Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?


Don't hurt me!
Don’t hurt me!

I am not sharing a sexual experience today because my poor self has had next to no sensual fun in the past several months. This is not a deliberate effort but an acute lack of opportunity with my type of stud. Sigh! My ‘Lolita’ is presently an angry pout.

Yesterday while taking a stroll through my timeline (which is usually the most motley place on earth), I came across an interesting tweet from @uberfacts.

This handle although verified, usually tweets some absurd/ridiculous/funny/crazy/unbelievable ‘facts’.

I am not set to draw the attention of any irresponsible male into thinking women walk about wanting to be violently/forcefully taken but the tweet was simple “50% of women agree to having rape fantasies”

Naturally, I paused. Is this information for public consumption? I am a firm believer that information no matter how accurate can be damaging when placed in the paths of the wrong people.

Oya back to the matter! Do you adventurers have rape fantasies?

I totally do. But my rape fantasies are always centred on a particular man I am obsessed with. Who I had like to spring naughty surprises on and whom I had like to pounce on me out of the blue and ravish me thoroughly albeit forcefully, violently? –A bit of all of it. I also do include in my imaginations the part where I fight him off, but he is so bull strong he successfully wards off my attacks till he fully possesses me and I deliciously mellow!

Don’t prove uberfacts right, but share and let me know I am normal in this regard?

Happy New Year!

Purple tussle

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  • So im a member of the 50% fantasy club. But i wonder if it ties in with my joy of a little forcable submission. Always centered around the man of the moment of course

  • Hmmm. I have a friend we talked naughty on bbm and exchanged pics. She visited me n were supposed to have sex following our bbm chats.
    After sometime, she jumped on my bed n played on it occasionally flashing her white flowered panties. I took it as in IV and joined her on bed. But she kept resisting my moves. She did it seductively n mocked my bulge touching it n calling me greedy.
    Well I believed if she didn’t want me, she wudnt come n lay on my bed after our nutty chats n pic trading with such seducctive jokes. So at dis point I applied a lil pressure but she is d huge n strong type. So I turned her around and before she knew wat I was upto, I tied her hands to her back.
    Then I turned her up facing d ceiling. I raised her short dress, pulled her panties. I kissed it, den took it to bathroom, washed it up n hung it to dry.
    I returned with nude to her with my Induku hanging half erect from my waist. She kept staring at it while I kept staring at her spotless laps n her clean shaved pretty pussy. At dis point we cudnt wait any longer. I went closer…

    Well its supposed to be a comment not story so will summarize it all.
    After all d whispers, licking, biting, sucking, eating n a deep penetration, we both climaxed.
    I loosed her and seconds later I felt loud bang… GBOSA!!!
    I got the hottest slap of my life from her.

    She gave me a hug and confessed I just help her actualise one of her 3 fantasies of being overpowered, tied and fuck deep and furiously. So the slap was a way of saying Thank you.

    • *real tears*!!!!! Oh mi gosh! That Gbosa, had me on the floor.

    • I’m worried about the double messages you know? It just helps spread the ‘Stop it I like it’ notion that a lot of men have about girls.

      But I guess for her, telling you what she wanted would destroy the fantasy because she would then feel like you were acting. And I’m all for women liking what they like.

      I have no idea, man. It’s a toughie.

  • haha! Obinna. surely a good story. but a slap for thank uou? that’s new.
    I haven’t been tied up yet. I should try that. it sounds a bit too powerless.

  • I don’t understand why people call them “rape fantasies” as rape is without consent. In the presence of consent is it still rape? For you to fantasize about it I feel it is better to call it forceful sex fantasies or something. Rape is too fucking scary and disturbing for me to be fantasizing about. I can’t think about rape without thinking about the way it hurts people physically and mentally so when I see “rape fantasies” I wonder why.

    I’m not saying it’s weird to want forceful sex, but if you’ve planned it before hand and given consent why use rape? In some way I feel it trivalises the horror of rape.

  • femme noir, those are my fantasies too. not always exactly man of the moment but the best of the past or present.

    Tomi, you are right, Forceful is the word.Although the research says rape. But what we fantasize about is more loving than brutal. Forceful but welcome and enjoyable.

  • But when ppl say ‘rape fantasies’ isnt it more in the context of at that particular moment u werent thinkin to have sex with the other person but a little force helped ‘influence’ ur decision. Yes at the end of the day it is consensual but it was gettin there that made it interesting.

    It doesnt in anyway make light of the seriousness of rape

  • wow! Can’t share my story but would love to meet Purple Tussle one day. One on one and talk

  • Rape fantasies are a no-no for me. No offense but i find nothing remotely erotic about rape and i am sure the people who have actually ever had the experience of being raped would agree. I am turned on however, by rough and tumble play and a reasonable amount of pain WITH CONSENT….rape is far from that in my opinion

    • Agreed. As someone who was once raped, it really sucks. It’s the ultimate violation. Oddly, I have no problem with rough, forceful sex with my FULL consent. Like I’ll play like you can’t have it, but we both know that you will get it.

      And we know this because there is a signed contract taped to the head of the bed.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Tomi, for though I’m male I consider the word “Rape” plus plus the images it generates rather unkind and not exactly right to be anyone’s wish.
    That said, being uninhibited ad adventurous myself I like the idea of a some sensual resistance by my partner in the course of bedmatics for it adds to the fun; not just monotonously lying there for me to penetrate like routine.

  • Had a girlfriend once. she was the quite and shy type. I thought she was the kind who loved “slow sex” but I was wrong. one day, while we were in the act, she asked “have you ever seen them raping someone”?
    Well, I immediately understood what she wanted.

  • @Nnenna, I think the problem with the tweet is the use of rape. Which I agree is ambiguous. Because Rape is to the best of my knowledge without consent. I want to believe they meant forceful, violent sex. But seeing as forceful, violent sex is hardly known to be normal between two people, they chose to use rape to describe it.
    Obviously we have established a huge difference between Rape and Forceful sex.
    @Nimaali, I shudder at the mention of rape, I want it nowhere near me but forceful sex? I love! Not always of course but occasionally I like the boo to be a Tiger! And in such instances I do not have to say ‘rape to get the message across because my approach will tell that I need him to roar!! I think your woman meant it in the way I mean.

  • Wow? Nana? Lol!

    @malaka. That’s vague. Slap literally or do you mean some other way?

  • @Purple T.
    Agreed. I think she meant it the way you mean.

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