Freedom: An Epic Manifesto

Freedom is-


Break every rule there is!

Take back every part of yourself 

Defy, disobey, disrupt!

Freedom is risk-

Make them uncomfortable

Make them show themselves

Make them pick a side

Take of their masks

Freedom is-

Sexual transgression

Freedom is-

Loving many people at once

Sexually, romantically,


Blurring the lines every chance

I get

Daring to say ‘yes’ or ‘let’s explore,’ 

where convention would say 

‘no’ and ‘don’t’

Free is wearing my love and

lust on my sleeve

Loving & fucking out loud

in public and in private

Freedom is- 

“A life free of the compulsory”

~Mona Eltahawy

Freedom is-


Queer is powerful

Queer implies resistance,

defiance of normal

Are you actually straight,

or have you been socialised into

compulsory heterosexuality?

compulsory monogamy?

Have you ever considered life 

without the compulsory?

Freedom is-

The one true goal

Free or die

I own my body

I determine my sexual expression

I am my final authority

In the face of all the ways 

this could end,


Free or die.

Freedom is-


in the face of life’s greatest pressures

life’s most complex complexities

Joy & play & rest

becomes our most 

radical act

Freedom is-

Radical openness


With each other

To exist together

in our most natural state

No airs, no masks

No plans,

Lots in each our minds

Sometimes we don’t need to

talk about it

Sometimes we already know its

not the end of the world

Existing together

as we ride out our own storms


radically freeing

Freedom is-

Daring to leave a mark

in the world

Daring to be seen

Daring to say ‘i am here’

and later say,

‘I was here’

Freedom is-

Writing like my words matter

Writing with the intention to change 

the world

Writing to take my place up there with 

the writers who came before

who changed my world

Freedom is-

Why we fight

Why we must be different 

Why we must channel our


and demand the existence

we are worthy of

(i am as divine as the stars, the moon,

the sky and the ocean,

I’m celestial, bitch!)

Freedom is-

Why we must kill all men

Justifiable violence in response to

their senseless violence

is the thing that will save us

Freedom is-

When they fear us

When they know that there

can be consequences

When they are forced to sit down 

and acknowledge their own


Freedom is-

Shrooms tripping

My capacity to imagine 

Inspires me to stay the course

(free or die)

Freedom is-

Spending my rest time

laid up in bed

Watching black gay porn

on twitter

Asking the universe to send 

me a,

(lemme check my notes)

“…a regular dick lover

a.k.a dick on demand,

sex without complexities”

Freedom is-

Saying with conviction

and authority

“Universe, send me a man to fuck on the regular. Make him tall, skinny, black & dreadlocked (+4 years of growing, I want length), with a dick like that dude I made out with from Blackout. Also, cute, clean and good taste in music.”

I crave dick sex without complexities

I imagine it like an achievement of harmony, between

my inner masculine & the external masculine

(but men won’t let us have anything)

Freedom is-

Exploring the depth and breadth

of sex

Letting go of what they taught

us & allowing ourselves

to flow with what could be

Allowing every sexual interaction to flow like


free from expectations, assumptions,

other people’s voices

For example,

Freedom is-

Knowing what to expect from sex with men

Me? I’m in it for the dick


(i don’t fuck men who don’t outwardly exude some big dick energy)

(men are too much trouble to care for, i truly only want to fuck)

(even then, i’ll still deal with lame, unnecessary bullshit so i very much need assurances that the sex will be good. no, i will not stop to reassure men about anything so i stick to my type)

Freedom is-


Curious questioning

Shedding of judgments

Allowing self compassion

Losing yourself in the intended flow of life

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