Three is definitely not a crowd (Part 1)

Nnenna had thought of all the fine details. She had dropped off an envelope with my houseboy earlier on in the day. I felt my stomach muscles tighten when I recognised her handwriting on the cream coloured envelope. I opened the envelope and the room card for Suite 134 of the Movenpick hotel nearly fell out. She had included a note. Let yourself in at 7pm on the dot. We’ll be waiting. My breath became shorter and quicker. Shhiiiittttt was I really going to go through with it? When we had discussed this over drinks one evening after work a few months ago, I thought 31st December would never come.

“You know what Nnenna, my fantasy would be to have a threesome. I really want to do this at least once before I settle down, and in 2014 I need to quit with all this chilling and get serious so…”

“Are you really serious Afua? I know you’ve chickened out of a threesome on at least 2 previous occasions. I think the idea of a threesome is just a fantasy for you.”

“No I’m serious. I mean I keep coming back to the idea of having one so I reckon I should just go for it”.

“So how would you feel about one with me and Kunle?”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh my goodness. You and Kunle. Wow. You’re a hot couple but…”

“But what Afua? Do you really want to do this or what?” said Nnenna as she leaned into me across the small coffee table separating us at La Guardia bar. I looked up at her and smiled. I had always thought she was hot, and when we had first met I had wondered what it would be like to do her but we progressed so fast to the friend zone that there hadn’t been any opportunities to even pretend to casually ask, “so have you been with a woman before?” I took another mouthful of my Long Island iced tea and said, “You know what? Let’s do this. But I don’t want to talk about it in detail or discuss it back and forth. Let’s set a date. How about the last day of the year? Whilst the rest of Ghana is in church crossing over into the New Year, we can fuck our way into 2014.” Nnenna threw her head back and laughed. “This is why you and I our friends. You really are my ride or die chick. 31st December is a date. No browning or I’ll gut you. I’ll set everything up. You only need to turn up.”

That was the last conversation we had about the subject. We finished drinking our cocktails, hugged each other goodnight and when we saw each other in the office the next day acted very much like we had always acted. “Hey did you sleep well?” “What time are you having lunch?” “Did you see that email that fucker sent?”

Until the 28th of December when I get this text from Nnenna:

Its 3 days to the D-day. Wear red heels. Bring your favourite toys

I could feel my heart thud thud’ing when I read that text. I had been wondering whether that whole conversation that night was just one of those things. You know? Drunken conversation between girlfriends. And since we had never mentioned it afterwards…. I exhaled…Well I had asked Nnenna not to bring it up in conversation, and she did know that I had chickened out of my last threesome because the guy got overly eager and kept whatsapp’ing me to tell me what he would like to do to me and my girlfriend at the time. That had quickly become a turn off. I shook my head and came back to the present, responding…

You know red is my favourite colour

 And now the D-day was here. I looked at my watch. It was now 5pm. I needed to shower, change and leave the house by 6:30pm at the latest if I was to make it to the hotel on time. Now what does one wear to a threesome?


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