‘Deep Trouble’ by Guest Contributor ‘KoffeeKupid’

Her heart beat matched each tick of her wristwatch which in her books was a far cry from steady. Beads of sweat from anticipation lined the bridge of her upper lip.

It was time to see him.

They had met many times since his confession and all had run smoothly. Each meeting had drawn them closer together and they departed with eager, albeit quiet expectations of the next meeting as though they were the best of friends.

Who were they kidding really? There was an intense attraction which in no way fit the description of friendship.
It was the intensity of that attraction which was responsible for her unsteady heartbeat and sweaty palms as she drove to his office.

For the first time he had invited her over. She didn’t know what to expect and the mere uncertainty made her anxious and moist at the same time.
“Get a hold of yourself!”, she muttered to herself as she took the turn to his office. Besides a couple more kisses like the one they had shared on that elevator, he really hadn’t given any impression of desiring more as much as she did. But then again the text he had sent earlier left much to her imagination. “…share a laugh or two, or more”.
Well. She would find out soon enough.

The guys in the foyer stared as she walked in. She dropped a hello and asked to see him.
It was as if he had sensed her presence because at that moment he opened a door to her left. All he had to do was smile and she ceased to breathe.
“You can come in”, he said with a hint of nonchalance while he privately fought the image of her in and out of the sheer silk dress that hugged her in all the right places.

He ushered her to a seat across from him and stared pointedly; long enough for her to shift uncomfortably against the soft leather backing of the chair.
“Comfy?” He asked with a wicked gleam in his eye and a slight curve of his lips.
She realized that he was teasing her and that relaxed her considerably.
She leaned forward, generously showing off her breasts “well enough. But maybe you can help make it better” she replied suggestively.
That action did more harm than good to him because it took every last bit of his resolve not to grab those caramel coloured mounds heaving with each breath she took.

“How was your day?” he asked, fighting off his carnal thoughts.
“Quite good.”
Her response wasn’t convincing, partly because he picked up on a moment of hesitation, but could not point out what was amiss. He decided to let it go.
“And yours?” she inquired.
“I’m a bit confused actually…about a number of things.”
“I can listen you know. You did invite me over to share more than a laugh after all”, she offered.
With that his smile deepened, showing off those dimples which turned her knees to jelly each time.
“I know”, he replied.
“So then, shoot. I’m all ears”.
He looked at her again, but this time longer as though he was lost in thought. His smile vanished.
Something was definitely bothering him, she thought. Maybe with time he would open up about it.

He surprised her by standing up abruptly and headed for the door.
“Don’t move”, he threw over his shoulder.
She nervously looked around the office while she waited.
After about close to ten minutes he returned. Through the sliver of space he had left in the doorway she realized the foyer was empty; there was nothing but dead silence beyond his office.
In two quick strides he was by her side, grabbed her neck, bent over and kissed her long and deep.

Everything within him screamed with reason and common sense but none of that was as loud as his thumping heart pumping blood away from his brain to his groin.
He pulled her to her feet and quickly sent her back crashing against the wall.
Each of his kisses were matched by hers as they both sucked slowly and seductively on each other’s lips; drinking deep and prodding entry with tongues intertwined.

Just as quickly as he’d begun he pulled away and stared into her eyes. He cupped her face, pushed away loose strands of hair and gently lowered his head for another peck on her lips.
“Come with me”, he whispered.
She followed his lead without a word and eventually found herself in what seemed like a conference room.
“Are…are you sure this is a good idea?” she hesitated, backing away and subtly urging him back to the hallway.
“All that I’m feeling now isn’t a good idea my dear.” He stated without hesitation.

With that said he came close and breathed into her ear, “would you like to stand there and rationalize or would you rather be touched in all the right places…kissed till you were out of your very last breath…or filled with my very essence?” With those words he slid his fingers expertly beneath her dress and into her being while he kissed her neck.
This was no longer a dream for she could feel each stroke as he explored and rubbed; slowly at first, then fast and deep. She gasped from pure ecstasy and would have let out a cry of pleasure if not for his timely kiss meant to muffle her.

She held on tightly to his neck until she could feel her legs quivering beneath her, threatening to give way.
With one last deep stroke he sharply withdrew his magic touch and kissed her till she stopped shaking.
He reached for her breasts, to surrender them to his torture.
It seemed his patience grew thin after a few seconds of trying to free them off of their hold.
With a grunt he said sternly, “never do that again. Next time make sure I can reach them”.
She was taken aback by his words but could do nothing but look at him through half-closed lids. She was still reeling from where his fingers had been.

In feigned anger he dragged her towards the edge of the large, oval conference table, bent her over and lifted her dress. Without warning he slid two fingers past her undergarments to her very core.
It was pure pleasure.
Unlike before he wasted no time in turning up the tempo. He moved fast and stroked till she could feel her muscles contract inside, ushering in a new wave of climax.
This time he did not stop her from announcing her release. He seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

In the midst of her daze she heard his belt buckle and knew instantly that he was ready.
Just then an image of his daughter popped into her mind and she knew she had to move. Leave. Push him away. Do something.
But she couldn’t.
She was crippled. And she knew she wanted to have him fill every part of her being.
Within seconds his fingers were replaced with his hard member as he slammed into her once. He stayed still.
He run his fingers through her hair, freeing her kinks from the bun. He tugged at the strands gently, withdrew slightly and slammed into her again.
Over and over again he repeated the motion until she begged him to stop the slow torture.

His grip on her hair tightened and his thrusts quickened till she felt her insides heat up.
This was certainly nothing like she’d imagined.
This was far more than she’d craved for.
Just when she got to the edge of abandon he abruptly stopped. He slowly eased out and forced her to turn around, pulling her upright. She could see nothing but a dark haze of desire.
He kissed her slowly at that moment and afterwards leaned close to her ear, “I think you’re comfortable enough now”.
He placed her in a seat so she could catch her breath and watched her body quiver from desire. He was intoxicated.

From that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in trouble. Deep trouble.

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