‘Three is a party…’ says Guest Contributor Zanze Rose

I thrust into my wife one more time and felt her muscles tightening and spasming as she came the second time that afternoon. Her knees gave out underneath her and as she lay there flat on her tummy, skin glistening with the light sheen, muscles twitching, I could see the pink of her pussy clenching. My cock throbbed longing to return to the warmth of what I’d be missing for the next twelve months … but I couldn’t, not yet. I had a plan and for it to work, I had to have her in the right frame of mind and I only had a weekend to get it done.

My wife and I had been married for three years and in that time, I had been fortunate enough not to be sent off to some far flung country. We had met at a friend’s wedding. She was the photographer’s assistant and I, one of the groomsmen. The attraction was instant and within a few short weeks we couldn’t bear to be away from each other for more than a day. Our engagement was short by most standards and after enjoying years of marital bliss, we had just decided to start trying for a child when the deployment orders came. All I can say is she was on a mission to have my child in her before I left.

We had what I could say was a more than average sex life thanks to my wife and her fantasies – not that I am complaining. Many men hope for a partner who is open enough to share their most outrageous fantasies with and I had found that person in Wanja. There were days she couldn’t wait until I got out of my uniform before she had my cock out and in her mouth. That’s one of the many things she was good at – smooth strokes, enough moisture and suction and the occasional hum to set me on edge.

There is a common fear among the deployed that when they were away, another soldier would be busy corrupting their wife or girlfriend. As much as I trusted Wanja, I knew that her sex drive was high and I didnt want her to stray or suffer while I was away and hence my plan.

Okolla was a good friend I had known since I enlisted in the military in my early twenties. It had been a comfort to know that there was another Kenyan going through the same process at the time. He was a year older than I was, well groomed and mannered, and most importantly single as he had just ended a year long relationship. He was not one to sleep around with the young girls who were known to fling themselves at military men. He was also a man I could trust to take care of my wife when I was away. I also knew from the many conversations between us that he found her very attractive. I just had to sell my idea to him without having him think I had lost my mind.

I’d asked Okolla to meet me at the house to help with a few things before I left and his timing was perfect. When the doorbell rang I’d just withdrawn from her and was gently rubbing her clit listening to her moans. I made sure her blind fold was still secure, told her to stay in place and quickly tied a wrap around my waist and headed for the door with my heart beating loudly in my chest.

Okolla gave me a quizzical look when I opened the door and I really can’t blame him. Here he was ready to get to work yet I was standing there sweaty and not dressed. I motioned him in and walked him to my study, poured him a quick drink and let him have it. I had a naked, horny woman upstairs and had no time to hint and cajole, he was either in or out. The incredulous look on his face was priceless but when I was done, all he did was ask if I was sure and upon my confirmation, he gulped down the rest of his drink and followed me upstairs.

I found my beautiful wife just as I had left her, hips raised and facing towards the door, head resting on the pillow and fingers between her nether lips. I lay on the bed between her chocolate thighs and tasted her wetness preparing her for him. As much as this was exciting I was also slightly worried that she would flip out – after all, not all fantasies needed to be acted out. But it was too late to change my mind now that Okolla was just beyond the door ready to continue what I’d started. I gave Wanja one last lick and eased off the bed motioning Okolla to come in. Standing next to each other, one would think we were brothers. We had the same solid build but he was slightly taller than me at 5’11”, a light spattering of hair covered his dark skin where I was slightly lighter and smooth, where I was gifted in girth, he was gifted in length. I wasn’t sure how soon my wife would notice all these differences but I hoped if she did, she wouldn’t stop the proceedings.

I’d tried to keep talking to her as he prepared himself and I heard my voice quiver as he knelt on the bed and palmed his length. He placed his hand on her hip and drew her back as he slid the head from her clit to the entrance, his eyes and mine not wavering from the sight. This had to be the most erotic sight for both of us. For a moment I willed myself not to come and held my breath as he eased into her. I had never been harder than I was at that moment. I looked at my wife’s face as he withdrew and then pressed in further still. She looked puzzled for a moment but continued to moan calling for me to go deeper. I stood away from the bed and watched as he ran his hands over her skin, his hard body plundering into her softer one while the sound of her moans and their bodies filled the room and conflicting emotions filled my mind.

