Adventures on NPR’s “Tell Me More” Radio Program

tell me moreThis week Nana and I were invited to join Michel Martin, host of NPR’s Tell Me More for a follow up discussion on the blog and where it stands today. Our friend (and I use this word in the Facebook sense, meaning we’re ‘cyber acquainted’ but have never met and wouldn’t know each other of we passed one another in a frantic dash for the public restroom) Freddie Boswell arranged the interview in continuation of the BBC Focus on Africa article she penned on the blog a few years back.

The conversation was timed to coincide with President Barack Obama’s visit to Africa this week, and while our segment dealt primarily with the issues of African women’s sex, sexuality and how this affects our lives, the entire show will cover international news, views and how we collide culturally. It will air at 11 am EST on Friday, June 28 on NPR member stations (WCLK in Atlanta). That transcript and podcast will be available online at

First, I have to say that Michel is one of the most affable hosts I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Nana has done more media than I have, so she can attest that whenever there is an exchange about Adventures, there are certain mundane topics that are always covered and particular questions that must be answered. The most obvious one is “why did you start this blog?” As a result, some of our answers can become canned, and even sound rehearsed. Ms. Martin kept the conversation fresh and engaging, in my view. We covered as many items as nine minutes would allow, from sex and politics, to sex and pleasure, to sex and religion, sex and the married/single woman, and of course, the question of homosexual sex in Africa which I understand Mr. Obama sparred with his Senegalese counterpart over today.

In closing, Michel asked where we thought the conversation on Adventures might lead us in five years, if we might venture to speculate. I usually like to leave the last work to Nana, because my BFFFL is SO smart and I’m the court jester, but she had just finished answering a question in detail and probably needed a water break. At least that’s what I sensed 8,000 miles away from the closet studio I was sitting in in downtown Atlanta. Both asked me to answer the question.

“Well… I hope that in 5 years we will be having more intelligent conversations about sex – particularly around the issue of homosexual or lesbian sex in Africa. One of the most frustrating things for me is seeing politicians use this behavior for political gain, saying things like God has cursed Africa because of its homosexual populations. That’s not true. Africa is failing because we have crappy leaders. Hopefully, Adventures will be able to blaze a trail in leading up to that discussion.”

At least that’s what I hope I said. I was talking a mile a minute.

Anyways, do tune in for the podcast and let us know your thoughts on twitter @adventurefrom or here in the comments section…or in the forum. Let us not neglect our forum!

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  • Wow that is quite a mouthful you said with that last answer. I can’t imaging how difficult it was to try and adequately cover such a complex issue in 9 minutes. That’s why I stick to what I’m good at, science and medicine. I leave the sexy media presentations to people like you and Nana!

    Strong work ladies! I’m rooting for you!

  • Hahahaha @Nmo, sexy media presentations huh?

    @Abena Malaka this is a brillant summary of the interview, and why we did it…yes o, if anyone asks me why we started the blog again I am going to SCREAM. I have been asked that question 1 million and ten times, and all I want to say is that if you go to the very first blog post you will see the reason…so thank you for handling that question. FYI in any joint interviews please answer that question cos mabr3 🙂 BFFFL, you’re so good for my ego, at least I know one person thinks I smart. *Smooches*

  • Well done Nana and Malaka, sounds like a fresh, engaging interview. I’ll make sure to tune in!

  • Loved your final answer. The funny thing that stuck with me was your closet studio. I had this picure of you in a closet, trying not to pick up any external sounds, while your little ones search for you. Just cracked me up.

  • Loved hearing you ladies on tell me more. Michelle is one of my favorite interviewers and I was pleasantly surprised to hear you on the program.

  • HAHAHAA! Ine, fortunately I was in an actual studio with a mic and everything. No little ones within a 30 mile radius. 🙂

    Nana, Michel is amazing. I could see us hanging out for tea or burgers. You have a great nose for sniffing our good interviewers!

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