A Pocket Full Of Posies….

“Lerato Miriam Gqukani. Do you remember when you introduced yourself to your mates in class five?”

“Yes – but I still don’t know why you were there. You were a year ahead of me.”

“I was the head boy, remember? Your teacher called me to watch over his class while he went to the headmaster’s office.  I was supposed to keep you guys quiet, but I made you stand up and tell everyone your name.”

“You were such a bully.”

“No. I was smitten. I had never seen anyone like you. You were so cute, with your plats and that dress with the blue collar you wore to school every day.”

“You remember that dress? I hated it! I just wanted my mother to buy me a uniform so I could fit in with everyone else…”

“You were never meant to fit it, Lera. Don’t do that.”


“Look away from me when I give you compliments. Keep your eyes on mine.”

“You’re still being a bully.”

“Nope. Just smitten, still.”

“Are we just going to lay here?”



“Because I don’t know when I’ll have this chance again. I don’t know when I’ll be able to listen to the sound of your breath mingled with mine – when I’ll ever get to see that freckle on your shoulder. I’ve never seen it before… There are so many things about you I want to discover and re-discover about you, Lera.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because of what you said to Aamir.”

Khalid pulled away, just enough to examine her face in full.

“What did I say to Aamir?”

“You told him that ‘if you don’t have sex with your girlfriend you have nothing’. How could you say that, Kal? We were kids for chrissakes. I really though you liked me. I wrote you a letter and everything! And then you didn’t write back. You were such an asshole. I think you still might be.”

When Khalid tried to pull her back into him, she slapped his hand away.

“No! I’m not a toy for you to play with, man. You think you can just pick up from some weird elementary school fantasy and I’m supposed to go along.”

“Lera, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I never said those words to Aamir, and I certainly never got a note from Aamir.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Lerato, I promise. I would never say that. Aamir is going to have to account for this.”

His tone was dark, and a shadow was cast over his face. He was telling the truth. Lerato took his hand and pressed it against her cheek.”

“Maybe he will, but not tonight. Right?”

“No. Not tonight,” he laughed. “Do you remember when those kids used to tease you about your name?”

“How could I forget? They could follow me around the compound making clicking noises. This one kid Abu was a particular prick about it. I hated it.”

“Do you remember how I chased them away and made them stop it?”

“Ha! Yeah. You must have given them a strong talking to.”

“No. I abused my power. I made Abu and his friends kneel after classes for teasing you. Told them I better not catch them doing it again or they would be sorry.”

“Nooo! No wonder they hated me so much.”

Lerato snuggled her face into Khalid’s shirt and gasped a diminutive laugh in satisfaction.

“I would make the world kneel before you if I could, Lera. I would never let anything bad happen to you if it was in power.”

“I believe you, Kal. I really do.”

Khalid rolled off the bed and stood, pulling Lerato to her feet as well.

“It’s time for me to make love to you now.”




The color in Lerato’s world was abruptly altered. Khalid removed every item of clothing she wore with tender care. It went blue as he pulled her t-shirt over her head, careful not to ruin her freshly done coif. A flash of white as he tugged her skirt to the floor and took her hand to help her step out of the cotton now collapsed on the floor. He traced his fingers along the pink and black lace trimmed panties, coaxing them from her full bottom. The universe went black as she watched him wantonly cast her brazier to the other side of the room.

Just be patient, he encouraged her when she leaned upward in to claim his mouth in a hungry kiss. I want every moment to shine on its own…

Khalid sunk to his knees so that his mouth was level with her belly-button. She had a slight outtie, he remarked. Did she know that? He outlined the delicate flesh with his tongue, inhaling the scent of heavy dew that threatened to become a downpour just two inches below.

You are Asase Yaa, Lerato. You’re a goddess to me. I’ve never seen dimpled skin so perfect, stretch marks that tell the story of child birth. Hands that have held and loved precious things. You’re strong, intelligent, passionate…

Oh, shit. Was this man about to talk her into a climax? When Khalid felt her strength begin to wane, he guided her to the nearest wall and wedged his shoulders between her trembling thighs, lifting her above him so that his lips were in union with hers. She blew out long, heavy breath of exquisite euphoria, clasping the back of Khalid’s head. His hair was the hue of earth, soft and curly. With his head between her legs, he looked like an extension of herself. His delicate sucking on her clitoris coaxed it from its hood and threatened to burst it. Lerato couldn’t contain it any longer. A force of ecstasy rushed through her lower body and rumbled for an eternity. It was perplexing, light-winged, flagrant and blissful.


Khalid lowered her to the floor, his erection evident beneath the jeans he was still wearing. Lerato would not be so unhurried when undressing him. She ached for the taught flesh that strained against his trousers. When she had freed him, she sheathed him, and guided him within, riding and writhing until he begged her name.

And so their lovemaking went for the rest of the night: Sometimes tender, sometimes tough. They talked about everything. Lerato’s job and how Paul had caused her lose it. He told her about his life, his family and his newly discovered love for cashews. They had long since silenced their cell phones, not caring about the two other people in the city who were most looking for them; at least for the moment. Bathed in sweat and moonlight, they laid in bed like two lovers trapped in an oscillating dream that was sure to become a nightmare in the morning. Khalid finally broke the silence.

“I told you a few days ago that I loved you, Lerato. I still do. I love you.”

Lerato sighed and rubbed her forehead and thought about Paul.




“I know you love me, Khalid. And I love you too.”

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  • For some reason I want Paul to catch them en flagrante. I think it will make for a firecracker scene 🙂

  • Oh, Sisi! You this my BFFFL! Why do you wish harm on my poor Lera? Can you imagine what Paul would do? I don’t even want to think about it. Probably pull out his credit card to shield his poor eyes.

