‘How to lick the lollipop’ by Guest Contributor VV

Anthony’s post on “How to Eat Pussy” really made my day when it came out because there are only two things I love more than getting eaten out. One of those two things is giving head.  Going down on a guy is one of my favourite things to do. There used to be a time when if you didn’t let me blow you I couldn’t get wet enough for sex and I have been known to moan from the sheer pleasure of doing it. The inside of my mouth is pretty sensitive and when I’m going down on a guy I feel like I can feel every unique characteristic of his dick on my tongue and my lips. I discover ridges and veins I never noticed before and I get this sensation that the most pure and unrestricted conversation is happening between my physical self and someone else’s. It is beyond intimate. It is almost like getting fucked in a different part of your body. In my opinion, though there is no one way to give a great blow job there are several ways to give a bad one. For every good one some things are pretty constant: enthusiasm, moisture, listening and multitasking.


I learnt very early on that the most important to know about licking the lollipop is that sucking a dick means nothing if you are doing it reluctantly. The first rule of a good blowjob is to be enthusiastic. Love what you’re doing. Enjoy what you’re doing. If you suck that dick like you’re eating the most delicious chocolate bar ever invented, what you do will be of relatively little consequence because how you’re doing it is already making your partner feel so good. So if you’re going to go down a guy make sure it is because you want to. And show how much you want to.


You can only want to if you feel like you have some control so communicate what you are and aren’t comfortable with. Guys who love to eat pussy are quite vocal about how they want things down there before they venture forth and you can be too. Suggest a shower and a trim if that is what you want. If you don’t want to be on your knees say so and have him sit or lie or kneel so you can assume whatever position you are comfortable with. If you don’t want your hair grabbed or your head held in place say so. If you don’t want it going too deep because you have a sensitive gag reflex say so. If you don’t want cum in your mouth and you want him to pull out so you can finish him off with your hand or your pussy say so. Once those rules are established, you’re good to go. Or come, hee hee hee.


Now before I proceed downtown I like to do some heavy making out to get myself warmed up. This is my personal preference but I recommend this to all people. Kiss him, put your tits in his mouth so he can suck your nipples, rub up against him and grind up against that hard dick and tell him what you’re going to do to him. Tell him how good his dick is going to feel in your mouth. Tell him how much you want to taste it. Ask him to tell you what he wants you to do to him. Men are people with emotions and needs and desires just like us so let him tell you and listen to him. Take notes. Every dick is different so be invested in getting to know the dick you are interacting with. Then divest him of whatever clothing you want to and pull your new best friend out. A hard dick is like a pulsing steel rod and that can feel intimidating but don’t let yourself be psyched out. Look that dick in the eye, let it know you’re on its side and show it who is in charge.


You get no prizes for giving the world’s quickest blowjob (though once you and the penis establish a long relationship there is definitely something to be said for pushing a guy against a wall, unzipping him and assiduously sucking the cream out of his dick in two minutes flat but that is another conversation for another time). So don’t just jam it in your mouth. Pace yourself. Enjoy the sensory experience. Don’t worry about how you look or what he’s thinking of you. Touch that dick with your hands from the root to the tip. Give it a kiss. Extend your tongue and lick the head.


Lick your lips so they are really well moisturised and soft. Pout your lips a little bit and try to have them come out much further than they usually do so when you wrap them around that beautiful cock all that will make contact will be your fleshy lips and not your hard teeth. Wrap your lips around that dick. Open up your moist mouth and relax your jaws so the dick slides in with as little resistance as possible. Take it as far into your mouth as it will go.


Suck it hungrily, like there’s honey inside it. And move your lips up and down the length of it slowly and gently like you’re kissing the person you love most in the world. Grip the base of the dick with your fingers or your hand (not too hard) and guide it in and out of your mouth. A dick is hard but the skin on it is soft and moveable. Moving it back and forth with either your lips or your fingers adds to the pleasure and it also allows you to feel a cock getting harder and harder which is the most erotic thing in the universe.


