‘Small Boys’ versus ‘Older Women’

Agyaakoo, one of our guest contributors sent me this image he took somewhere in Accra, Ghana.

Photo credit: Agyaakoo
Photo credit: Agyaakoo

It gave me a good laugh, and I thought I would share it with you all.

Malaka you see, the small boys are clearly listening to you.

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  • You will find a lot of these posters around the Accra Mall

  • Well I am 28yr old Nigerian. I must confess my two greatest dates are with two different ladies Monic(44) and Zinny(38).
    Zinny was still married but I only found out 3months into the relationship. She never told me she was married till I almost found out then she opened up to me. She was having a troubled marriage and abuse so confessed I was the greatest source of her joy and she was having loads of fun unlike wit her 56 year old politician hubby. On a day, I made surprise arrangements. Her 14yr Bisexual curiosity and other adventures were fulfilled. It was fun all d way and we enjoyed it while it lasted.
    Monic was beautiful and an out going lady. She was from a wealthy family and a single mom. She’s a very hard working open minded lady and also a fun lover to the core. We have done it all and seen it all. She is still a wonderful friend always.
    But the issue here is I still think no older lady wanna get serious with a younger guy. The seem to just want fun which I must confess you can hardly get from younger girls. They know what they want and go for it.

    Whichever way it is, they rock and are my favorite.


    • I’m with you on this The Saint. I agree that older women do not want to get serious with younger men…most of the guys I have been involved with in the last couple of years have been significantly younger, and so I always know that relationship is not going to last, and so I treat the relationship accordingly…by which I mean I don’t invest emotionally, and I only invest limited time…

  • Hahaha!!! Yes, Yes! My words have powah!

    @TheSaint – I think you will find just as many older women who would happily settle down with a younger man.I suppose the hardest part is getting over age difference, and that really won’t be the concern of the couple, but rather society/their family.

    This poster has made me laugh saaa…

    • Interesting conversation about age. In my past relationships, I’ve always been drawn towards older women. The gaps weren’t too wide: between 1 and 3 years. I don’t make a conscious choice about getting an older partner; it just happens. I’ve often wondered why folks are happier when it’s the man who is older and not the other way around. They say it’s because women physically age faster than men. But I think its probably truer that men fear that an older woman will be smarter, wealthier, more experienced etc.; which things actually sound very good to me. Which now makes me think: maybe I should prepare one of these posters…

      But on the other question of societal/familial concern, should it really matter in the final analysis? Will I end up (not) being with someone because of the weight of social (dis)approval? And this brings up a matter I’ve been considering for a while now, but which is only tangentially related to this particular topic, which is, isn’t the desire for relationships/marriage actually some kind of a social imposition, no matter how benign it might appear?

      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. People expect to bet/be married by a certain (acceptable) time because other people expect them to be married! In many ways, and I’d say in Ghana in particular because I can speak from no other African experience, both women AND men are hounded to get married because it’s a societal affair. Men are no less capable of escaping this pressure than women.

        “You need to get a job?”
        “So you can get married and take care of your wife and children!”

        As for the types of discussions women impose on other women about marriage, we have written thousands of pages on the matter.

        People outside of one’s relationship always find a way to become “invested” in said relationship:

        He/She only wants to marry you for papers.
        He/She is too young or old for you.
        He/She is not from your ethnic group/religion
        He/She is not educated enough (or is TOO educated for you!)

        People always seem to assume they know what’s best in YOUR relationship…but I guess that’s what happens when you make your nuptials a public spectacle. You open yourself up to scrutiny and commentary.

  • Just got back from a date with an “embryo” I’ll be honest I wasn’t even taking it seriously…his messages have been quite “young” sounding…inability to spell out the word BABE in it’s entirety is not a turn on for me. But he was so keen and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve even been on a date so….needs must.

    The date was utterly wonderful! I ate, I drank, I laughed, I ate so more, I flirted, I coruscated!

    I’m not going to lie…I skipped up the stairs to my house just now. Yes he’s younger than me but he has all his stuff in order…in fact he’s doing much better in life than most of the men my age! In fact he’s doing really well. Perfect gentleman without being creepy…ohhhhh people I might become a cougar!!!! I want to take a lover (or 2) only problem is I can tell he’s REALLY into me…I’ll give it time and let you all know!

  • In matters of emotions, I believe it should purely be a personal concern what one desires and how he/she goes seeking it. Society need NOT unnecessarily pressure persons who should be matured enough to define their tastes and ventures into an unhappy life of inhibition.
    For me, I especially fancy the older adventurous and uninhibited female partner who’s bold enough to seek satisfaction for her emotional/sexual yearnings in the tender arms of a young gent. I personally find it fascinating and delectable to have the company of an older female lover-their experience, maturity, reasonableness, understanding is always a joy!
    I’m looking forward to meeting one such older princess within my area of work operations in Delta/Port Harcourt.

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