  • I’m here,have always been here,the silent reader.Very soon I would start dissecting them especially that Lera.
    Malaka u are on fire today!nice nice,we want MORE!

    Nana,where thou art Nnenna?aren’t we gonna end that series?waiting is too long jor

  • I think the move he used to lick her will be difficult to execute unless some words like “his shoulders wedged under her tights to lift her above him…his lips parted hers”
    maybe you meant the lips of her vagina, but what do I know.

  • Hmmm…Paul will not catch them in Jesus’ name! Amen!

  • So Paul is sleeping alone at the hotel while Lerato Fucks Khalid all night long. Can’t wait to see what transpires after this.

  • I think Paul needed putting in his place in another way because when he finds out about Lerato’s betrayal, it will confirm his – what I view as – misogynistic view of women. Any other person he dates after Lerato will SUFFER. And he will never change his ways. He needs an equal.

  • Malaka .pls i beg u. I beg you with everything sweet on this earth. Let Paul catch them in the middle if one of their lovemaking sprees in a very acrobatic position. Abeg

  • Malaka wena. Have you turned SA on us? With the Haibo’ s n Sisi’s, lol. but I love it!

    I could not even enjoy this as much as I wanted, I was so scared Paul would catch them. I kinda like how you didn’t say where it was they were….showing that abandon of not caring, just as long as they are together.
    Paul should catch them already! THEN it will be a party. Lera will be forced to make a decision and we can move this along!!! I just KNOW Paul would get his ass beat! He seems like the manicured nails type. Yeah Malaka make it happen.

    I was feeling Kal’s wedged shoulders move paa!!

  • Ah, I think Paul is a coporate thug o. Khalid wil get his skull bashed in. In fact, Nana, we need a new poll: ‘Who would win in a fight between Khalid and Paul’ as a kind of countdown to the showdown. It will also be a way of getting people to read the story and find out what’s up, no? Let’s have it in our poll forum page.

  • This is probably my bad for not writing consistently, but Paul JUST arrived in Accra that morning! There’s no way he could discover Lera and Khalid just yet. Ha!

    I think Kal could hold his own against Paul, but Paul would have the advantage of height and pure rage on his side. Don’t worry. He MAY catch them, but it won’t be now kraa.

  • Everyone is hating on poor Paul when he’s the one being wronged. The real villian here is Lerato. Yes, Paul has glitches but ke uLerato went into that relationship knowing fully well that he was controlling (he admitted to her prior to their dating that he manipulated her job prospect) DING!DING!DING! It doesn’t take much brain power to figure out what kind of man Paul is, as if that was not enough she’s been with this dude for like how many years? And even got engaged to him then she expects our sympathy? Iyu shame, not me…I’m on team Paul even if I’m the only one and I want him to moer Khalid proper! Nx! If she’s not happy there’s a door, there’s a window she can choose how she wants to leave.

  • @SA_girl: eh eh for starters I don’t like Lerato especially knowing she willfully gave in to Paul and still with him even after she’s seen all his controlling sides,na byforce?who’s holding her to be in the relationship?she’s flawed for me from the word GO!she’s a weakling.
    I’m not team Paul neither am I team Lera.I believe Lera truly deserves Paul,otherwise why would she stick to him when there’s not even a ring on your finger?
    So Lera was waiting for an old flame to come into her life before she would gumption to do something?
    As a matter of fact Lera is the confused one here not Paul,at least he knows what he wants and went for it and is sticking to her,Lera on the other hand is just a cheat who wants to find excuses to justify the decisions made by her whether good or bad!

    • Uh huh…and there’s a very useful word to describe women like her, it comes in two variations one rhymes with foe the other with or. I don’t normally like to use those words but they are quite apt for her.

      Hay’ke the part about her spending a full night with another man while her fiance is all alone in a hotel on his 1st night in Accra is soooo out of order that I’m not even going to touch it. In ‘PramPram’ I complained that K wanted 2 f* her in the mountains but the more I think of it the more I reliase she doesn’t deserve more than 5 minutes on a rock and no foreplay! I hope she’ll be able to redeem herself in my eyes as the story progresses, maybe I’m hard on her because I’m not a fan of cheating-im like you: if you’re not happy leave cheating is so unneccessary. The first time (was wrong but) was somewhat excusable she was drunk and slipped we are all allowed mistakes but now she is making a conscious decision to lie and cheat? So not ayoba!

  • Yup, that’s why I think Paul needs an equal, a woman who can out him in his lace without the cheating maa. And Paul WOULD SO kill Khalid!

  • In-experienced as I am, I must be hard-wired to like/love the hero/heroine. Perhaps I also ‘bow down’ because they’re even HAVING sex! I might also be biased towards a beautiful woman, physically (although I only created her picture in my mind) and ‘strong’ (because she puts bread on her table).

    But now all of y’all analyses make me want to start reading the whole story again from the beginning!

    But (before I do) wait a minute; THIS IS INTERRACIAL!!! And that’s a no, no!

    • @Zeebu, why why are interracial relationships a no no? I just read your other comment on ‘A New Series about a Woman named Lerato’. Am I correct in assuming that you’re from SA? Its also interesting though that you mention that you noticed the sexuality of light skinned girls…

  • @Zeebu: there’s nothing wrong with some flavour…

    @NanaD: why does he have to be S.African if he doesn’t like interracial relationships? Lol

    • Lol, no I wasn’t trying to imply that he would be South African if he didn’t like interracial relationships, there was something in his comment that made me think he had grown up in a segregated society…and SA came to mind hence my question

  • @malaka feel free to ask anything from phrasing in south african to fucking lol. Im loving the variety of my country on this pages . mcwaaa for that sisi

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