‘I crave you now’ by Guest Contributor by Sistaseeker

Flat. On. My. Back. That’s how I crave you now. I summon your scent into my room, my childhood bed where I nursed my first period cramp and my first unrequited love. There’s a comfort in my bed and the memories it holds. My bed knows all my folds. Knows how I lie when I am happy or hurting. My bed holds me, the way I imagine my mother’s womb held me and allowed me to grow, allowed me to live. Like right now-my bed knows I want you in it. I want the weight of your desire to pin me down, hold me prisoner to your lust, a slave to your want. Immobilise me with your eyes. Say my name, that name that only calls me. That name that makes me slick with wetness nothing can contain. I want your breath, fast and shallow on my neck. Your hands pinning mine above my head. Your breasts, beautiful, round, full, grazing my own, your nipples aching for my tongue. My tongue aching for yours. I want to be subdued by you, at your mercy, painfully aching for you to touch me. To enter me. To invade me. Tease me to pain. Hold me in this moment of pure, crystal desire and make me beg. Make me say your name over, and over again. Enter me slowly. Feel me clench my warm wetness around you. Hear me moan. Feel me move to the rhythm you create. Bite my nipple. Grab my ass. Own my body. Make it yours in this moment. Slowly, painfully, move inside me. That way you know how. I arch my back. I want you deeper. Your breath quickens on my right breast. You moan. I tighten around you. Faster I mumble. I can barely speak. I grab your hair, I say your name. You move faster. I get wetter, and tighter. My back off my bed. My nose filled with the smell of you. Of me. Of sweat and sex. I hear the slick wetness of you fucking me hard. Your own wetness snaking down my thigh like a river searching for the sea. Searching for me. The pounding begins. My heart shifts from my ribcage to my cunt. And beats hard and loud between my thighs and I begin to rise. I shut my eyes tight. I want to watch you fuck me, but I can’t. Right now I can only feel. I can’t manage anything else. You slow down as I get tighter, then thrust deep inside, me, faster, louder, frantic until I explode. I grab your hair. Maybe I hurt you. I don’t know. I cum. Loudly, completely. In waves and ripples that you feel inside me. My heart moves back to my ribcage, my throat goes dry, my knees buckle. I collapse on my bed with the weight of your desire still on me. I learn how to see and breathe again. I let go of your hair. I look at you. Sucking my nipple. And I want you again.

Photography Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah

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