What do you like best about Adventures?

In a few days time Adventures will be 5 years old. Woohoo. 5 years of frank, heartwarming, emotional, distressing, erotic, challenging, difficult, fun conversations about African women and diverse sexualities.

As the year ends I am reflecting on how best Adventures can serve our various readers, contributors, commenters and lurkers 🙂 So do me a favour and give us some feedback.

1. What do you like best about Adventures?

2. What can we do to improve the site?

Happy New Year everyone.

7 comments On What do you like best about Adventures?

  • Besides being educative, I like the openness and maturity of its members and owner. Its a site I love visiting. Nana can u consider networking or friends making on the site for members?

  • 1 I love the diversity of the voices and the topics discussed on here

    2 Keep doing you, more fiction please. and also more stuff for the lesbians and bisexual women.

  • Nana, what can I say that has not been said already. I am however jealous that it is my sister’s in Ghana that have birthed this beautiful baby adventures. Though happy that it has allowed the whole community to participate.

    I love the openness, honesty and frankness of issues discussed; the sense that individuals can disagree in a mature way without degenerating into a religious slanging match or name calling. I wish this can be replicated on some of our Naija forums here. Anything related to sexual health and rights becomes a haven for zealots to hangout and stifle intelligent debate.

    So yeah, am jealous in a loving kinda way. I should be in Ghana soon so do let me know if you and your friends need any sqweel2 or anything else.

    Mwah and happy new year in advance.

  • the openness. unabashed honestly. the fact that the women here know what they want and go for it and can talk about it.
    a few spoilt sports once in awhile but it doesn’t spoil the fun.
    knowing good sex and loving it is a beautiful thing.

  • I like the chunky model on the Intimate Pleasures ad…

  • Best:
    1.) I like the community that we have thus far. The puritans, the perverts, the inbetweeners, and all others.

    2.) A safe space which African women can express themselves.

    Areas that need improvement:
    1.) I’d like to see more guys, other than the regulars contribute more. At the end of the day, sex and sexuality, involves vaginas and PENISES, sooooo their opine is vital. I suggest you do an open call submission for their contribution on twirra or any other social media outlet. If somebody has a problem with men being involved on this blog, please go see a dokta.

    2.)Create a blog link to similar content from other AFRICAN bloggers.

    3.)Have my client pay me!!!! This risssssh woman who is now an authoress has yet to pay my dues.

    Happy New Year to all.

  • I stumbled on your blog by chance and have only read a few posts, even so I’m already being thrilled at the frankness and expressiveness so manifest by the African Women sharing their experiences of Sex and our diverse Sexualities here. Personally, I commend this initiative and the many women who have and are still making this blog come alive in expounding the knowledge/experiences of such like me. Truth: NO one tells your study better than YOU, yes you african women!

    Need I say, I’M PROUD OF Y’ALL.

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