From the look of things, they were both nearing the end and the moment of reveal. I walked to the bed and Okolla and I shared a look – this was it. As he gripped her hips and thrust into her I gently kissed her shoulder and gently took off her blind fold … here she was at the cusp of her climax, awash with arousal and now confusion. She tried to get away from him but he held on tighter and thrust deeper. She tried to turn her head to look at him but I gently turned her to mine and kissed her. I sucked on her lips and tongue as I palmed and kneaded her breast until I felt her relax. She held on tightly to my arm and looking into my eyes pushed her hips into his. I groaned my relief into her lips and kissed her again and again as he drove into her over and over with abandon, grunting and muttering to himself now that she knew someone else was there, while working her clit in time with his thrusts.

When they came it was almost simultaneous. His grunts filled the room while she let out a long, keening sound like I’ve never heard. Looking at her trembling beneath him with her eyes tightly closed, neck taut and her nails digging into my arm, I felt that I had chosen the right man for her. He collapsed over her, still grinding her into the bed as his body continued to spasm. When he eased off and rolled to the side, he pulled her from me and into his arms and just held her as they came down from their high.


Photography by Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography by Nana Kofi Acquah

For a moment I stood by the bed feeling like an outsider as he whispered into her ear and caressed her body. Kneeling on the bed I kissed her neck and shoulders then left the room concerned but still very much aroused.

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  • Previously, I’d never even imagined myself in a 2 men, 1 woman scenario, but darn Zanze Rose, I now want to be Wanja 🙂

    Plus, a really enjoyable piece of writing. The beginning caught my attention and the suspense was brillant throughout

  • What a piece.@ Nana, I agree with you. At this moment I want to be Wanja.

  • Like double dayuuumm.This is soo erotic my vagina walls couldn’t help but throb!
    Ever since I moved to celibacy zone,nothing has tempted me like this post.
    Zanse Rose is gooooooddddd.

  • Hmmm…I have mixed feelings on this one. You all know my story on the site so I won’t repeat it but it is very hard for me to swallow stories like these where the woman is not given a choice, where she goes along with whatever is handed to her.
    I understand about trust in marriage – I am married afterall, so I don’t think it’s about that. After all, a lot of us would be UP IN ARMS if said husband tried to rape his wife. This is not too dissimilar. She had no say.
    It’s as if her husband does not really treat her like a full human being or trust that she knows what she wants? Could he perhaps not ask her consent? Maybe get her consent way, way beforehand and then surprise her when she least expects it? I think there is a fine line. It borders on the very thing we damn near castigated Anaximander for!

    That aside, as a writer Zanze you are very good. This is a well-crafted story. Your technique is just delicious! From that standpoint is was a PLEASURE to read. I would really love to read more of your stuff.

  • All I can say is mouth dry, panties wet.

    I interpreted this as one of his wife’s fantasies he wanted to fulfill before he went to war. What a good, good husband!

  • But that is not what I saw o. I did not see it as one of her fantasies. I am going to read it again.

    That being said, what a writer eh?

  • Double damn. That was hot!!

  • Hey guys … thank you for reading and for your comments.

    @Nnenna, there is a mention that they share many fantasies and this is one of them (even though it’s a surprise for her). Did she explicitly agree to this situation before hand? We don’t know yet … we’ve just met the couple or trio 🙂

    • Girl/Dude, I have just seen your reply. Please tell me that there is more from you abeg. You write beautifully.

      Would you mind if I showed this piece to someone?

