MY BOOK IS HERE! ‘Physically, Yours’ by Nnenna

Hello fellow Adventurers!

Ah, Summer: Sunshine, laughter, barbecues and holiday romances. What’s this you say? Why, it’s only my very first romance book in a bright, sunshiny yellow  bang on for the joyous butterflies of summer love – or for ever after, if that is your bag.

That’s right people, ‘Physically, Yours’ is available to purchase. YAY!! (This is NOT my erotica from Erotic Review books which is coming at the end of summer).

It is available as an ebook and as a paperback on Amazon. Clicking on either image will transport you to the appropriate site where you can make like a Nollywood voice-over and GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

Physically, Yours KindlePhysically, Yours CS


Now unfortunately, I have some issues with offering up my title for free as I promised.  Long story short, I did not want to grant Amazon exclusivity  so that my loyal readers, you guys, will be able to read the ebook on other devices. This means that I cannot offer the book for free as previously planned since I cannot reduce the price below Amazon’s threshold and they get really antsy about their costs.

However, the good news is I found a way around this! You can go directly here to my eStore, enter this code 8PQ4UJ3L and hey-presto, you get 15% off the paperback.  The electronic version is a mere $3/£2 so that’s not dear either. The discount only works with my estore so don’t try to enter it on Amazon because it won’t work!

Please leave a review on Amazon and let me know what you think. Thank you so much.

I’ll be back for the last two chapters of Abby and Greg on Saturday. Be there or be very square. Meanwhile, here is a blurb for the book:


“I don’t hate people. I just have an allergic reaction to stupidity.”

Anata has the perfect life; a job she loves as a personal trainer, a body that just won’t quit and an almost-realised dream to own Nigeria’s first women-only gym which will propel her out of her small town and into the bright lights of the capital, Abuja. Her unimpressed mother keeps breathing marriage fumes down her only child’s neck but Anata is unmoved – the men around are all duds.

That is until she meets banker, Afam.

Tall, handsome and besuited, he seems as unperturbed by her sharp tongue as he is unaware of his chiselled good-looks. Anata decides she must have him!

Their passions ignite under a flirtatious friendship, but Anata is all too aware of her own departure and the shadow of his very reluctant ex, Linda, looming over them. Will she feel the burn of rejection or fight to win him body and soul?


I grew quite close to these characters as I wrote them and I hope that you will grow to love them as I have.

14 comments On MY BOOK IS HERE! ‘Physically, Yours’ by Nnenna

  • Can’t wait to read this. And for all those who have been waiting for the return of Nnenna Marcia, you can see why she has been away 🙂

  • Woop woop! I’m looking forward to my paper copy 🙂

    • Well, get it girl! I read yours now! (Hey,I saw pictures of your book launch. Lots of people!)

      • The book launch was excellent. I still need to blog about it. Even had a twitter follower drop in, which was nice! I’m looking forward to the GH launch edition this December. 🙂

  • Hi Nnenna, I have following your series on the website and I decided to buy your book.. Can’t get enough of good things and I spent the day reading it (Kindle format)!
    Well written: I recommend it to all the fans of the Adventuresfrom and I hope you will write another one soon…

  • AnneJ, thank you so much for saying this. I am so happy you enjoyed it, I really am. I am touched, thank you!

    (I’ll be more than chuffed if you left me an amazon review as well. A one-liner would do!) 🙂

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  • @Nnenna: just wrote the review on Amazon!!! Hope it will an incentive to publish the STWM adventures…

  • Yipeee I have been waiting forever for your book after reading the excerpt. I just bought both kindle edition and paperback…the wait for the paperback to be delivered would have killed me hahahaha just cant wait to start reading

  • Congratulations Nenna! I am looking forward to reading the book. I think I’ll go for paperback – I love the feel of paper and scent of new and old books. Book stores are among some of my favourite places!

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