When I was interacting with my first dick, I was very invested in always being the well-brought lady my parents had raised me to be and so I always tried to give very “neat” blowjobs.  But as I have grown I have come to realize that the more saliva the better and anyone concerned with the messiness of it probably doesn’t deserve to be blown in the first place. For you, the giver, to enjoy the blowjob you can’t feel like you’re getting thirsty. For the recipient to enjoy the blowjob it needs to be a warm wet paradise of lips and tongue and suction. Think of it this way, if you feel rough friction on your tongue and/or lips, he feels it in the dick too, and it probably hurts because movement without lubrication is not the best sensation.


Now in my opinion one of the major reasons women don’t give blowjobs is because they can’t fathom how to get that big thing in a little mouth. The trick is this: don’t worry too much about how much of the dick you are able to suck at any one time because the tip is usually the most sensitive part. Just give your full attention to however many inches you can fit in your mouth. If your mouth gets tired, wet the dick thoroughly and stroke it up and down with your hands while you take a short breather or focus on the head of the dick. When you feel better, suck it back into your mouth. Don’t worry if you’re not able to suck for too long at any one time because, chale, when all is said and done, a blowjob is not supposed to be a punishment. It’s an expression of your desire for someone and things can be negotiated and done at a pace that works for you.


There a bunch of techniques online that you can look up but in my opinion the biggest teacher you have is the dick you are blowing.  As you lick your lollipop see if the reaction you are getting from the man is favourable. Spread his thighs further apart so you have more room to manoeuvre. Stroke his thighs and rake your nails lightly across them till you reach his hips. Grab his butt. Fondle his balls. Suck one ball while you stroke the other and then switch it up. Vary techniques and pay attention to his reaction. Allow him to guide you.


One of my favourite discoveries about dicks is that where the shaft meets the head is your best friend. Licking around the rim, where the fold of the dickhead starts, and massaging it with your wet lips will usually get good results. Another best friend of yours is the tip where the hole is and you can lap at it with the tip of your tongue. The underside of the shaft where that faint line runs from the pelvis to the tip is also a friend and you can lick a line from the base of his balls to the tip of the dick and then gently suck on the tip. The possibilities and combinations are endless as long as you keep your mouth and lips wet.


Licking the lollipop isn’t about showing all the skills you have in your repertoire, it’s about making the person you are with happy. So if something is hitting the spot don’t change it up.  You can tease and draw the process out but eventually give him what he wants.  Focus on that area. Maintain tempo. Keep at it till you hear his breath get choppy and feel his body start to tremble and then smile your biggest smile and watch the fireworks happen.

Photo credit: Kwaku David Photography
Photo credit: Kwaku David Photography

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  • Whoahh!!! This is sooo good. I got warm reading about blowing.
    i love this post. I have learned and revived a few skills. Damnnn. Anyway let me add that, when you spread his legs, give his balls some affection too. Kiss them up slightly and work your little finger into his butt hole if he doesn’t mind!
    blow him like he has never been blown!

  • I give you credit for tackling this so well. Talk about sensitive area…

  • Yes yes yes! Love sucking dick! One of my favourite things too do…I get all over that shaft and those balls…yes! DELICIOUS!

    • @LoisLagos….How about taking a swallow on the balls. A deep digging of those Balls are like Star Wars in a guys brains. He will release his Mumu bottoms for you to punch his password. I so love it when you suck me like that.

    • wow! …excitement at its best. Yes I love it when my dick is sucked like that. It’s one of the major things I love experiencing .

  • eeeeeeeiiii asem oh! A-level Cocksucking….VV passed with flying colours, in fact A+++++. I doff my hat to you ma’am
    Cant wait to apply this “theory” I am reading oh….

  • Amazing, just amazing. You are an absolute keeper. I cant state this enough but ppppllleeeaaasssse no teeth. There is nothing remotely exciting about teeth grinding against your hard one eye monster.

  • Will I ever experience this?

  • I always get this almost irresistible urge to bite the lollipop so I lick and suck it briefly before the urge to go ‘munch’ comes. I wonder whether there are any men who wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with my incisors. I’m sure only a corpse would be OK with it but necrophilia isn’t my thing.

  • wish der was a like button so i can like this.

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  • Don: White Chocolate

    Nana–A great “How To” article. It is always a great feeling for the man if he knows his lady really enjoys sucking his cock. Glad the article made points about a man’s balls. Ladies, please lick, suck, nimble and massage them with your nails. They are as sensitive as the cock head. And if you are into any tongue action on the ass, you will blow his mind. Ladies, share this article with your friends!

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