  • @ Zanze: hawt, hawt erotica! I just wish that the men had also done ‘things’ to each other. I have a weakness for gay porn & totally lose it when 2 guys go at each other. Enough about my fantasies though…

    @ Nnenna Marcia: aha! now you’re in the same soup I landed into when I assumed that the girl in Dark Mosaic’s story had been molested!(although she was just exploring with her male friends). In my opinion, sex is such a complex act that unless both parties EXPRESSLY CONSENT to the act, it is not easy to tell whether the act was truly consensual. However, since humans communicate both expressly & impliedly, it’ll be ridiculous to assert that ALL sex is non-consensual unless both of (or in this case three of lol) the parties to the act EXPRESSLY consent to it before it takes place & several times during the act just to make sure! (lol). I think that the problem will be solved if you read the story in context & look at it as a whole. Reading both Anaximander & Zanze’s stories, it appears that the woman in Anax’s story was raped but the one in this story wasn’t. Don’t forget that Anax’s story depicted an 18 year old girl (barely legal since as you know, the age of consent in Nigeria is 18 years)virgin who was naïve, although she acted precocious & was extremely subservient to the man (cooking him noodles etc). He enjoyed the sex act while she was in pain, begging him not to hurt her, begging him to stop & at one point, even pushing his stomach with her hands in a desperate move to prevent him from thrusting deeper. Conversely, Zanze’s story involves a 2 mature adults who are married but very risqué/ avant garde & thus; share several fantasies- some of which they enact. Notice the wife’s reaction when she discovers that she’s being fucked by Okolla & not her hubby- she’s initially astounded & tries to pull away but after being reassured by her hubby with kisses & caresses (lol), she ‘relaxes’ & then ‘pushes her hips’ into Okolla’s own after which they simultaneously climax. My point is that on its own, NONE of these facts indicate that she wasn’t raped. Yes, mature women do get raped, husbands rape their wives, victims of rape do climax!(it has happened to me before so I do know this). But when you read all the facts together, in the context of the story, it becomes obvious that she wasn’t raped. Seems like Zanze just gave us a steaming page-worth of ’50 shades of grey’- African- style huh? hahahaha 🙂

  • I am sorry, Ekuba but that is incorrect. I have not fallen into the same trap, I read and re-read it. This is the line on which everything turns:

    “There is a common fear among the deployed that when they were away, another soldier would be busy corrupting their wife or girlfriend. As much as I trusted Wanja, I knew that her sex drive was high and I didn’t want her to stray or suffer while I was away and hence my plan.”

    He ‘trusted’ her but HE (self) didn’t want her to stray, hence HIS plan. The trust expressed is debatable because if he did trust her then he should have obtained consent. Even if it was while she was blindfolded, something like ‘Should we play a game. How would you feel if…’ all the while stimulating her as part of their play etc.

    Steaming story, yes. And I keep saying very well-executed (Zanze, I really hope you’re seeing this because I’d love some more from you.) but the line for me is thin and tricky and I was not comfortable with it.

    Colour me abused but…it’s just how I feel. For the longest time I had no choice in the matter and now that I do have a choice I make sure I use/express it – even if it is in fiction.

    But let me not digress to much from this story because it’s that part of the theme I have an issue with NOT the way it was written. I don’t want to go off on a semi-tangent.

    • hahaha @ Nnenna: you’re sooooo in the same soup you can’t even see it! LMAO. I tell you that I read over Dark M’s story like a zillion times but up till today, I still insist that the girl was molested by those boys! (& that incident & her daddy issues were the reasons why she was chasing married dudes- or they were chasing her :)- but I digress. I dunno, I still can’t see rape in this story. ESPECIALLY, that part about Wanja grinding her hips into the guys just doesn’t make me think of rape to be honest. Like maybe if that part was removed, it might make it easier for me to say ‘maybeeeee, we could see rape in it’ even then I kinda doubt. But come on, how the hell do you grind your hips into some dude who’s screwing you (after you realize he’s not your hubs) & somehow that factors as rape? I mean, I believe in mutuality & if the tables were turned (& Wanja arranged a chick for her hubs because she was travelling, blindfolded him, the chick started screwing him yada yada yada), then he takes the blindfolds off, hesitates for a minute & after being kissed by Wanja thrusts into the chick… who would ever call that rape? We’d all maybe even be dissing him for how eagerly he’s enjoying another woman’s ‘p’ lol. Anyway, to each her opinion I guess, if you see rape in it then how can I convince you?

