‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ by Guest Contributor Grace

I had been somewhat submissive in bed in the last two sessions so I wanted to treat Mudiwa to a hint of surprise. After we had done the preliminaries of kissing, caressing and we stood face to face, him with his shorts only as I had stripped off his shirt. I asked him to sit at the edge of the bed and I blindfolded him. Told him not to peek. I talked to him whilst I removed ALL my clothes and returned to kiss him. I took his hands and placed him on my hips as I took his ace and kissed him passionately. I asked him to lie down as I removed his shorts had him move up the bed such that his head was on the pillows.


I started kissing him, nibbling his ears, sucking and gently biting his neck. I traced his face, jaw line, ears and neck with kisses. I went down his stomach, near his penis and up again. I then gently slid the condom and could see his lips quiver and he put on a smile. Hmmmmmmm, satisfactory so far. I went on top of him, and sat on him lightly such that the head of his penis could feel a hint of my vaginal warmness and again I felt his hard penis throb, it got me excited. I did a quick slid into my vagina and out such that his head was again within the reach of my vaginal lips. He went crazy with desire. I started gently getting his penis into my vagina, all the while kissing him and then I started gyrating hard and slow, hard and slow, I loved the feel of his hands on my waistline as we created a rhythmic movement that has us lost in each other. When I got exhausted, he turned me such that I was below him, I love that position because it makes me powerless. Its like I am being dominated and I love the way I surrender and get lost in being made to. Mudiwa is good, very good. He pushed me in many directions and we enjoyed the missionary alternatives. We did an almost scissor cross and as thrusted I began to rub my clit. This got me rather excited and as I told him I was about to come, he said, “babe, lets come together”. We thrusted rhythmically as our bodies magnate to climax, damn it felt beautiful, we cried, we hugged, we kissed and just lay there holding each other for what seemed like eternity. Our breath was evident of something intense that our bodies had undergone. It was such a blissful feeling. The one person you love, in your arms, tears of pleasure and bodies still desiring whatever more could be drawn form moment by moment. I felt at home.


I love good lovemaking. I love a man that is pro-active, respectful, and communicative, knows a female body – at least well enough in terms of where to find what, where to touch and what pressure to apply. It becomes monotonous and more like a sex lesson when I have to be explicitly stating EVRYTHING all the time. So I am glad Mudiwa is definitely my “satisfaction guaranteed” kind of man….we open our vaginas to more satisfaction being guaranteed by our lovers…to amazing lovemaking !






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