Desire: Questions and Answers

One of my friends is a PhD student in a Canadian university and she shared on social media recently some questions that one of her Professors had posed in a recent class. I loved the questions and decided to answer them for myself. Why don’t you do the same in the comments box below?

What is desire?

Desire is a feeling. It’s what attracts me towards another person. It’s a want.
How is desire formed?

I don’t quite know how desire is formed. Sometimes it does not exist and suddenly, it’s there. A while ago I took part in a photo shoot. The photographer’s assistant walked by, his trousers hanging perfectly over his bum. In a flash I imagined him lean and toned underneath his clothes. I felt desire for him. The hairdresser stood in front of me, lifting up strands of my locs and coiling them into a topknot. She wore a white vest, no bra, her nipples erect. I found myself wondering several times what it would be like to pop them into my mouth. The maestro photographer would stand at a distance and look at me. He would say, “What you just did with your hand. Do that again”. Then he would look through his camera, and create the image he saw. He was also desirable.
Is desire cultural?

I understand culture to be a way of life. So yes, I can see how desire can be cultural. How you can desire a particular body because that is what your society has said is to be wanted.
What does it mean to desire women?

It means to hope that the woman you desire, desires you, and has the courage to come on to you because you do not have the script of what to say or do when you desire a woman.
What does it mean to be a woman who desires?

It means to be in touch with your feelings, your wants, your needs, and to work constantly on reminding yourself that it’s a good thing to be a woman who desires.

So go on, what are your answers to these questions?

Photography by Bob Pixel
Photography by Bob Pixel

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  • Before I get around to answering the questions, I have to say that photograph is beautifully sensual. Kudos to the model and her photographer.

  • I know, the picture is beautiful. Nana, can I pose these questions on twitter? I think we will get an interesting set of responses…..

  • Desire…It is a beautiful thing! Especially to feel a sudden heat and want for a total stranger grip you and turn your groin to magma. :Do I used to think desire was reserved for people we already know. Till my feelings grew for the security man at work.strong, solid, sturdy, thick unassuming man. Whew! Five years later he still doesn’t know I have imagined him and I do many things. At least I treat him well to compensate for my mental bullying of his splendid body. I have also imagined my twitter crush Ahmed…charley! Ahmed has a magnificent body with hints of a dick that can bring salvation. Hihi! We have never met, but I still desire him. I still make up stories of him and I that lull me to sleep many nights. Is desire cultural? 90% of the time. Because we have a preconceived image of the man or woman to desire. But you see, when you start desiring a man who doesn’t look like what u want but because you interact with him and have come to know and want him, culture losses play and weight. I may have had flashing images of a few women but it doesn’t go beyond the thought of it. Most women will hide the fact that their desire is in overdrive, springing on strangers and devouring them mentally. But truly, women do desire! I have learned to trust my hormones and not fight the feeling. Your hormones know best. ????

  • And truly, this model is fine. Look at the dip beneath her beads and the perky boobies. I was shy looking at her. Had to look over my shoulder to make sure I was alone. Because, how will the regular Ghanaian understand that I am admiring the body of another woman with no ill intentions? Another point that shows desire is cultural. Nobody expects me to desire a woman! Culturally

  • Them boobs though. Talk about defying gravity! That waist, the curve of that ass, the little roughness that hints at cellulite, those waist beads!

    And that’s before you go into wanting to clean that belly button with your tongue and eat the chocolate out of that complexion.

    Lord God, come now and take me for I am about to expire.

    By the way, does any of the above answer your questions?

  • Desire is to long and hope for those conscious impulses that we wish to attain.

    • Hmmmm. Say more Leslie, not sure I completely understand you

      • Desires are the fundamental motivation of all human actions which allow the conscious to be fulfilled. If the conscious is content, there are no desires. Satisfaction of those desires come through attaining those things you covet with complete awareness for something promising.

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