      Ah, I know right, everyone either hates hates hates or adores 50 shades.- there appears to be no middle ground! I LOVED it though. Read the whole trilogy eagerly in buses and on the train while people gave me weird looks, hehehee. I’m eagerly- o so eagerly waiting for the movie (& they better choose the actor I want to play Christian Gray whose first name starts with R…)! Zanze’s a fab writer though.

  • Oh and another thing, I OBJECT to this being labelled a ’50 Shades of Grey’ because this work is superb and that one was subpar. There is NO compare!

  • I tend to write from a male PoV but I am a girl. This does not mean that I am bi-sexual or a lesbian or any of that.

    I believe our past experiences color how we see the world so based on your comments on this and other stories, I can see why Nnenna has a problem with the story. Please be assured though that this mans ideas (even the one about not wanting her to stray) are from a place of love. He knows his wife and the things that excite her sexually and is turning a fantasy into reality for her (and him). His intentions are not to harm or control her by introducing another man to their sex life.

    @Ekuba, two men together is also a turn on for me although I can’t figure out why that is the case. I have not read Shades of Grey and doubt that I will based on the reviews.

    @Nnenna, there are a number of directions I’m considering for this story so this is not the end. Yes, you can show the story to whomever you like. I also have other stories elsewhere but unfortunately, one of them might offend you more than this one did.

  • I don’t understand this post sha. How does bringing in another man prevent the wife from straying?

  • Stopped reading after the outline became clear.. I share Nnenna’s reservations.. but then all the other smart folks – mostly women – here seem to get it and applaud… Give me a day to collect my wits….

  • I couldn’t leave a comment. I was (and still am) ashamed of my feelings. Haha!!!

  • Author says she writes from a male POV.. Must be A male POV, because this male would feel assaulted if he were to walk into his home and be met by a blowjob as a greeting… Not saying that it might not work for some..

    Anyhow, am still reading the comments – still largely agree with Nnenna – before I tackle the piece itself..

  • Still didn’t do it for me…. some details were questionable… relatively young officers – never been deployed before – probably don’t have two storey accommodations, what kind of Army were there in.. they were two rare Kenyans in some country’s army? Etc.

    I really found the story to be filled with violation and not love or caring, but disrespect… Not that I think fantasies have to conform to a recipe book, I respect that…. but I think this is one fantasy I’ll pass on… Finally, was this really more about homoeroticism than a concern about a “straying” wife…?

    • Whoa you went there with the homoeroticism @Kofi. Ha! Something that ‘straight’ men love to pretend doesn’t exist so I’m happy you spotted it because I hadn’t until you mentioned it 🙂

  • arrrggghhh can we just enjoy this post like literally without a in depth analysis?
    Well for me I enjoyed it as an sexually stimulating erotica post,something I haven’t experienced on this site for quiet a while.
    All these dynamics sha

    • Ermmm @Abena some of us love in depth analysis…

    • 🙂 I find you are not slow to provide your own analysis when something doesn’t agree with you though, Abena. Surely that’s the human condition to analyse things and try to make sense of them?
      Still it’s a good thing you liked this one too. Let’s encourage Zanze.

      *Sneaking off back to work*

  • Ah! I am torn between standing in the sidelines and clarifying the things that Kofi brought up … what’s a girl to do?

    • I like it,could immediately tell it was a lady writing from the Male POV.Not many Kenyan dudes would be OK sharing ..
      Next ump up the homo eroticism…

      • @ Girly-o: Yesss!!! I wish there was more homo eroticism & the guys had done ‘things’ to each other. would have made it sizzling hot although as it stands the story is pretty hot lol

  • Thanks ladies, I will keep the homoeroticism in mind when writing the next part.

    It looks like Kofi was bent on not liking the story since his initial comments were based on other peoples reactions (which I find a little strange) but I’ll go ahead and address the issues he had in case other readers feel the same way.

