Guest Contributor Dzifa: Review of Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+ by Give Lube

For those of us that engage in regular masturbation, toy playing and sexual intercourse, it is no secret the most important part in achieving the best orgasm is: lubrication, lubrication, lubrication! The use of a good lube can be the difference between great sex and uncomfortable sex for a lot of women as it not only enhances the feels ‘down there’ (for both men and women), but also provides the needed wetness that many women are not able to produce themselves.

Let’s be honest, statistics show that it takes the average woman about 17 minutes of sustained foreplay to produce enough lubrication to really enjoy any form of sexual activity, but the reality of the situation is many of us just don’t have 17 minutes to make that happen.

And this is where a good lube comes in.

It is no secret amongst my friends that I enjoy a good session of self-pleasure. My rabbit (vibrator) and I have such a strong bond that a number of boyfriends have requested I throw the thing away. So when I was approached to test out some lubricants and write a review, I jumped at the chance. I currently own 4 different kinds, so if I didn’t know a good lube when I felt it, who would?

The Give Lube lubetubes are the first two products from the Gloucester-based company, Give Lube, run by real life partners, Emma and Nigel. What’s interesting about this couple is their interest in creating products that support their philosophy of giving “the ultimate pleasure to your partners” by receiving the pleasure you give – all with the help of a little good lubrication.

For me, I find that the best way to test any lubrication (or new toy, for that matter) is to begin from a state of absolute non-arousal (or in other words, just not be in the mood at all). And that is where this review begins:

Give Lube’s Premium Aqua Gel

This is a paraben-free, glycerin-free lube that has aloe vera and panthenol added to it to protect your nether regions. As a water based lubricant, Premium Aqua Gel is great for use with condoms and sex toys. When I first used it, I was using my fingers to stimulate my clitoris and it did a fantastic job of keeping me moist and not drying out (which is a major problem with most other water based lubricants). It also proved to be good for use with my vibrator due to its natural consistency. I really loved this product because it provided all the natural ‘slickness’ and sustained moisture without the usual stickiness and strange chemical or perfumed smells you sometimes get with lubricants.

Give Lube’s Silicone+

Give Lube’s Silicone+ is a lubricant that has been created based on the proven formula of the original silicone lube inventors in Germany. Made from a blend of three high quality pharmaceutical grade silicones, Give Lube promises a great glide quality – and they didn’t disappoint! Silicone+ provided wonderful, long-lasting lubrication when I tried it out with my vibrator. Plus, I’d read somewhere that the best way to re-moisten when you’re using a silicone based lube is to just apply a little saliva to the existing lube and it’ll bring it back (as opposed to just adding more, which is what you need to do with water-based lubes). I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked.

All in all, I really enjoyed the use of GiveLube’s lubtubes. Not only do they come in convenient sizes (I love the fact that the mini size fits wonderfully in the zip pocket of my handbag), but they also are refreshingly scent-free and have a good feel, leaving no stains or stickiness behind after use. Definitely a two thumbs up in my book.


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