you?


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