    1. There is no mention of age or how long they have served in the military so I’m not sure why he assumed they were young.
    2. In some countries not all military personnel live on base or in military housing. Some countries have great mortgage rates for military personnel and I personally know a few people in their mid-late twenties who have taken advantage of that.
    3. In the base/camp they trained at, they were the only two Kenyans in that training batch. I am sure there are Africans out there who are citizens/residents in other countries and can join the military if the laws of those countries allow it.
    4. This sentence “My wife and I had been married for three years and in that time, I had been fortunate enough not to be sent off to some far flung country.” only refers to the three years he was married to his wife. We don’t know if/how many times he had been deployed before that.

    Look, I welcome constructive criticism but I feel like Kofi is trying to poke holes where there *might* be none. From a guy, I’d expected something like … men’s bodies don’t react like that or a guy would say this instead etc. or even a comment on flow or grammar instead of the comments he made.

    … and yes, “I am a little sensitive about my art” – quoting Erykah Badu

    • I believe the quote is “I am an artist and a lil sensitive about my shit”. I use it too! It’s the bit before ‘Call Tyrone’.

    • Okay, I don’t want to do too much of a back and forth, but just so I can help advance the fun-needle:

      there are a number of people who write on this site I truly admire, and although we don’t always agree, I take their thoughts seriously.

      The “normal” military career officer graduates officer training in their early 20’s.. my sense is that these officers are about 10 years or less into their careers. Average age of getting hitched for men is probably mid-to-late twenties…

      Yeah, 100% of officers in an army are probably citizens, but, yes, these guys could have naturalized.. Pretty unusual, but hey….

      Would the countries with great mortgages for their officers include African ones? In Ghana, for example, given what officers earn, the mortgages would have to be super-attractive, with a subsidy or two thrown in.. When my uncle left the services, he retired to a very modest residence, but that was a while ago, things might be different today.

      But these are minor details, to be fair… There is a Roald Dahl compilation, Switch Bitch, in which one or two of the stories turn on a similar conceit.

      Here’s what a reviewer said about that compilation:


      There is also a very sticky problem with Dahl’s female characters. Rarely are his women any more than cardboard cut-outs; it is even more scarce to see one break the mould or be entrusted to lead the action. The women here are little more than “purely passive instrument(s) in his hands.” Only in The Last Act, the poorest of the stories, do we get a female point of view.


      AJ Kirby, The Short Review

      And in a sense, that is what I get from the portrayal of Wanja. Maybe the triumph of this story is that it is an accurate delineation of a male point of view (Dahl’s?)… but/and as sympathetic as I feel toward artists, I have to just call it as I read it..

  • This is my first time reading a story on this website, but to me (a well experienced guy) it just seems like some sort of text that promotes sexual behavior, which up to date is considered as off limits.

    I am sorry to say, but what is the message this story wants to tell us?
    I have the feeling, that stories shared here, might have greater implifications than we are ready to admit.
    Some men reading this might get the idea of doing the same. Therefore let me speak my mind:

    Immidently after reading it, I thought of all the girls, who are forced into prostitution or where the boyfriends collect money from their friends for allowing them to fuck another guy.
    This wife, was not only aware that another man was going to ejaculate into her body, what raised my question about STD’s but also she may have not liked that man if it wasn’t for her husbands unspoken demand.

    After all, African girls are more likely to just “obey” and do whatever the man says, especially if they love thi man.

    I am sure that he originally only wanted to give her an adventure but this action is it that I don’T understand.

    He was afraid that, she will cheat on him, while he is going to be abroad. But then goes ahead and introduces “sex with other men” to her?? Does this now mean it is okay for her to have sex with other man?
    Later she might say, “you introduced me so, is it my fault I am now cheating?”
    And what does it say, about his lovem when he is ready to allow another man to do such?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am also a human being and I have had similar act in my mind before, but just because we have a phantasy, does it mean we have to live and do everything possible to fulfill those phantasies?

    Just thinking….

    • I think we might have the same misgivings KofiAtta. And you’re welcome here!

      • I was and am thought by experience, mine and others.
        I usually doubt humanity.

        Thanks, I feel most welcomed already, and am very taken by the sophisticated way sexuallity is approached here.

        *my respect to all*

  • My God dude
    you must write more.
    I want my man to do this to me!

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